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Nov 7, 2005
I can only express puzzlement, which borders on al
Dunno if any of you are Harry Potter fans... but I decided what the hell... and have put up the second fic I have been working on.



One year ago…

All of the members of the Order of the Phoenix were there, led by Dumbledore at his most solemn and the grandest that Harry had ever seen him. Beside him stood Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, the two members of the Order that Harry had the most contact with. He only wished that Sirius could have been present, but he was killed by Voldemort and his death eaters seven years before. This would be for Sirius, for Sirius and for his parents, but everyone had a reason to hate Voldemort…

Around the room there were wizards and witches, young and old. Harry was able to pick out the faces of several of his former classmates all ready to take up the fight. There was Seamus Finnegan, Parvarti Patil, Dean Thomas, Oliver Wood, and even Neville Longbottom—he really was a true Gryffindor now, a far change from the timid and clumsy boy he’d been entering into his first year at Hogwarts. Sitting nearby were Harry’s two best friends, Ron and Hermione, sitting so very close, their hands reaching for the other, but not quite touching. He wished that they would just admit it to each other already. They were both much moodier when they were lovesick. Besides, though Harry was confident that they’d triumph tonight, there had already been heavy losses among their ranks and there were no guarantees. He wouldn’t want to die without having told Ginny how he felt. Harry turned to the girl in question, her left hand interlaced with his right. There was no chance of that though. He had asked Ginny not to come today, but she being who she was hadn’t listened. Giving her a faint smile, he cast his gaze back to the room, examining their determined faces as they prepared to move out, determination that he knew was mirrored in his own expression.

Harry’s scar itched, but for once he didn’t care. Today Lord Voldemort would be defeated for good and maybe he would finally live up to his birthright.


They went in groups. Hermione was with Ron, Harry, Dumbledore, Lupin, and Ginny. They received information that the Death eaters were planning something big, so the Order had to strike first. Gripping her wand tightly in her hand, Hermione glanced at Ron, some part of her wishing that she were gripping his hand in stead.

Enough nonsense Hermione.

Reminding herself that she was a clear thinking, bright, and independent young woman she took a step away from Ron and concentrated fully on what was in front of her; the twisting corridors of Lucius Malfoy’s mansion. They had snuck in instead of apparating so as not to set off any alarms that were triggered by spell use. It would only be a matter of time though before the Death Eaters realized they were there, but hopefully they’d get to them before they dispersed and attacked back themselves. The whole purpose was the fight, but Hermione would much prefer that they caught the evil wizards and witches off guard in order to the lower the number of casualties for their side. Disabling the stray death eaters around the mansion, they kept heading towards the inner sanctum, where Voldemort would be with his closest, preparing to cast their spell.

As they turned into the wide hall that led to the chamber and the fighting began in earnest. Hermione for once had no time to think, only to act. She kept fighting even as they broke through to the inner chamber and there they all were, the inner circle, the most evil death eaters of them all and in the center Voldemort himself. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Harry and Dumbledore move forward, but Harry got there first. She had no time to watch though as a curse went flying her way. She countered it quickly, facing the death eater, that sniveling rat, Peter Pettigrew and they were off. Then almost as suddenly as the fight began, a flash of light filled the room. Something was happening. Harry and Voldemort both kneeled, facing each other, their wands touching and a strange energy passing between them. All the fighting ceased as those still able turned to watch.


Harry stepped forward, ignoring the fighting that broke out around him. He was intent on just one thing, Voldemort. He knew he had to make it there before Dumbledore. Ultimately, this was his fight, Dumbledore would not succeed. A spell left his lips, creating an area so even Dumbledore couldn’t interfere. Confidently, he turned back to the cloaked figure of Lord Voldemort.

“So, it’s just you and me boy.” His voice came out in a sibilant whisper and Harry could just barely see the sepulcher face in the hood, grinning like a corpse.

Harry smiled faintly, though his green eyes remained cold. He tilted his head to one side.

“Not for long.”

His meaning was utterly clear and the dark lord laughed.

“We’re not so different you and I… Don’t you see?”

As he spoke, he lifted his wand causing Harry to raise his in response and a crackle of energy jumped between them, sending an electric shock through Harry’s system. In that flicker of a second, a thousand voices had called to him in the sibilant sounds of parseltongue, bringing him into awareness. He looked around at everything and everyone as if seeing it all for the very first time. There was… possibility. A slow smile spread across his face, why didn’t he see this before? He could do anything. He’d get them all for what they’d done to him and more besides.

“You’re right. So why would I need you? Avada Kadavra!”

