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  • Lucky you! I'm still young to get an "official" job, so I'm feeding off my parent's for money, aha. But I turn 16 this year and I'll be receiving my national insurance number soon so I can start looking for jobs. :D
    So are you on summer vacation? If so, are you doing anything productive or just being a lazy sloth like me? xD
    I'm constantly watching you duh! The voices in your head, the things you see but cannot explain - it's all me! HA HA HA ha ha ha... Yeah I'll shut up now. :X
    Sure thing, I know you're secretly rocking back and forth in the corner crying to yourself. :D
    ...and not to mention lame, ha! Loljk. :p Yeah, I usually force a friend to join forums with me if it's a fairly big one, but I have no friends that share the love of KH with me so I'm all on my lonesome. Me? I'm just one of those people who thinks *coughknowscough* they're hilarious and laughs at their own jokes, LOL. XD
    Yay! I am so bored lately. All my friends are on vacations and stuff so I have NOTHING to do.
    Hey Zach, thanks for the message it really put a smile on my face. :D It's always difficult starting out on a big forum for some, but I'm glad that you're offering to be my friend. Yay! I hope we'll become good friends. :)
    Oh dear goodness. D: Sounds like you're gonna be having a lot on your plate.
    Pretty good, kinda bored, waiting for school to start up. You?
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