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  • My best friend got pregnant from her boyfriend once. Me and Jack (her boyfriend) were at the Hospital while our parents were at work. It was like the middle of the school day, she was squeezing mine and his hands so freakin hard! The only adult there besides the doctors was our math teacher Mr. Burns. Did I mention she was 14? The baby is doing good.
    Wow. No Kairi's Nobody is Namine. Don't you remember? Yeah, I forgot about the other recipes....Well here it is if you want it:
    Lucid Gem x5
    Power Gem x5
    Thunder Gem x5
    Mystery Goo x3
    Gale x3
    This is for the KH1 Ultima Weapon.
    lol. Nice move. Do you know the recipe for Ultima Weapon? I wrote it down if you want me to send it to you. But anyways, I agree with you. Most people on this website haven't even gotten through KH1 yet. Such a mother fu**ing thing to do. I'm gonna try to close a thread next time someone asks something really dumb like if Kairi is Larxene or something.
    You view your own profile page and across towards the right of your username click on "Customize profile" and it'll take you to the page where you change the colors :3
    I don't know why your post was closed. But anyway, wow really!? How did she do with the Ansem Heartless battles? And did she have the Ultima Weapon?
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