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Cul-De-Sac of Keys[Our Shattered World]

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Hazen Gregory

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May 10, 2006
Though it seems like an eon has passed since the previous legends were alive and existed in a day and age of conflict, resolution, order and any other number of situations that lead up to this point, the history of the keyblade is what has always been important. Even though an unknown amount of years have basically wiped out the ideals of previous organizations, past heroes and enemies alike, the abundance of keys had its first spike since the first keyblade war. For an extended period of time, keyblades had no role within the lives of individuals within the worlds and yet within the past decade or so, the world itself took a turn back to the past. Back to an age like that of the previous apprentices, to a more urbanized casual time where normal kids with hearts strong enough to forge these mythical weapons of wonder into existence at an alarming rate evolved from people. Where as previously those with a keyblade had to have an extremely powerful focus to converge the keyblade from the heart, in this age spawning a keyblade is a task that many can do. This was a completely new generation of keybladers, and with it came a new set of rules and dangers alike.

Within the world of The Cul-de-sac; children, ruffians, or just regular hoodlums they could be called, ran the streets with keyblades in hand. They were all single wielders, the idea of dual wielding never even crossed a child's mind as the essence the heart generated wasn't immediately enough to bring amount the required force to sustain not one but two direct manifestations of the heart simultaneously. It certainly wasn't the interest of growing children to go against their own natures and so, this new world of keybladers wasn't actually a peaceful settlement for them.

Kids would be kids and would always want to be better than one another in some way or another. It was just the way things worked and the way they had ALWAYS worked. Inside of this urban setting the flourishing elitist sentiment sunk into the environment, dividing who talked to who and for what reasons. This formed different cliques, groups and even larger more organized gangs. These different gatherings of keybladers would fight for a plethora of differing things for a plethora of different reasons, yet as a given there were always three things that could be considered a top priority, and these were, territory, respect, and achieving status. It was, in a sense, survival and at the same time they made this competitive setting quite fun, ultimately leading to the creation of factions.

Those in the Cul-De-Sac could more delicately be called a bunch of brats running around wielding weapons of semi-destruction. Either way this doesn’t go to say that they aren’t organized nor that they for the most part DO NOT work in teams. Of course they do, and herein lies the notion of the Cul-de-sac factions. There are three of them, and each of them has a leader whom has different ideals and beliefs which ultimately give their followers special boosts in their abilities as a synchronized unit.

Zeal’s Call
These are the brattiest of all per say, the faction of keybladers that are all upper-class, having profound riches above the other factions. They can come off as flamboyant and disrespectful, as their leader Reforge harbors his youth over the rest of them, he being only age 9 and a genius of brilliance. Reforge adores all the members of his faction because it often takes a lot for kids older than you to have such an amazing level of commitment and respect for a child several years junior to your age. Being the youngest of all the leaders and the upper society kids that possess the ability to wield a keyblade, Reforge is out to overcome the stereotypes that the Cul-de-sac has developed over time. Just because a kid has access to more money, material objects, and other valuables doesn't mean that they're feelings or beliefs don't hold value. He is very aware that some kind of change is needed and if that is to be possible, rather than stay apart the rich and the poor need to band together. Even knowing this, Reforge and his gang will beat the hell out of you first and ask questions later after you lose to them. They are fiercely determined and will stop at nothing to prove that privileged kids can be just as skilled, bad-ass and cool as anybody else. Reforge loves to embarrass other keybladers that disrespect he and his faction members but in reality his true goals remain hidden. You can never be too sure what a bratty 9 year old keyblading genius REALLY wants...

This faction has its base HQ in the southwest of the Cul-De-Sac, located in the old Proto Park where the Keyblade Carousel is. Their color signature is a peachy-pink color as displayed with a neon sign above the entrance to their Headquarters which is a gigantic tree-house that extends upwards the equivalent of several stories.

Vagrant Oricalcos
This is the faction that at times has the most followers, yet members freely come and go. It could be considered a faction full of dreams because the leader of this faction Coralye follows the basic ideal of the helix spiral; or the climb to the top. He believes deep down in his heart that anybody can reach any goal. Its a strange notion to be held nonetheless as originally, Coralye wasn't the leader of Vagrant Oricalcos. It was lead by Erebos previously but he stepped down and chose to follow behind his best friend Reforge instead. It was only then that Coralye decided that he would lead the many keybladers, accept everyone and hate on nobody who wants to join. This reasoning came from mysterious appearance of several keychains that were unable to be claimed by anyone within the factions HQ. Believing the possibilities of these keychains to have immense capabilities and secrets within, Corayle sought to find keybladers whom might be able to wield them. Here the notion of never giving up became even more important to Vagrant Oricalcos. The members of this faction whole heartedly believe that even with a loss, comes the chance to grow stronger and try again, more than likely whooping some ass in the next round. Coralye secretly wants to be the King of Keybladers and hopes that in time, he can attain the power to have his wildest dreams come true. He plans to keep climbing until he and the members of his faction get there.