A green light shone out of his wand and he found himself pleased by how easily the unforgivable curse had left his lips. As he extended the wand, Voldemort flung his out in defense against the curse and their wands touched like a unicorn's kiss. A brilliant light encompassed them both and he fell to his knees at the power flooding through him, a steady current moving away from Voldemort and into him.

“You’re free now, boy.” The man who had been little more then an animated corpse crumpled to the floor, but the voices kept on whispering into Harry’s mind. Telling him so many things… As realization dawned on his face, his gaze hardened and he turned to Dumbledore.

“You’ve been holding me back.” He said it casually, but there was a manic gleam in his eye. He couldn’t believe it, he had trusted him. Dumbledore gave him a sad look.

“My boy, I—“

“I don’t want to hear it!” Harry’d had enough of the old man’s lies. He felt utterly betrayed, and he wanted… he wanted nothing more then to see him die. The curse left his lips even more swiftly then before and as they did, Dumbledore’s face formed an expression that seemed almost one of surrender. He’d seen the worst, so it didn’t matter anymore. The old man slumped and his broken body lay sprawled on the ground right next to Lord Voldemort’s… no just Voldemort, he was not a lord any longer.

How fitting.

Harry turned to face the rest of the people in the room, calling out to the death eaters in his head forcing them to obey him. These were his new allies now… no, his underlings. Harry smiled, a vicious light glinting in his emerald eyes as he moved into action.


Fleur was worried. She knew it had been a bad idea for her parents to send Gabrielle to Hogwarts, especially after all that went on during the Triwizard cup. Hogwarts was dangerous and even worse it produced fanatics such as Harry Potter, so intent on bringing down Lord Voldemort, they had no sense of self-preservation, and unfortunately those like her sister Gabrielle as well. That was the real problem. A cause was all well and good, but not when you are fifteen years old and shouldn’t be meddling with the affairs of adult death eaters. Gabrielle had gotten sucked up along with that crusade that seemed to have taken over the entire school. She couldn’t believe the Order of the Phoenix had let her come along, though knowing her sister, they probably didn’t even know she had come, and that was why Fleur was here in this dank, though at least somewhat tasteful mansion, in the middle of a huge melee between the Order of the Phoenix and the Deatheaters. Realizing she would never find her sister by just searching, she waved her wand to cast a quick locator spell. A silvery green ball of light no bigger then a small fairy appeared, hovering for a moment in the air before zipping off. Fleur followed, leaving the safety of the closet that she had apparated into and out into the fray.

She didn’t want any part of this fight; she just wanted to find her sister. This didn’t keep people from attacking her, but she was driven, she downed them before the spells could even leave their lips and kept on running. As she ran though, something changed, instead of the Death eaters fleeing, it was the members of the Order. She heard bits of whispers as they went past, but nothing that made a whole lot of sense.

“Harry Potter… insane… Dumbledore…death eaters… dead.”

She wanted to stop and ask what was going on, but she didn’t have time. She was now even more desperate to find Gabrielle. Finally the witchlight veered off into a small room, a library and there she found her sister sprawled out on the ground. A curse had hit her. As Fleur approached she saw her eyes staring wide up at the ceiling and she was sure was dead, but then they flickered. Fleur pressed her hand to here sister’s cheek patting it gently trying to figure out what curse it had been.

“Gabrielle, ma petite, can you hear me?”

Fleur looked around frantically trying to decide what to do. Just as she turned back to her sister, she heard a footstep behind her. Standing up, she whirled around, her wand out in front of her and came face to face with a disheveled blonde man in death eater garb. After a moment she realized she recognized him. Draco Malfoy. They both stood frozen in place waiting to see what the other would do. He had obviously lost his wand in the battle and hers was poised at his throat, ready to curse him if he made the wrong mood. He gazed at her with a hard look that couldn’t quite hide his haunted and weary eyes. Finally he spoke.

“Well are you going to do it or not?”

Fleur shrugged, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do.

“Is Voldemort dead? Did the Order fail? What happened?”

Draco began to laugh, but there was no humor in it.

“Harry bloody Potter happened. Oh Voldemort’s dead alright, but so is Dumbledore. He killed them both.”

“What, wh—“

Draco cut in. “Look, if you aren’t going to curse me with that thing, get it out of my face.”

Finally Fleur let the wand fall then turned back to her kneel beside Gabrielle.

“I’m just here for my sister.”

“Good for you. I’m getting the hell out of here. So if you’ll excuse me.”

Draco moved towards the wall and began fiddling around with the bookshelf finally when he grabbed a large black one and as he pulled on it, a door way opened behind the book shelves. Fleur knew when she came in that she wouldn’t be able to apparate out again, there were wards for that.

