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Death on end

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Mar 24, 2005
Mostly rp section....maybe somtimes forum insanity
It was dusk. Morning came to the continent of Basquel. It was quite. A beautiful sunrise came into view. It was a crimson colour. It shone strongly over a small town of Remmington. The town of peace and Joy. A holy town. The sea breeze came from the shore and blew gently against a childs face. The child saw a boat come into view. it was on the Horizon. It was a great and mighty boat with the Flag of a Iron fist. The banner blew highly. The boat was the first to come of many.
In the Boat General Lizo, of the Empire, resided. He talked to his Black mages.
"Bring in the mist boys......" He smiled creepily. His glance wikidey on the town of Rimmington as Mist poured around it.
"General, were ready to attack!" Captin Luxirous said.
"Excellent, bring in the 12th squad and attack from the shore....." Lizo glared.
Back on the shore the small kid ran back home to warn the town of peace that the empire had come. The mist grew thick as the kid ran back to the village. Now warriors from the village must attempt to save it....but the town of peace dosent belive in weapons so it may be a causeless struggle, the most they can do is hold off the forces while the townspeople get away. But little do they know this will be a beginning of a great adventure.

No godmodding
No Powerplaying
Post limit of 3 posts per day
No Guns this is a medieval/fantasy rp.
All races acceptable except for demon and angel or anything like this (Make ups are ok).
All class's acceptable, except for gunners.
Romance is ok.

Class: (any Ff class)
Weapon/equipment: ( Must suit class)
Occupation: (Anything, to blacksmith to bartender to breeder....anything)
Abilities: (maximum is 8, you can update these anythime you like.)

My template
Name: Krew Vonty

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Class: Theif

Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Weapons/ Equipment: A Long sword which has a red diamond at the hold. The Sword is called bethreathed. The sword was found by Krew in a cave. It has the ability to cast thunder spells.
Jewel of Harmony A necklace with a crescent shaped moon in it. The crescent is yellow. The Necklace protects the user from thunder attacks, but the weilder may still be hurt from it.
Cape of Stealth The cape is red all over. It provides great speed and stealth.

True Demise: Krew becomes more powerful as he slashs with his sword and may cause poison.
Flying bolt: Krew uses the power of the Betreathed to destroy the enemy with large quantitys of Thunder.
Glowing defence: A breakable sheild which can defend minor attacs from enemys. Can be shattered.
Red Rage: Krew fights usuing emotion. he loses all control of his usual self as he gets entangled in a Rage.
Distraction: Used by Theifs to get away.

Personality: Mysterious, helpful ,

Appearance: Krew has brown hair which is long and touchs down to his shoulders. He often ties it up in a ponytail. His eyes a blue and full of sorrow. He has a scar directly under his left eye. He wears a Red cape (Cape of Stealth) and a Necklace (Jewel of Harmony). He has a white Tunic on and wears black trousers. He also wears a black glove which is used to Grip the Bethreathed. Has a tatoo on his right arm. It is a green and yellow snake which stretchs from shoulder to Elbow.

Bio: Krew Vonty is a treasure hunter. He became one at 17 when he saw an award for a tournament, and instead of competing in it he stole it. This was the Cape of Stealth. With the cape of stealth he was able to steal many things.
When he was 19 he fell in love with a girl who was just like him. Her name was Helen But three years later after they attempted to steal a rare item but only to have them led into a trap. Helen was killed and Krew got away with nothing but a Scar under his eye, but came back a day later to collect the Jewel of Harmony. He never got over that experience and hates himself as he thought he failed her.
When he was 26 he started his own gang and they got loads of trasures together and that was fine for a while but soon they got greedy and started killing eachother. Krew disbanded the ones which were still alive and became a Lone wolf.
He wondered into a cave one Rainy day after finding no refuge and faced many trials within it. He finnaly got to the end of it and had his most prized possesion other than Helens Necklace.
He came to the Holy town of Remmington to be forgiven of his so called sins.
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Feb 15, 2006
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Cool, someone who likes my style.

