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  • Nothin much. Just livin through boring life (mum says I'm too young to think that but so far it is boring) what about you?
    Sleeping for me is only easy when I stay in bed since morning, otherwise I look like a nervous wreck! XD
    I'm actually hoping to get a new game somtime soon.
    I see.... but sleeping in class is not a good thing for me, seeing how I'd sleep all day instead XD.
    OMG!! I Still hope your going on. Man I was off for weeks and never got see the post OoO. I'm sorry for not replying. It's just that the high school I'm going at is a top notch school and there're giving me homwork that I can barely keep in my bag (And my bag is a biiiiiiiggggg bag) Anyhow, Nah I don't have a face book...but I got an msn! you should see it on one of the clicky buttons on my profile okays?
    Woah, my parent would be spoked if I did somthing like that, plus I can't swim ;_ ;.
    Trust me I've tried to learn so many times, but I suck no matter what. My mum and dad ended up wasting so much money on trying to get me to learn, in the end we gave up. oh well, So you live in hawaii, lucky. I've never been there but stories from people who have make me want to go there. Especially the parts about the volcanoes, I love that kind of stuff.
    Happy New Year From All Way In New Zealand!!! XD
    Any way, looks like we won't be going on a trip *Cries*
    But hey, at least my family comes over.
    lol. I hope my mum and dad deside to take us on a little road trip. last year I think they took us to the top of the north island. But my memories dry so I'm not sure it was during new years.
    Well, stay up till midnight with droopy eyes and wait for the most crap fireworks display they show every new year XD
    pretty much thats it (Oh and me and my mum are going to make trifel)
    It was boxing day for me so cristmas celebration past for me (Although my dad get me presents on boxing day because everything cheap)
    *gasp!* thats no good
    that happens a lot to me too, but strangley not this holiday, hmmmm, maybe it's because high schools comming for me.
    oh well I'm on vacation too as well, finally th christmas is here but.... I don't hear the bells around here.... OMG ressesion kidnaped cristmas spirits!
    Yeah true.
    Plus it'll probably be my holiday time so and extra bonus!
    I won't have to be hasseled about homework (Which I seem to never to get but still get questioned about)
    You bet it is.
    But to tell you the truth, New Zealand is pretty smallish bigish if you count the forests
    but hey if your parents say it's ok, I'm ok, but I'd have to ask my parents as well since they would tell me to meet you some where apart from our house and meet somewhere more like the mall, they're not to good about this kind of stuff.
    Infact they're over protective
    That would be cool if we actually got to meet up somtime.
    but the it depends where in new zealand your gonna come to.
    Auckland is my town so it would be cool if you went there, it's a big place and pretty cool
    but it all depends on what you and what your parents would want aye?
    Well no homework is a good thing
    but I bet I'm gonna get piled with homwork because I'm going to a top noch all girls school.
    It's in the top ten in the entire country! (New zealand country if you don't live there XD )
    oh well, as long as the schol bullies from intermediat aren't there, I'm happy.
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