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  • well.... rebel girl its been cool talking to you.

    but i have to tell you. i'm going on a KHI break until January. :(
    if you ever wanna talk, go to my contact info and pick whatever service suits you best.

    bai bay.


    have a nice holidays.

    nice talking to you.
    milk of magnesia isn't actually milk... if you didn't know that.

    google it.

    ginger houses are cool. i love making them.

    Jalisco. Where are your parents from?

    Anaheim hills is the nearest fire, and its like 30 miles away.
    so yes, its gonna be open. But PE is cancelled though ( i don't have it either way.)

    you like working out?
    thanksgiving gives me the right to eat as much as i want.
    well, im probably just going for the stuffing and yams since i don't like turkey that much.
    on christmas i'm making a gingerbread house.

    im not gonna lie though. every now and then i do go for the old milk of magnesia trick when i feel really full/bloated w/e.

    oh, i'm a beaner.
    i was born there. lol

    hey is your school gonna be open tommorow?
    (due to the smoke, i mean)
    oh yah.

    you never answered if you were mexican.


    Apr. of this yr? well, I hope you don't withdrawal or anything. I've been straight for two yrs. :)
    What do you do around the holidays though?
    their almost here. >_>
    and might i ask when all of your troubles started?

    *8th grade for me. drugs didn't came in until ending of freshman yr.
    hmm, well all of my crap ended when i was 15.

    now im just 17...so damn, we're both alike. almost. in a way.


    so im guessing your a sophomore and such.

    im still alittle surprised though.
    well my teeth didn't fell off, I just had to brush them like 20 times a day.


    i don't count, i just limit. as for now, its like... whatever. i eat descent sized meals when its dinner time.

    compton is pretty bad. lol but bellflower, isn't so.

    we just have... alot of druggies. =/
    but their not that bad as you think tho.

    how old are you btw? im 17.
    I never found any drugs addicting, Ironically.
    I would just do it for just that time.

    Anorexia makes you shrink?! I never knew that.
    Well I'm a 5'6" and my lowest was 125. My highest, when I first started (155) ew. But now I'm at 135. (alright, I guess.)

    what weight are you now?

    I'm naturally a medium-framed girl. I have noticeable curves and it was pretty hard for me to get to my ugw which was a 112. I never got there. If I did, I would have been considered under an 'anorexic level' weight. So by nature, in actuality, i was never to look like how I wanted. But throughout time, I learned to embrace my 'curves' if that's what you call them. (by my bone structure, i have like these noticeable hips)

    Symptoms, well - Scratchy throat, bruised knuckles, major gastric reflux, and a puffy face. typical weight loss and massive torture in my stomach. blegh. I was only cold after the purging. dk why.

    I wasn't technically scared of food, I was just scared of the fact that it would never leave my body.
    I mean, I still savored it and all. But to me, it had to go away somehow.

    haha, Santa Ana ruins your Rep.
    Well, I haven't been to GG that many times, so I wouldn't know.

    I used to live in East Long Beach, which was like *rich* area. And then I moved to Lakewood, which was even nicer. But due to a certain kind of financial crisis.... my parents lost their home. And now I live in this fugly place in Bellflower. hint: its nice, but its right next to Compton.

    are you Mexican?
    nah, I was part of the 'cool crowd' or whatever you wanna call those druggies.

    that sucks, may I ask what your lowest weight was, if you don't wanna talk about it- it's ok i understand.

    well, my parents didn't know (still don't) they just thought I was losing weight just because. They only started getting worried until after, (when I was acting all irrational and stuff) I used to hide my stuff very well. I would still eat dinner, regularly with the famliy. But then that's when I took laxatives. However when I went did my deeds (binging and purging) I would do it after school when no one was home. And at school, i wouldn't eat.


    16 yrs. I came from Mexico when I was one. now I'm 17.
    Isn't Garden Grove like a rich area or so I've heard.
    i never got made fun of.
    cause i was using drugs at the came time too, and ppl blamed my weight loss on cocaine.

    parents don't know. just friends. yah i know. but i've been clean for almost 2 yrs. ^^

    one the other side.
    youve probably never heard of this place, its a crummy little town called bellflower. (lakewood/long beach area)

    have you always lived in Cali?
    something about going through the same thing, but when its all over everything better.

    i have a vivied memory too. its just your the first person i know that has gone through an ED other than me.
    I'm sure there's more - I just don't really pay attention.
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