“That leads out? I’m coming too.”

Draco just kept walking, but he left the passage open. Casting a spell to make her sister lighter, Fleur picked her up and followed.


--Two Days Later--

Ginny sat in her room her legs drawn up as she stared out the window, her eyes red-rimmed and dull though the she had long since spent the last of her tears.

How could this have happened?

She’d wanted an explanation, there had to be a reason, it was one of Voldemort’s spells, but no. Harry’s words were his own and she understood him well enough to recognize that. She had been under Voldemort’s possession herself once, she knew what it was like, and that wasn’t it. As much as it hurt, his actions were his own. He killed Dumbledore-- killed everyone of his own free will. The Death eaters changed their allegiance quickly enough and their attack was amazingly even stronger then before as Harry directed them towards specific people. The first to die had been Severus Snape. He was the one who had led them to the meeting and was a loyal member of the Order of the Phoenix, despite his personality problems of which there were many. Harry had always hated him and vice versa. The next person to die was Bellatrix Black Lestrange, “for Sirius.” What came as more of a surprise was when he killed Pavarti Patil who foolishly spoke out against his actions within spellrange. There was a choice, Harry had told them, join him or die. Of all the things to happen after Voldemort’s death, no one had expected this. Lupin called the retreat, but Ginny had no intention of listening. She had always been the one to call Harry out when he was being a jerk, maybe he’d listen now when what he was doing was so much worse. She was about to go to him when a hand grabbed her arm pulling her back. She barely recognized Oliver Wood in her distress and continued to struggle for a minute with him as Fred, George, Ron, and Hermione came to her side. Seeing that they were all beginning to draw the half-crazed Harry’s attention, Ginny resigned herself to it and they all escaped.

That was two days ago and in those two days Harry had since gone back to his muggle family and made them all dance to his bidding with the Imperius curse before finally ending it with the killing curse. Ginny felt physically ill when she heard about it. From there he immediately began to hunt down several wizards and witches of the order. Most had died, but a few had apparently joined him. No one could put up any resistance. She knew Harry was powerful, but no one realized the extent of it, and somehow killing Voldemort had only made him more so. After all he managed to kill the greatest wizard of the time, Albus Dumbledore. The survivors had to scatter, Ginny and her brothers only managed to make it home that morning and they couldn’t stay long. The house had been her home all her life and she’d have to leave it before Harry came after them.

As that thought entered her mind, Ginny suddenly realized how quiet it was. She was in the highest room in the house, but the Weasleys were noisy people, and sound carried. She should be hearing something. Ginny was about to turn away from the window when a flash of witch light caught her eyes. There was someone outside. Reaching for her wand, she made her way across the room and as she quietly slid the door open. Noise assailed her ears. The quiet had been a spell. With great dread she descended the stairs forcing herself to face the unfamiliar voices in order to find her family.

She saw her arm first, sprawled out, and when she took another step she saw her mother’s ginger hair framing a pale and lifeless face. Placing her hand to her mouth lest she cry out, she continued down, drawn to the sight. She reached the open door to the kitchen, but stayed back as she looked [/i] A man with black hair knelt over one of the bodies, even from the back she recognized him. It was Harry. Unconsciously, she took a step back up the stairs when one of the old floorboards creaked. He turned and immediately focused on her, a smile appearing on his face.


He said it like he was happy to see her. As if she would be happy to see him. As if he weren’t standing over the body of her brother Percy. Before she could move or say anything, he strode forward, grabbing her arm and pulling her into a hug. Then like the flick of a switch, and immediately he began to sob.

“Ginny, Ginny, I’m sorry I had to. Forgive me.”

Ginny tried to pull away, her hand holding her wand in a death grip and he finally released her from the hug so he could see her response. Ginny tried to keep the anger from her voice when she spoke; she didn’t want to die without knowing if some of her family had escaped.

“Harry, why are you doing this? What have you done?”

He obviously didn’t like something in her tone and his hands tightened painfully around her arms. Harry looked down at her a strange look crossing his face.

“I had to, don’t you see. They betrayed me, all of them. They were worse then the Dursleys, they at least were open about it, not like your parents, pretending to take me under their wing. I was good though, their deaths were clean. I did that for you and for Ron… and that’s why I came back. Where is Ron by the way?”
As he spoke he pulled her along into the kitchen where there was more light. She shook her head at his question, but hope welled up within her. Ron is alive. “He--” Harry quickly cut her off.

“Never mind. I’ll find him, but what about you?”