Name:Mark Dragonscorn
Age:Looks 16, about 75
Race: Unknown, but looks 1/2 drago, 1/2 Elf
Class: Hunter and Illusionist (Uses those ability, but wears Hunter like clothing.
Weapon/equipment: Hades Bow, Two Daggers, a net, a staff
Occupation: (Anything, to blacksmith to bartender to breeder....anything)
Abilities: Tempest:A lightning based magic attack that damges all enemies.
Soil Evidence:A ground Based magic attack that hurts all enemies
Promience:A fire based magic attack that damages all enemies
Freeze Blink:An ice based magic attack that damages all enemies
Sidewinder: A bow attack that does great damage
Sonic Boom: A bow attack that damages a wide area
Capture: A bow technique that captures a weak monster
Flaming Death: A magic cow tech that hits an oppenet and sets them alight and it hurts them continualy and can't go out until a white mage casts Esuana on them.
Personality:Cold,Cruel, and Sadistic, he is everything that a man shouldn't be.
Appearance: http://creativeuncut.com/media/ffta-llednar.jpg except no hat. His hair is black and long and his bow is slung on his back and their is a quiver and he holds the Firewheel staff. His eyes are green and reptillian looking and his ears are pointed. His face is angular and his body is thin and lithe.
Bio:Marx was created more then he was born. Marx is the creation of dark sorcerery and elven and drago DNA. Marx was trained since birth to use blades, bows, and all types of magic. After 20 years of training Marx found out about his "birth", he went nuts and destroyed his master and the clan who created him. He know wanders the planet seeking jobs to destroy the empire who made this clan create him as the ultimate weapon.
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Jan 24, 2005
ooc: I would be glad to join another one of your RP's percy. If that's alright with you, of course.

Name: Kusa Rellik.

Age: 22.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human.

Class: Broad Swordsman.

- Broad Sword.
This sword is Kusa's main weapon in battle. At a shy length of five feet, and being lightweight, it enables Kusa to maneuver it with ease. The sword is a sturdy steel, which is even edged untill it reaches the triangle tip, where it forms jagged on one side. The handle is made of alloy, and clothed by a red tape, leading to the hilt, of which is a silvery steel painted black.
- Arm Guard. This padding was made by Kusa himself. It appears thick, on his left shoulder, but is quite thin. It fools most, but when struck right, it would shatter. It's overlapped sides withhold a stained silver, and the word 'RelliK' painted in black.
- Glove. Kusa's dependent right hand is sheathed by a brown wornout glove. Although, it may fool some when being struck but not raw fist beneath it's leather, but a sturdy metal sheet.
- The Devil's Ring. This ring is on Kusa's index finger, on his left hand. It allows him to temporarely disappear before all but elven eye's. Before his village was destroyed, a great and terrible king visit the land, and stayed in the most divine sanctuary in the village, for a small parliament vacation. Kusa snuck in his room at night, and stole jewelry. Unfortunately for him, he was caught, and stripped of all stolen goods. All but the ring, which Kusa held tight in his mouth while the soldiers searched him.
- Sanctuary's Rock. This rock is the only thing Kusa has left of his village. It is a swirl white blue, and has a hole near the top. It's just about an inch, if not a hair width less. Kusa wears it around his neck at all times. He doesn't know what it does, but he gets a strange feeling when he looks into it.

Occupation: Mercenary.

- Blitz.
Kusa obtained the ability Blitz, from an old man, whilst on one of his Mercenary travels. He trained with this old man for two weeks, before mastering the skill. When used, Kusa strikes the ground with his broad sword, creating three small electric waves beneath the ground. It's results vary, but Kusa has found it to be very usefull versus hordes of enemies.

- Kenji. This ability allows Kusa to jump higher than most, and continue jumping while keeping his endurance, and breathing level. The skilly was obtained when he was a child, just after his village Sukai was destroyed. He was left with nothing, untill a young woman found him. She took him back to her village, Tanake, a secret village that was supposed dead. There Kusa learned flexibility, form, stance, basic fighting skills, and the art of Kenji.

- Devil's Ring. The ring allows him to become temporarely invisible. Only lasting for a short time of 30 or so seconds, Kusa cannot be seen by any, but the trained eye of an elf.

- Way of the Theif. This skill was obtained when Kusa was just fifteen years of age. He mingled with theives, and enjoyed being around them. Soon he became close friends with the clan, and found himself stealing and shoplifting for pleasure. Kusa regrets the horrible memories, but uses the way of the theif when in need of food, or such items.

