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  • Yeah I have a friend like that. God love her though. xD
    Green eyes are amazing. <3 I can see how they would do that to you.
    Well I'ma be honest; there are some crazies at these cons but they can still be a lot of fun. I've gone with the same two people two years in a row and had a blast. So if you can take a friend who likes anime, that way if you meet crazies you have back up. xD ugh the worst problem with cons is hygiene, some people just seemto be oblivious to the concept of a shower and deoderant
    I wanted to join an anime club, but ehhh that's annoying as fcuk. D: Some nerdy people have no social skills... I like the nerdy balance. You know we can have nerdfests but we can also talk about other things and have other interests

    Best relationships definitely start as friendships in my opinion as well. I agree, indifference never really leads to romance. And I can't see enemies, but I can see being annoyed with each other and eventually falling for the other

    I've been to Cons before. Three times, going again this year. Honestly, you just don't say anything to them if you disagree because these kids, who have no concept of the actual story line mind you, will rage. XD
    Was this Sasquatch at least your boyfriend? But that's exciting~ what kind of Con? I've been to two Anime ones and one anime/scifi/horror/etc one. And yeah, I'm with you on not seeing the yaoi in the games but I can see why other people see it. xD
    I see haha. Procrastination is my middle name too. I may have asked you this already, but what name does your username spell when you take out the X?
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