Ginny was only half paying attention now, scanning the floor frantically, her heart breaking a little bit more as she came to rest on each face. She tried to ignore the death eaters in the room, but it was hard. Harry put both his hands on either side of her face, tilting it up and forcing her to look at him and not the bodies of her fallen family. His eyes burned with green fire and he did not look wholly sane.

“You will come with me won’t you Ginny. I love you. I can’t do it without you.”

Ginny thought quickly. If Ron was alive, where was he? What should she do?

“Harry, I, I need to think about it.”

It was as if a shutter fell down over his eyes and his expression grew blank. He let go of her.

“And what is there to think about?”

Before Ginny could reply he continued on, his voice hard.

“Fine, fine, I can be reasonable. You have two minutes.” Harry turned to face the Death eaters in the room. “Go search the house.”

As they filed out, Ginny suddenly remembered the clock, the one that told where everyone was, even to their location in the house. It wasn’t so strange that it was that specific, not when considering all the pranks they’d pulled growing up. The lights were all out now, all but three. Ginny, Ron, and Harry. His parents finally added one for Harry; they viewed him as another son. And he killed them. It was Ron’s though that she was interested in and her eyes followed the arrow on the clock Home---> Kitchen. Ginny’s eyes widened as she casually searched the room and as they came back to the clock she noticed a cabinet door near the exit slightly ajar. As she realized Harry had focused his attention on her again, Ginny saw him follow her gaze out of the corner of her I and knew she had to do something.


With brothers like hers, lying was an act of self-preservation and if there was one thing Ginny could do it was act. She once convinced her own highly suspicious mother that a cat was responsible for setting dung bombs. She had imitated Umbridge to complete perfection and she could do this now, when it was so terribly important.

“Harry. I’m sorry. I was just understandably a bit shaken.” Ginny walked over to him and grabbing his hand, she smiled up at him.

“Of course I’ll go. I’m your girlfriend aren’t I? I’ll always forgive you. I love you.” Harry smiled pulling her closer for a kiss and Ginny could only hope that Ron would use the opportunity to get the hell out of there.


Ron had protested at first when his parents told him to hide, but understood the logic. He had to get to Ginny who was upstairs, completely oblivious to what was going on and he had to get the message to Lupin, if he was still alive. It was the greatest act of self-control ever not to burst out of his hiding place as his mum died, as his father and his brothers were slain by death eaters. He felt like a right coward, but he’d honor their wishes. Worst of all though was when Ginny came down. He’d expected that she too would tell Harry exactly what he could do with his offer to be a death eater. He was shocked not only to hear her agree, but to sound so damned happy about it. She bloody kissed the murderer! Well Ron wasn’t completely stupid. Disgusted, and outraged, yes, but he’d at least use his sister’s loathsome betrayal to get out of there. Harry had to be stopped. Slipping out the door, he disapparated, all the while thinking that he would have rather seen Ginny die then see that.



Luna Lovegood sat across from Hermione, her strange gaze fixed on the inside of her teacup as she listened quietly as the other girl explained what had happened. So Voldemort was dead and Harry Potter was now leader of the Death Eaters. How terribly distressing, if not completely unsurprising. The yellow-winged wyberts had been saying this for years, but did anybody listen? It was a good thing she owned The Quibbler now. She could see that these would be hard years ahead and people had to have good news to keep up with the times. Besides, it was perfectly obvious to Luna what had to be done. She’d just wait for the others to see it as well.
Absentmindedly Luna reached out to pat Hermione’s hand, not noticing when she missed and patted the cushion instead. She spoke mostly to herself than to Hermione.

“Well, first things first… unless you are a tweedle-faced nelwing.”

It would be a long, dark road ahead, but that was merely stating the obvious.
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Jun 23, 2005
And I don't know why you felt the need to bold that. XD

Anyway. Another great fic! Huzzah! Continue, if you please!


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Dec 24, 2004
My word. Are you sure this is just your second work?

Whatever the answer is, you are a great writer.


I had to reread bits of the original Harry Potter story to recall some bits and pieces. To think I forgot who the Order of The Phoenix were.


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Nov 7, 2005
I can only express puzzlement, which borders on al
Thanks, I'm glad you guys are liking it... It is indeed my second work, so thank you for the compliment... I took a lot of liberties as to how the order has expanded (since it began a few years after the books anyway), so it's not all going to be the same as in the book. (I am trying to remain fairly accurate though, in some respects.)


Chapter One: Death Eater or Death

One Year Later...

Ginny Weasley stared though the rain-streaked window as the train pulled to a slow stop at King’s Cross Station. The light outside was a dreary grey and the filth on the streets was saturated with a cold drizzle that hadn’t stopped in weeks. It was the kind of weather that made you want to end it and if she didn't know better, Ginny would say that Harry had found a way to manipulate it, but he wasn’t that powerful.

