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Destiny's End

The Best in the World at What I Do
Sep 29, 2007
The Roody Poo Bridge
I've been having alot problems of late. Just bear with me here. It's a girl problem.

I've known this girl since September, but we didn't start getting real close until during The Christmas Break when we talked at least everyday. My friend even told me, the more hang around a girl, sooner or later you're going to like them. But I never expected to fall like this. She's cute, down to earth, smart, great personality, and 100% NOT Fake, BUT here's what's killing me.

1. She looks at me as her Big Brother. Major Killer here.
2. She's just getting over a bad breakup that happened earlier on this month, which is why I won't make a move just yet.
3. There's another friend of mine trying to get her as well.

What it all comes down to is...I'm not confident. This other guy hasn't known her as long as I have and I feel like they're closer. The way they act is completely different from the way we act with each other. She tells me more stuff, but goes to him more advice. I am really beginning to think she's falling for him more than me. And she refers to him as her "Smooth" Twin.

And I've talked to so many people about this and they say the same thing. Even her best friend. They keep saying,
1. she'll never know how you feel unless you tell her.
2. she could be feeling the same way about me, but she's waiting for me to make a move
3. She could say yes
4. They say I have a better chance than the other guy
5. Don't be mad if they get together because you had your chance
6. It'll feel a lot better to get it off your chest rather than hold it in and stress about it

It goes back to the confidence thing. In my head, there's no way this girl is going for a guy like me. I mean I can make her laugh, crack jokes, and give her advice but this guy is smarter, a better talker, and he's the guy that can make personal jokes and get away with it whereas If I say it, it's World War 3. I'm not that bad looking of a guy, but I feel as if this guy has all the cards, but I need to beat him.

My head is going in 20 directions. I just need a way to tell her without ruining the friendship, but I've heard No all my life.

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