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Another Night

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I have no title.I do?Hmmm...
Oct 30, 2005
The wonderful land of Oz
I haven't got anything to say besides that if you haven't read Dracula certain skills won't make since,but you don't have to read Dracula to play this.

A scream in the dark sounded as a figure laughed.Exactly like every night...

For a long time legends of demons have flowed among mankind,entrancing us,but none have ever been as ensnaring as vampires.Everywhere in the world there have been stories of vampires.People came up with ways they thought to counter the rising of the dead such as putting roses on the graves of those thought to be becoming vampires at night.Ways to find them such as putting a boy on a black male stallion,and leading it through a graveyard then seeing what grave it stopped at first.We've also come up with ways corpses become vampires such as,in China,a black cat hopping over a corpse.Many others as well,but there are only two ways.One being to make a blood covenant with any demon in the afterlife.Two being for a vampire to willingly give it's own blood to a living human to drink.Very few people currently even believe in vampires,but they still live.As well as there are still vampire slayers.Vampire slayers have extreme knowledge vampires.Vampires have an unnatural look to their eyes.The eyes look normal,but something about them is wrong.Their skin is often extremely pale,unless as a human they were black, because they wear clothes with hoods to hide their faces.Garlic burns them,and keeps them from morphing into animals.They are immune to sunlight unlike the myths of man.

Lately in New York City an outbrink of vampires has become obvious to any vampire slayer with common sense.As true to their instincts the vampire slayers are right in their assumption.Vampires have started to appear in massive amounts all over the city.Soon they'll start having territory wars if not already.The vampire slayers are coming to New York in massive quantities to end this spike in vampire activity,but there must be a reason for this increase in activity.Naturally that is obvious.To a few vampire slayers that is not true,but to others they believe a massive pack of vampires must have come here to spread their disease.To get more recruits,but what of those vampires who'll not join them?

No power playing
No god moding
If your confused about the plot PM me,and I'll explain
Please have some experience before joining this RP
Certain things in here are definantly not borrowed from dracula so please do not think of saying that certain things are a Dracula rip-off because they're not
Behave yourself
You may play as a vampire,or vampire slayer
This is a mature RP
Language is acceptable just as long as every other word from you mouth isn't fu*k,or shit
I would prefer younger children don't come here merely for content purposes
Romance can be accepted
If you wish to quit PM me,and tell me how you want your character to leave the RP death,runaway,etc. then post here that you're quitting
If I don't see you're following the rules,or playing to what to the expected then you will be removed
A vampire can start his first post as a vampire,or shortly before

Vampire Strengths and Weaknesses:
Immunity to sunlight
Garlic-burns the vampire,and stops him/her from changing into an animal
Stake to the heart-kills vampire
Decapitation-kills vampire
Changing into any animal even the wolf form of a werewolf(NOTE:Werewolves aren't in the story.)
Can spread their disease by tricking a human into drinking their blood
Bleeding-bleeds to death
Does not physically age
Carries guns,and sometimes a sword
Anything besides blood is poison to them if they even manage to get it down eating bread meat,or drinking water is suicide

Vampire Slayer Strengths: (NOTE:Regular human weaknesses,and strengths aren't listed in either of these.Though they are there.)
Knowledge of vampires to the extreme
Always carrying garlic,guns,a stake,and sometimes a sword

Name: (All three names preferably in full form.)
Age: (16-43)
Race: (Human,or vampire.Determines which side you're on.)
Past: (If vampire then only up to when you become a vampire.If vampire slayer then only until you leave for New York if you weren't already there.)

Name:Johnathan Alexander Fletcher
Appearence:His black hair makes it look like he's never heard of the word comb,and his eyes are a sky blue.He wears a red hoody that has a silver guitar on it's front with wings coming from the guitar's sides.His sneakers are black nikes with a blue border.He's very lanky,and as result his clothes hang off him.
Past:John was born to a prostitute in Virginia,and only spent his first 3 years life with her.As a result he can't even remember her for being taken away from her custody so young. He was adopted by a regular family.Growing up he was the common kid picked on by bullies,but he often turned their insults against them even though it often cost him a beating.After graduating he left to New York on a vacation by himself,having worked in a trophy warehouse long enough to get what he needed for it.There he was seduced by a female vampire.He drank her blood beleiving it to be wine,and she knocked him out.He woke up on a skyscraper,and eventually came to the proper conclusion even though it took for ever.
Personaility:John's just an average human besides becoming a vampire.He hates the fact,but doesn't fight it being as he knows there's no changing it.He often just steals blood from blood-banks for food,but realises that he will eventually have to start feasting on humans. Becoming a vampire slightly unbalanced his mind,and he now enjoys himself when he hears screams of pain.Over all he's still just an average joe,and calm-minded.
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