Not yet anyway…

The train was a muggle train, but Ginny wasn’t the only wizard aboard. It had been barely two weeks after Harry killed Voldemort that he and his death eaters stormed the Ministry of Magic. They took it over within two hours, killing most of the wizards who worked there. Everything had seemed to crumble after that. While half of Harry’s attention was spent in making new acquisitions, taking over ministries around Europe, the other half was spent hunting down any who dared oppose him and more besides. No witch or wizard was safe anymore, especially with the routine searches for those from the Order of the Phoenix who still survived. Obscurity was best in times like these and this is exactly why so many more wizards were using muggle instead of wizard transport.

If they only knew...

The fact was that once Harry had crushed the few wizarding governments that remained and gained complete control of the wizarding world, he’d turn his attention to the muggles. Chances were that he wouldn’t even wait for that. They were such an easy target and Harry liked to have his fun. He also wouldn’t settle for anything less than world domination. A lot of things had changed in a year.

Ginny wasn’t so foolish as to think she wasn’t being watched either. Harry had taken to sending a few death eaters along “for her own protection.” That was why the train, this way she had a chance of losing them and after switching stations three times, she was fairly sure she had. If not, there was nothing too incriminating in what she appeared to be doing, not yet anyway.

Eventually, Ginny turned back to the woman across the aisle from her. As always, she couldn’t bring herself to ask the one question that mattered to her the most. How’s Ron? Two simple words, but each time she was determined to ask; they caught in her throat. She had only seen him once in the past year after that night that their family had died and it too had been under extremely bad circumstances; a raid.

Ginny hadn’t even wanted to go along, but Harry had insisted. She guessed he had been trying to make a point with the death of her brother. Though maybe she was being overly suspicious and Harry didn’t know that Ron was supposed to be there. Right. The answer was evident enough when he blamed and killed two death eaters for his escape. Either way, it was actually a good thing she’d did go along. The soonest chance she got, having no desire to kill any of the old Order, she had slipped away from Harry and his force of death eaters. It was purely by accident that she had found the fleeing wizards’ secret escape route. She wasn’t far down the passage when she had come across Ron. She didn’t know who was more surprised, but she did know who reacted first. She could hear the voices of Harry and the Death Eaters calling after her, thrilled that she had found where they had run to. Ginny hadn’t meant for them to see… Ron was hesitant to decent to attack his baby sister, but Ginny knew that she’d have to do something, so she cast petrificus totalus on him and rendered him immobile. He fell flat and Ginny just barely managed to cover him with some of the trash that had littered the alley when the others burst out. As they ran off in the direction she pointed, she couldn’t shake the look of hatred that Ron had given her in his frozen state. It still haunted her now. He had thought she was turning him in or worse… She’d left him alone, petrified, and unprotected in cold alley in London, which was almost as bad. Furthermore, several of the Order was caught that night, some killed, and it was all her fault. Ginny had a few ideas before then, nothing planned. She knew she had to sabotage the death eaters when she could, but after that fiasco, she knew it would have to be more coordinated then that or more people would get hurt.

No, Ginny couldn’t ask about Ron… at least she knew he was still alive. That would just have to be enough. The train doors opened and Ginny stood up, giving Luna Lovegood a slight nod.

“Remember to the ears of the wolf as soon as you can. I don’t think there is much time. I don’t know whether I’ll make the next train, they changed the schedules.”

Ginny admittedly felt somewhat stupid talking in code, but it was necessary and furthermore, sounding stupid was the least of her worries. Luna would pass the message on to Lupin. Ginny just didn’t know when she’d be able to pass on new information. It was getting harder and harder to get away. She was lucky she was able to give them as much as she had, but that was entirely due to Luna’s ingenuity. The Quibbler was now of vital importance to the resistance, mainly because so few paid attention to it and the crazed ramblings within its pages. It seemed harmless and that’s why it hadn’t been shut down like the other papers. What Harry and his death eaters didn’t know though was that Luna had trained the photographs in each paper to pass on messages to key people. This was how Ginny first knew she could contact Luna… Luna had already been trying to contact those of the Order who were still alive. The people in the photographs were under the strictest of orders. Ginny didn’t know how Luna had managed it, but it seemed to work. She supposed it was because few people bothered to be careful around an old newspaper and even fewer suspected the photographs to say anything other than the usual nonsense. The details were unimportant, what was important was that Luna was in touch with all the right people, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, among others.

