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Challenge to KHFanatic4565

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Jan 10, 2005
Well, here's the battle that you wanted. A grudge match. *snickers*

1) No God Modding
2) No Power Role Playing
3) Play by rules.
4) Judge or defeat? Your choice.

Name: Mageon Cedron
Age: 18
Race: Mystic Human
"I was born in a place, which was nothing close to paradise. It wasn't exactly a depressing life either. I was born under my parents, who died at my child ages. I was, then brought upon an Organization, which consisted of people with incredible powers. It wasn't until he, the person who travels the Omniverse, A.J. had made me realized who I was. I obtained a sword, which I used from a day-to-day basis, when I kill thsoe who oppose the good will of nature. I traveled the Multiverse, the Omniverse, and any other galaxies you can imagine. From there, I trained. I trained with my Gold Sword, which brought upon my unique techniques."

"Want to know more about my story, sir?"
"Yes, continue. It'd be much more, how do you say, preferred, that you continue,"replied the cloaked figure.

"I trained with only the best. You see, I learned a handful from this A.J., a Native American, who had a sister, Koni, and a friend whose name escapes me. But throughout the multiverses and the omniverses, well, sir, that's a different story. I learned my stealth in a future of a omniverse. This world consisted of ninjas. They had taught me everything I know about stealth and about being sneaky. My trainer, though, was a man by the name of Uchiha Sasuke. Although the people looked as him evil, he was nothing but a soul who wanted to exact revenge on his brother. Luckily, I got him at the time where his power prospered. When he tried to get trap his master, Orochimaru, in my body, I managed to reverse the spell, and his master, ultimately died. Although, I changed that future, I did not change the past. That timeline would never be effected, because the future, ultimately, becomes the past. Before I left that multiverse, though, I reluctantly destroyed my trainer, and stole the Sharingan from him. I can activate it at will."

"Yes, very interesting. You are very wity indeed, the people of that world won't be celebrating because that event would never have happened. If you had destroyed him in the past,though, you would've messed up their timeline and ultimately get banned fomr travelling to other multiverses,"claimed the cloaked figure. After his discussion finished, his lips were visible and had a smirk. He whispered to Mageon to continue.

"Yes, sir. I also trained under the wing of Kenshin Himura, when was a Battosai. Unfortunately, I almost got myself killed. You see, the Battosai challenged me. If I cut him first, then, he would train me, but if he cut me, I would allow myself to be killed by him. Luckily, I slashed his face making a permanent scar. In an alternate timeline, it would be someone else who was the reason for his scar. I trained with him, as he contributed to my quickness and ruthlessness. I just wish that I could practice with him more, unfortunately, I had to move quickly. I was eventually going to engage in a battle of competition."

"If you had trained with the right people, you would've had this practice done in a jiffy. You see, you don't train with people as slow as Mr. Miyagi, otherwise you rely on your body's soul power. These mystic humans, they're such a nuisance,"commented the cloaked figure.
Mageon was going to rant even further on his other two trainers. It was funny to Mageon that the cloaked figure mentiond mystic humans. In fact, Mageon was one. He decided to continune further ranting, but he needed the man's trust. Right when he would have him on level, he would murder the guys. It was in fact true that Mageon trained with the masters of the darkness, but way before he trained with the world of darkness he trained with the masters of light and the masters of nothing (Nobodies). He knew how to not let the light, twilight, or dark consume him.

"My third trainer is someone you will never believe. I was trained by a Bounty Hunter, by the name of Spike Spiegel. He taught me how to move smoothly in a fighting combat style match with no weapons. It made my job easier. Although he did not work in the styles of darkness, I managed to deceive him and have him killed. He was going to die a minute earlier, anyways."
"Scum like that bounty hunter killing people valuable like us don't deserve to live. Although, his skills could've proved powerful in the realm of darkness, he reverted to his own realm,"the figure seemed to catch on the conversation.
"My last and foremost trainer, I will not reveal to you. That will come to you as a surprise. But for now, I have to reveal to you something," Mageon exclaimed as he touched the bunt of his sword.

"What are you doing, Thumas?"asked the figure.
"Wow, people like you are pathetic as I thought. By the way, the guy you knew, Thumas, whatever his name was, he's dead I killed him," said Mageon with a maniacal smile.
"We can use people like you in this realm of darkness. Please, please join us,"said the figure as he started to sweat.
"Let me give you a short and brief answer. I assure you it's not three-letter answer, it's more like a two-letter answer," said Mageon ,"No!"
Mageon brought out his sword from his sheath and in a quick blast the figure was destroyed. Dark red blood surrounded the dark room he was in. He saw the color and the figure in a small spotlight that he created from a hole in the wall.
"Haha! Looks like I overdid it. Well, I look forward to continuing in destroying evil." said Mageon.
And from there, Mageon grinned his way towrads the path of destroying evil and those who oppose the good of humanity and the omniverse.

Appearance: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y100/tidusora/Role-Play/flik.gif?t=1176575640

Gold Sword

Spirit Attacks

Separate - Mageon can separate his sword into tiny shards, that can work as effectively. He can also separate body parts, but that takes up even mor energy than usual.

Typhoon Blast - A form of a blue energy ball is released out of the tip of his sword. The power of a typhoon and spirit energy is encrusted within the energy blast.

Gold Rush - The Gold Sword splits in half, this making two sharp separate weapons. Each half, however, is encrusted with spirit energy in the bottom of each sword allowing it to levitate and cut the opponent with the power of an energy blast.

Typhoon Fire -A form of red energy ball surrounds his sword, making it a fire sword. It releases a meteor-like object with fire surrounding it, thus making a fire ball hit the opponent.

Wind Split - Blades of Wind are sent out of his sword, thus cutting the opponent.

Spirit Clone - The sword makes an exact clone of Mageon. If he is attacked, the individual dissappears, and the energy Mageon wasted is consumed back to Mageon. Mageon can also transfer his spirit into a clone, leaving his body to be one of those clones, in case of emergency. If he is hit, however, in the clone body, he will not dissappear as he is a new being in a new exact copy of his body with a spirit.

Yoru - The size of Mageon's sword can change at will and can make his sword a valuable shield or weapon.

Freta - Mageon concentrates on a point of the enemies' body, creates a barrier around that part of the opponents body with energy from the sword, and sticks his sword through the barrier, sending the energy through the tip of the sword, and stabbing the opponent in that body part harder than a normal stab.

Fast Lis - At this point, Mageon uses most of his energy to attack the opponent swiftly, giving him and advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

Last Resort - Mageon wastes all of his energy in desparate need, in order to get up and use his sword in very fast slashes and cuts, able to fly while in the Last Resort. He, however, has no control over his body, and the aftermath has him unconcious and can lead to death if overused.

Dark Blast - Mageon makes a dark-like energy through the tip of his sword and can send a Dark Energy Blast, which is more effective than the Typhoon Blast or the Typhoon Fire, but in return can make Mageon crave the darkness more and make him an evil entity.

Theme Song: Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
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