This faction has its base HQ in the northern area of the Cul-De-Sac, having turned the run down Keychain Factory in their lair and place of operations. They've chosen alien green as their color signature, having this displayed as numerous emerald statues around the perimeter of the factory.

Cult of Creative Kids
Ultimately this faction came about around the same time that the other two factions rose up, being a combination of several older cliques from the Cul-De-Sac Keyblade Academy that had some of the same thoughts and ideas about what a grand future would be like. At first there was quite a bit of confusion and disarray about how to formulate this faction until Garforge and his younger brother, Reforge called a meeting amongst the keybladers and Garforge ultimately formed the Cult. As a growing teen, Garforge felt that the world itself was a lot simpler than the kids were being taught it was at the academy and sought to amplify their understanding of the Cul-De-Sac. By leading his faction with a gentle ferocity, Garforge gained immense popularity with the Cul-De-Sac in its entirety, even causing various smaller gangs to join his cause or split apart and join the other two factions. Reveling silently in the commom "peace" that the three factions were having together, Garforge began to further his faction's beliefs in surpassing every possible limit. Ridiculous as it sounds, Garforge already had various former gang members and those in his and the other factions terrified. His strange ability to ignore damage is extraordinary, just as his ability to command and be adored by those around him is extraordinary. Garforge and his faction like to be referred to as "Them" and call themselves "Us", because they show and are famous for their displays of ridiculous skill.

Garforge and his faction have a the central location of the Cul-De-Sac as their territory, having the Old Cathedral as Head Quarters. The steps leading up to the two mahogany doors are paved with orange trees, the same color that The Cult chose to represent themselves.

Any type of peace, is only so lasting however...

One day at the very peak our world's beauty did three strangers appear to the Cul-de-Sac. In their ominous and random marveling of our city it so happened that these three strangers, stumbled into the headquarters and local church of the Creative Kids. The nexus door and very heart of our world was discovered. As we had tried and tried to open this door previously with all the light we could muster, the trio of strangers had shown up and introduced something we didn't possess. This was a forgotten something greatly diminished from our world that had been free of shadows and distorted light.

The Darkness...

Ripped open did the doors finally come undone, exposing us to the "outside" as our massive world began to seemingly fragment away unto pieces. Cul. De. Sac. These were originally the sections and territories controlled by the three factions being, The Cult of Creative Kids, Zeal's Call and the Vagrant Oricalcos. With this dark catastrophe taking place before our very eyes, the generations were now 're-introduced' by the spreading of the first darkness and the manifold of things began to spread out much to our complete horror. These three were iconic, acting as the face of an individual threat more so than a combined effort. We the children, in our academy years figured our enemies as myths, legends, but they were realer than we could have ever imagined. Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed. These creatures rapidly began to spread throughout our broken world.

Now there are these massive floating remnants of our world that need to be reconnected, but we just don't know how to do it. Everyone's in a panic right now, and and the city's populace has greatly diminished. We've witnessed hearts lost and its rough to even survive right now. What do you do, what are you supposed to do when you understand so little about whats even happening?

My name is Reforge, I so happen to lead Zeal's Call. From what I've seen so far we probably did this to ourselves somehow but regardless of what really caused those three creeps to show up and shatter our world, we need to act fast. If we don't I have no doubts that sooner than later, the trio will annihilate the lot of us, or worse our world will remain forever broken. For the time being we've found a reprieve in a "gray" area located outside the boundaries of Cul. De. Sac. It is safe here, there are no monsters, just us kids. I know we're all freaking out but all three factions landed here, not to mention some other random kids that ended up following us during the time of the meeting. Somehow that door sucked us all in. We can see the surface of everything above us from this desolate beach.

In our current state things haven't gotten too out of hand but anything could happen at any time. I have no idea who might be a traitor or whom might turn against who in the future but we decided we're just one faction now. Cul-De-Sac. Nothing else matters, its too soon to situate ourselves, we've agreed only to collaborate until this is over. We don't know what to expect, but our lives are on the line. From where we stood, hearts floated into the sky and we wonder, even now, will we suffer the same fate?

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