Lupin was the only one who could possibly organize a resistance against Harry and his death eaters and that was exactly what he had done. As for Ginny, she met with Luna and passed on the information that Lupin and the others needed to know. Beyond that, she asked no specific questions about who was now a part of it or what their plans were. As it was, she could still guess who was involved and that was dangerous enough. She didn’t want to know anything that might cause them harm or thwart their plans if Harry discovered that she was giving information to those who would bring him down. The one provision Ginny made in all this, aside from the fact that the information needed to go directly to Lupin, was that Luna was not to tell who her source was. As twisted as it was, if Ginny was found out and Harry decided to kill her, she’d rather they think that she’d died a death eater. It would cause her brother less pain that way… maybe. It was for practical purposes as well because knowing Ron, if he actually believed that Ginny hadn’t betrayed them all, he’d want to drag her out of it, and that would never do. As hard as this was, she knew that she was of most use staying with Harry and passing what information on she could about his plans. Harry had to be stopped.

Luna nodded at Ginny’s remark then gestured grandly out the window.

“Be careful, Gineesely Weaslvra, the red-winged queaslenewts are out in full force tonight.”

That was not in code. That was just typical Luna and a smile came unbidden to Ginny’s face. It was nice that no matter the times, Luna would always be Luna. Shaking her head slightly, Ginny walked down the aisle and off the train. Hopefully Lupin would put what she’d told Luna to good use.

Stepping onto the train platform, she breathed in the cold dirty air and sank down slightly into her black leather jacket as she began to feel the effects ofthe scummy drizzle. Glancing up at the cracked yellow clock of the station, she cursed silently. She was already an hour later than she said she’d be and still had a twenty minute walk back to the house. She couldn’t apparate though. Harry had long since placed bans on that, not liking to be surprised, and the last person who had tried it had met with a very gruesome and fiery death. Despite the fact that depending on Harry’s mood, her belated arrival might cause some problems, Ginny was in no hurry to get back. Still, even though each step was an effort of willpower, in no time at all she found herself turning onto Grimmauld place.

The area had once been a muggle neighborhood, but that had changed when Harry took over. Most of the houses were owned by death eaters now and Sirius Black’s old house, number 12, left to Harry upon his death, was the hub. Ginny didn’t like staying there. It had changed a lot since that summer that they had all holed up there, before her fourth year at Hogwarts, and Harry’s fifth. She had little choice though. Passing through the wards and through the gate, Ginny walked down the overgrown garden path to the front door and pulled it open. As usual, there were death eaters hanging around, most of which Ginny hadn’t bothered to learn the names of, though there were a few she couldn’t have forgotten even if she wanted to. It wasn’t really rudeness, but rather practicality as a third of them would be dead within the week, usually because Harry offended easily and killed quickly. And though his actions were clearly abominable as he murdered his own so easily, most of them were unctuous little cutthroats and she detested the lot.

Studiously ignoring them, Ginny strode through the corridors, attempting to disregard theuneasy feeling between her shoulder blades that she always felt when she saw the rectangular patches of wallpaper. These were only places where the wallpaper hadn’t faded into grey and spot was a testament to the paintings that used to hang along the walls. Harry had burned every last one of them, the screams echoing through the large house as if they had been real people and not flecks of paint. Harry hadn’t liked the way they’d been talking to him.

Coming to a stop outside the door to the study, Ginny hesitated for a moment then knocked lightly on the door. Despite the fact that he probably already knew she was back, she’d seen far too many death eaters die from one of the unforgivable curses because the unfortunate wizard or witch has just burst in. Harry might not mean to do it to her, but she’d be dead just the same and then there would be no voice of reason for him whatsoever. Ginny harbored no false hopes that she could somehow make Harry the way he used to be, but she knew that she had influence over him. Whenever he went into one of his psychotic rages, she was the only one who could calm him down. If she died and that was unchecked… well Ginny pitied the people left behind.

Pushing the door open, she poked her head into the room, a small smile on her face as she looked at him. Once Harry had firm control of London, he’d decided that he needed a new image. He’d opted for muggle technology, losing the glasses and going for contacts. He looked more handsome without his glasses, but also more sinister. She supposed that was the point. On the whole she preferred the old look. At the moment though, he actually was wearing his glasses as he stared at a computer screen, another bit of muggle technology Harry had adopted. He was finding uses for everything. She felt a familiar pang as she looked at him. He almost seemed like the Harry she used to know.

“I’m back.”

Harry’s fingers didn’t even pause on the keyboard as he responded.

“I can see that.”

Taking a few steps into the room, Ginny was going to see exactly what he was doing when he finished typing and stood up, walking over to her. He rested his hands against her shoulders as he looked down at her.

