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Fanfiction ► [[A >Quality< Round Robin Fiction Contest]]

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Nov 7, 2005
I can only express puzzlement, which borders on al
I got this idea from some of the “choose the path” fics around, but I am hoping that this will be of somewhat better quality and a generally more literate type of fic while still a group effort. Anyway, this is my idea… I will start off with a chapter of the story and then someone else will write a chapter and another person—basically, different people will take turns adding on a chapter...

Here is the catch though… not just anyone can post up the second chapter… It will be a contest. I will start up a new thread for the fic, but in this thread, everyone will post their follow up to the chapter… in a certain period of time, and after that we will vote and whoever writes the best follow up to the last chapter and the story as a whole will have theirs selected and can then post it in the thread with the story and it will serve as the continuing chapter of the fic.

To give an example in case it is not clear… let’s say I wrote the first chapter… then three different people, let us just call them A, B, and C posted up continuations for the chapter… Everyone in the forums who has a care to, would then vote about which of the three entries they like the best… so say A got 1 vote, B got 7, and C got 3…. B wins the round and would then post the chapter in the other thread with the actual fiction. Then a new round begins for chapter three.

Here are the general rules in no particular order:

1) Your writing must be as grammatically sound as possible. Use a spellchecker and read through it for grammatical errors. This means no internet kewl talk, replacing you with “u” or anything of the sort or your chapter is immediately out of the running and I shall be forced to slap you. You also need to write in prose format… This does not mean dialogue like this:

A: U rawk dood.
B: I kno.
A: Lets party.

A *Dances around like a maniac*

That type is definitely not allowed and everyone will point and laugh at you for even bothering… furthermore, I shall mock you to the best of my ability. Quotations must go in “” markers and putting thoughts in italics is usually helpful, but not necessary… and detail is always very very good.

2) Nothing is safe… if it is the general wish that a character should die, and a chapter is written where they do and it is voted on and wins… even if it is the character you came up with, that character is toast and out of the fic, unless you can think of a logical way for the character to return (and people like it and vote for your chapter when it does)…

3) You can add anything to the story… but please keep it reasonable. People will be voting on it and the point of this all is to have a logical progression… so if you are introducing a new character you need to have a damn good reason for it.

4) Be fair. Do not vote for your friends simply because they are your friends… we want this to be a good fic, so in order for it to work, you will need to vote for the chapter that you truly think is best. So if you submit and your friend doesn't vote for you, don't hold it against them.

5) No chapter may be under 500 words… unless again, there is some damn good reason for doing it… and you will have to defend your reasons if you do, unless by some miracle we all see that it works perfectly with such shortness… and calm down everyone, 500 words really isn’t that much at all.

6) No posting in the thread with the real fic, unless you are the person who won the round.

7) If your chapter is not selected, don’t get upset and flame the people who voted. Simply try again and unless you have put zero effort into it, chances are yours will be selected as some point.

8) PG-13 Rating people. Or else your chapter will automatically be disqualified.

9) Those who have entered a chapter cannot vote in that particular round.

10) Be consistent in writing style... if the first chapter starts in first person... it all stays that way, unless there is some reason not to... and same with third person.

*** Before I even bother to start this up with a first chapter… Are there people who are actually interested in doing this? If so please comment… and also give me an estimate of what would be a reasonable amount of time for chapter submission and voting to last. Also, are there any other rules that anyone feels I should add. I plan on participating so they will apply to me as well. Or... should the contest begin from the very first chapter? No reason I should get a freebee and get to write the start... so I could compete for the first chapter too... Anyway, please give your answer when you express your interest.

Thanks, I think this will be a lot of fun :).
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Dec 24, 2004
Sounds interesting.

I'll join in this. I'll see if I can get some people to join as well.
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