Personality: Kusa is bright, but flonts his words immaturely. He is very youthful, and it shows in his attitude towards everything. Rarely serious, he likes to play with children, and joke with anyone he meets. Truely a juvenille portray for his enemies. But, when doing his job as a mercenary, he is rutheless, uncaring, and devilish.

Appearance: Kusa stands five feet, eleven inches. He is average when it comes to muscle, and size, but appears to be stronger than he looks when fighting. He has dirty blonde hair, that spikes even during the most accelerated of movements. He has blue eye's, and pale white skin.
Kusa is clothed by a rather different outfit from most. Blue worn out jeans, white shirt, and brown boots. His shirt is littered with straps, and the rope which holds his sword. On his left arm, he wears his armguard just on his shoulder. Further down, he is cuffed by a small chain bracelet. On the same hand, he wears three rings. His right arm is wrapped in a bandage from the elbow down to his worn out brown glove. The leather glove contains a sheet of metal, that allows Kusa's punches to be more effective on his opponents. Kusa's chest is padded by one round shaped steel plate, which covers very little.
His jeans, are held up by two black belts. Beat and worn down, due to the times he was forced to use them on his adventures.

Bio: Kusa ventured through a rather horrible, and chaotic life. His childhood years in the village Sukai were filled with fun, love, laughter, and kindness. Although when he was ten years of age, his village was attacked and destroyed, leaving him alone alive.

Three days later, he was found by a beautifull young girl, and taken back to a strange, ancient village that was said to be no more, named Tanake. It was a great village, surrounded by green plantlife, and exotic flowers of all sorts. Hidden in the falls of Pathmonia, a land of skeptical parliament. The hidden village Tanake, brought many graces upon Kusa. He was trained in the art of Kenji, and treated well within the village. Although, some village people did not like the idea of an outsider. Soon they became angered with the cheifs decisions to let Kusa stay, and held a village meeting. It was decided that Kusa would be exiled from Tanake. After all the quests, and adventures he had gone through, in order to become a pledged Tanakei, he had been exiled at a young age. Fourteen. Once again, he was left with no home. History seemed to be repeating itself...

After a few months of venturing by his lonesome, Kusa began to steal food from villages, and towns. In order to live, he must steal. So it was justified. Or so he thought.
Soon enough, Kusa realized what he was doing... But didn't care. Mingling with bandits was the next event in his life. Learning their ways, and stealing not only food, but weapons, and strange mythril armors. Soon he was a bandit himself. Skilled in the art, and pleasured by it. Untill he was fifteen and one half.
Kusa was sent on a mission to retrieve a priceless object, from a king. But, Kusa was caught, and brought forth to the king, whom give him the choice of a loyal soldier at the kings hand, or death. Kusa, made his choice quick, and easily. A loyal soldier he was to become, for two years.

After serving his duty, Kusa was released into the world as a citizen once again, only to become a mercenary for money. He was skilled in swordsmanship, and didn't ask much questions. A true mercenary if there ever was one. Young, but skilled.

On one of his adventures, he came across an old man. He spent two weeks at the mans house, on invitation. There, he learned a skill called Blitz. After he had mastered the technique, he solemnly swore never to forget of the mans kindness, and tell every lone traveller of his great heart.

Five years later, he found himself in a bar, listening to an old man tell tales of Rimmington, a city of which has the power to erase all sin. Kusa sat, drinking his water, as the man tell of his adventures there, and how he became a holy knight, and saint. Only to be intrigued by the stories. Kusa then asked, if the man told the truth. The man replied "Yes my friend. It is the greatest city this planet has ever let stand." Kusa then set out, on his journey to Rimmington City. To erase his sins, and sorrowful memories of his past. The past of a mercenary.

Kusa currently wanders in Rimmington, searching for something. A peace maker, or somewhere to erase his sins, as the old man in the bar had said. But.. to no surprise, Kusa hasn't found anything but a peaceful city. Could it be the man sent Kusa here for some other reason?

Theme Song: "M.I.A" - Avenged Sevenfold. ( PM me, if you want the Itunes file. )

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