“You’re over an hour late, what took you so long?” As usual, Ginny had to wonder if he knew exactly what she was up to, but then she was sure if he did, the questions would go much differently. She just smiled at him and shook her head.

“Sorry, the train was held up.” That wasn’t a complete lie, there were always delays. Harry clearly wasn’t happy about it though.

“If you insist on traveling by muggle methods, I could have someone drive you…” That was the last thing Ginny wanted and she shook her head emphatically in response.

“No, that’s alright. I just lost track of what time it was. I really should take to wearing a watch. There’s no reason to waste manpower by having someone drive me around.” Admittedly, the reason Ginny didn’t wear a watch was for the excuse. She knew there’d be times when she couldn’t get back sooner. She shrugged casually, the very picture of innocence… well she hoped so anyway. “Next time I’ll apparate closer, I just felt like a walk.” She hated to hear herself offer up excuses, but it was important to keep him appeased.

Harry watched her face as she rambled on, then finally just shook his head slightly then pressed a kiss against her lips before pulling back again, resting a hand against the side of her face, before letting it drop to take a hold of one of her hands as he led her over to the desk.

He gave her a sheepish smile. “You know how I get when you’re gone. I’ve missed you. You’ve finished all your errands?” Now this was tricky. Outwardly he seemed like a caring boyfriend, but she knew there was a subtle exertion of his power going on here. He seemed perfectly amiable now, but that could change faster than one of his death eaters could drop after he hit them with the killing curse. If she said yes, then it meant that she’d have a hard time getting out by herself again and if she said no, he’d get annoyed. It was frustrating, even more so because if Harry had acted like some supremely over-possessive boyfriend before, she would have told him exactly where he could shove it. Now if she did it, other people wouldn't just suffer, they'd die. Ginny had once yelled at one of her friends at Hogwarts for staying with her abusive boyfriend, for humoring him all the time. She had acted like two different people when she was with him and when she was away. Now Ginny got it, well to some extent… though she still thought her friend had been acting like a moron… and though their particular situations were still vastly different. The premise though was the same.

“Almost. I still need to get my wand checked. You know, since Oliviander is dead. It’s hard to find someone as good.” Probably not the best idea to bring it up as Harry had killed the man personally, but it was a statement of fact. If he didn’t like it, he had only himself to blame. Harry nodded slowly at her before moving to sit down at the desk again, sliding his hand around her waist as he pulled her down with him.

“True enough. Next time though, I’ll come with you. We haven’t had much time alone together lately.”

Ginny sighed inwardly. She definitely wouldn’t be getting anything to Luna for a while. She wasn’t so flattered as to think that this was all just because he missed her. She knew very well it was also because she knew too much. Ginny forced a smile onto her face and nodded.

“Great.” Ginny moved her hand to ruffle his hair an outwardly loving gesture, but as she looked at him she was trying to find out what it was about him today. He seemed excited about something. “So what have you been up to, aside from playing with muggle toys?”

Harry grinned at her, leaning forward slightly.

“This is going to make things a whole lot easier. Take a look.”

He gestured towards the monitor and Ginny turned to look, her whole body stiffening as she absorbed what she was seeing. There were several rows of names on the computer, followed by their locations, as well as their status.

“In here I can keep track of everyone. All the death eaters, the ones who’ve died… the threats that need to be eliminated… or those who might join the cause… I can even plug in who is going after who. That way I don’t need to waste any effort sending the several people to handle a given situation. Unless it’s needed. The locations work like that clock that used to be in your Mum’s kitchen, of course, it still needs to be tweaked. Right now it’s arranged so I need to know a person’s starting whereabouts for the computer to track them… You can do cross-reference searches and everything… It’s a great mix of muggle machinery and magic.”

Ginny scanned the lists, barely listening as Harry continued to explain in excited tones. She couldn’t believe how casual he sounded. She was completely intent on the names though, focusing on the ones she knew. Some were marked for “recruitment possibilities,” death eater or death such as Dean Thomas and Oliver Wood… She was surprised that they were there. Ginny wondered if Harry remembered that Dean had been engaged to Pavarti. And Oliver Wood… well she simply knew he’d never become a death eater. Ginny moved on through the lists, to the names of those who were already marked down as dead such as Sibyll Trelawney… Gilderoy Lockhart. The computer used the term “deceased,” but Ginny knew that what it really meant was terminated.

What possible benefit could he have in killing Trelawney and Lockhart, other then just for fun?

