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  • xD

    well... istole eet anyways xD *stomps teh stew* >:C

    *gently nibbles*

    :D rofl, well college might be good if we gets to use teh darkroom ^^
    lulz xD awesomies :3

    *steals ur arse too* >:3 lulz xD yush, yeh icky stew >:C

    *noms* ^^

    yays for welcome :3 rofl, well ack to gay college x3 but yay for wednesdays :D
    ^_____________________________________________________^ <333333333 xxxxxx
    ^^ zomg yush! xD lulz can i study u on teh first day back? :3

    lmfao okays then :p get her itchy cream for teh massage >:C

    o_O .....lulz ^^

    thankies :3 how was college?
    aww, ur welcomies <33333
    lulz, that ish awesomes :3 then i'll have to kiss you everywhere :D

    that ish the stupidest thing i've evr heard >< shes insane :C was she expecting u to give her a masssage or summinc?

    well i love Jadey Jade, not stomach xD

    n good morning back ^^ yush i did thankies :3
    *kissy's back* wuv you too meh sweetness <3
    Lol we do!!! its soo secret, we don't even know what it is xD
    LMAO!! i just noticed your interests xD "Buzz...i am your fater!" lmao classic
    lulz xD
    <333 zomfg yays : D <3333333
    rofl, i was gonna kiss ur lips, n then ur neck n all around but i didnt know where ud want meh to kiss so i just stayed kissing ur neck lol xD Ill kiss ur nose, n anywhere else when im back <3

    lmfao creepeh.... n dirteh xDDDD lulz

    n okays then <3 I shall, n u has a wuvley day <3333 I Love you somuch too ^^ <333333 night xxxxxx
    Rofl xD u dont need an invitation :p ur welcome whenever :p
    :D *wants to cuddle u like that every night n day, close together with othing between us* lol <3 *wants to find out wut ur nuzzles ish like* ^^

    lulz yup ^^
    rofl xD ur welcome lulz :3 rofl u can use teh pole when i move thar whenevar u want lmao
    *remembers how warm u are aswell* I cant wait to cuddle u like that again * wuvs ur cuddles* *reli wuvd cuddling u all night* ^________________________________________^

    nay, illl wait til u go too <3
    rofl, well u can use mine then >:p
    :s lol, well ill hold you reli close n keep u warm <3

    i knooooooooooooooooooooooooow v.v
    nu, theyd look awesomes XD
    rofl coolies *thinks u dun need any clothes coz we'll stay in bed all day n night* ^^ lulz welcomes :3

    I know i should..... i dont wanna tho v,v
    but Jades would look good on slides ^^

    rofl yer... though u didnt say ur trousers or underwear >:3 well... u can has mine aswell asme ^___^

    *ish gonna stay up a bit longer* I dun wanna go lol :3
    rofl *thinks u should go downit next time* ^^ lulz coolies <3

    well then ill make sure to give u teh brush so u ish happeh :3 lulz :p wellthen ill make one about how i like weeds n u like stealing arses xDDDDD

    yer, guess i should go to bed v.v
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