Neither of them posed a threat. Ginny knew Harry had the habit of whimsically ordering the deaths of countless wizards, but it was worse to see just how many he had gotten. However, it was the other list, those marked for death, that affected her the most. Another reminder of how Harry liked to toy with people, even her. At the top of the list was one Ronald Weasley, location, London. Lupin’s name was there at well, only his whereabouts were still unknown. That was fortunate, but Ginny was worried enough about Ron. Ginny closed her eyes for a moment, trying to remain calm. When she opened her eyes again when she realized that Harry had stopped speaking. His eyes were locked on her face, appearing a green so dark, they were almost black.

“What’s wrong?”

Ginny tried to keep her voice steady as she responded.

“Nothing, it’s all very organized.”

Ginny got up and walked over to the window. What was really going through her mind was that Harry had clearly stated on his precious little program that Ron was to be killed outright. He wasn’t even going to give him the chance to join up, not that he would or should, but it hurt her that he’d do this. That she’d find out like this. He even knew that Ron was in London. It was Ron’s name that made the crack in her composed veneer. It was terribly dangerous, but she couldn’t stop the tears that pricked against her eyes. Harry was still watching of course, so she looked away, staring at the bleary cityscape, anything, she just couldn’t look at him right now. Not after this. It was one thing to suspect or even know something and yet another to see it written, or typed, down. It made it more permanent. She didn’t risk a glance, but she kept on talking, a futile attempt to try and pretend there was nothing wrong.

“It will definitely help things run more smoothly.”

Ironically, her voice cracked at that last word and since it was completely useless to even pretend she wasn’t upset at this point, her temper won out as she whirled on him. In the past year, it wasn’t her fear, but her temper that had been hardest to control. Ginny was a good actress, but sometimes, there was nothing else to be done.

“Ron. The only brother of mine that you haven’t killed and he’s marked for death! You aren’t even going to give him a chance are you? To try and convince him? After being friends so long—“

Ginny stopped, covering her eyes with her hand as unwanted tears once again threatened to leak from her eyes. She couldn’t even trust herself to continue. Seeing Harry’s face though, it was probably best though that she didn’t say anything further.

“Ginny, I am only going to say this once. No one speaks to me that way. No one... not evey you. Don’t even begin to pretend that you didn’t know this was going to happen. You knew… Ron was my friend, but that’s changed now and he has to die. People change… you should know… I remember when you were just Ron’s little sister with the huge crush that I tried to ignore. Everything changes. His death is inevitable and the sooner you get over that, the better off we’ll be.”

His words were both harsh and demeaning. She couldn’t believe he’d brought up the way she’d acted as a first year in Hogwarts and how Ron had to die all in one breath. Harry continued to give her a cold look for a moment until suddenly he moved forward, lifting his hand. It was as if deep inside of him, someone had flicked a switch and suddenly he was all consolation and sorrow.

“I’m sorry Ginny. I know he’s your brother and you’re bound to be upset. It’s just that everything has already been set into motion. If I spare Ron now, people will think I’m weak. I can’t have that Ginny. You know that.”

As Harry moved his hand towards her cheek, she instinctively took a step back. Ginny just couldn’t bear for him to touch her at this moment. His hand dropped away and she regretted it, but she couldn't take back the action. Seeing the hesitation and remorse written on his face, all the anger and upset she felt drained from her expression and all that was left was weariness. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she opened them again.

“Harry, you and I both know that you have enough power and the will to do anything you want. No matter what anyone says.

Shaking her head slightly, she slipped past him and headed for the door.

“I’m going for a walk.”

She didn’t turn around when she heard the angry sarcasm in Harry’s voice

Another one? Great! Fine, go!” He shouted after her and Ginny kept walking. After closing the door she could hear a loud crash coming from inside the study of something being thrown around. Ginny just hoped it wasn't the computer. She knew that wouldn't solve her problem and once Harry realized what he did, his rage would be even worse. A death eater ran by her towards the study, probably to investigate. By the time she reached the bottom of the stairs, the death eater’s had released a terrible scream of pain and continued to do so, only breaking off into a gurgle by the time she had reached the front door. Opening it, she stepped outside in time to hear a loud shatter before death eater’s already scorched and broken body fell to the pavement. She paused for a moment, looking up to see Harry staring down through the broken window, a satisfied expression on his face. She flinched slightly. She knew it was her fault that Harry had just killed that man. Tearing her gaze away from Harry she turned back to look at the death eaters who had come outside to see what was going on.

“You better clean it up or else he’ll just get even angrier.”

With that Ginny turned around and kept walking. As she had so many times before, Ginny began to tell herself that she was doing more good than harm by staying here... She wasn’t very convincing.
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