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Fanfiction ► Destiny: The human Kingdom Hearts

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Sep 26, 2009
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Darkness, light, hope, dispair
What are the first thing you are aware of when you awaken from a deep sleep?
Me?I'm not aware of anything, not my memories, not my own feelings nothing.
My current name is Destiny and I am ment to distroy existence.
This time I awoke in a little place called Travers town, if you've met Sora you know it. As I stated before, I had nothing and was nothing, all I wore was a plain whit shirt, blue jeans and a braclete around my wrist with Destiny spelled out on it, thus the name.
Without an identity and without a plan I began to wonder about, despritly searching for anyone or anything.
I always do.
Here is where my story begins. If you know Sora and he told you the story of his adventures, you'd know he dosen't mention me. It's a part of my curse, and yet, it's a blessing. My friends never miss me when I dissapear, and I never remember them anyway. But these I will remember, until I awaken at least.

"I'm Sora!What's your name?" he asked has he offered a hand to help me up.
"Me? I'm uh...," I reached for his hand and read the words on the braclete, hoping I was right "I'm Destiny!"
"Destiny!" He seemed to smile sadly, "That's a nice name.... mind if I call you Tiney?"He smiled and I smiled back hoping I had just made a freind.
"Sure thing, Sora"
Then those things attacked from the shadows rising from the ground. They were pure black with bright eyes like fire, but Sora barely flinched.
"It's those things from the Islands!," Then he turned to me, "You better run if you can't fight!"
So I ran, not knowing what kind of power lay within me, or the monster it would turn me into with time.Altough I ran I cold still feel those things coming after me, but not seeing them I did the stupid thing a turned, tripping as I did so. Helpless on the ground they attacked.

Ugh, what a headache, Destiny sat up and rubbed her head angrily. How on earth did she survive that?
"You're awake!" Destiny jumped at the strangers voice (but wasn't everyone a stranger at this point?). A young woman stood over her in a nija costume, while a girl in a pink dress stood in the corner.
"Um, who are you?" while she was here she miht as well learn who they were.
"I'm the great ninja Yuffie! and this is Areith!" She said as she pointed to the girl in the pink dress. "I found you being attacked by heartless in the allyway and brought you here when you didn't wake up."
Areith seemed to want to say something but Yuffie went on. "Anyway Arieth wants to talk to you about something, and I need to go check on something in the other room" and she left.For a bit I looked around the room, I was laying on a large princessy bed (yuck) with a mirror across from me. Apperently I was blonde with gray-blue eyes, and I looked terrified.
My attention turned back to Arieth, "Who are you?" She asked (like I knew), she looked confused, "I can feel great power from your heart, unlike any I have ever felt before.So just who are you?Exactly?"
"Well, I'm destiny!....I think.."
"You don't sound so sure," She smiled slightly"Perhaps you aren't who you think you are."
"But!I don't know who I am!I just woke up...!"Suddenly Yuffie stuck her head around the door, she looked excited about something.
"Arieth!We need you to come in here for a second!Squall- I mean Leon-has found the key!And he kinda well, went over board with catching him."
"I'll be right there," Arieth then turned to me, "Wait here I'll be right back."She then left with Yuffie.
As for me, I climbed through the window (in my defense the door was locked!)No way was I staying in this crazy house any longer!!They were all insane!

This world was quite nice when you got use to the sky's constent darkness. Unfourtantly I easily got lost here too, while trying to leave this world. Somehow I just knew this wasn't the only one. Perhaps the 'power' inside me would allow me to leave and find my homeworld, if I had one out there.
"'Tiney!!!What are you doing here?!?!"It was Sora!But why did he look so panicked? "You need to leave a gi----" Then (rathered randomly) a duck and the biggest dog I had ever seen fell on top of him and shouted similtanously "The key!!!"
The earth began to tremble and the square where they stood was closed off. There was no escape from the heartless that appeared.
"Stand back Tiney!We'll fight it" Sora stood in front of her, which irritated her more then anything else that had happened to her, then almost as if she was in a trance she replied, "I can defend myself" then she summoned her own blade and stood ready to fight.

"That wasn't so bad, you're pretty good!"
I would say the same but I hadn't found the battle so easy, but I suppose it was ok for my first fight (in my memory of course).
"I'm Donald!And this is Goofy, what are your names?" I couldn't belive the duck was talking, but I guessed it made scense, since he did fight after all.
"I'm Sora! And this is Destiny, Tiney for short."Sora answered, but that irritated me too.
"I can speak for myself!" I nudged him, he just shrugged and turned back to Donald and Goofy.
"So You were looking for me?" He looked pretty surprised, afterall he didn't seem to know them.
"They too have been seeking the weilder of the keyblade."
Yuffie, Arieth and a guy who looked like he'd been through a fight or two had arrived, just after the fight.
"Hey!Why don't you come with us? We can go to other worlds in our vessel!" Well, Goofy seemed optimistic unlike Sora.
"I wonder if I could find Kairi and Riku...." He seemed sad at the thought, almost as if he didn't belive they were even alive.
"Of course!"Donald (quacked, I suppose) and Sora's head shot up with new hope on his face. He didn't seem to notice that Donald and Goofy were whispering about something.
"Sora, go with them" It was the guy with the sword, "Especially if you want to find your freinds."
"And you too Destiny, you might find your Identity." Areith paused, "I would suggest you stay here but you have a better chance if you go with them"
I nodded in agreement, I didn't think Sora was crazy.
" Yeah, I guess" Sora seemed down again. (Maybe he was crazy!)
"But you can't come along with a face like that!Understand?" was Donald teasing?" No frowning, No sad faces. Okay?"
"Yeah you have to look funny like us!" Goofy interrupted and Donald shoved him to the side.
"This boat runs on happy faces!" Okay, I was sure he was just trying to make Sora feel better, but that was stupid.
"Happy?" Unfourtantly Sora fell for it. He bent down and come up with the goofiest grin ever. (No pun intended)
We all burst out laughing and headed for the gummi ship to begin our adventure.

I could begin to tell you about the adventures we had together, but it would be redundent. Sora's story isn't much different then my version well until Riku comes into the story. And I got banned from the colisium for various reasons. (I might explain later). But when we returned to Traverse town and met Riku...that is where our stories differ.

I was suspicous. It was too good to be true. How could we have found Sora's freind so easily?And the way he stared at the keyblade!Like a hungrey wolf. He stared at me with curiosity, and distaste.
"Who's this, Sora?" He must have thought I was taking Kairi's place
"I'm Destiny," Riku looked surprised.
"I know a freind of yours, she's been looking for you," These words sent me into a frenzy, and no wonder, who dosn't want to know who they are?
"Who is she?Where is she!?!?!" I demanded. He opened his mouth to respond, when Donald shouted.
"Heartless!" We all turned around to see him destroy the little shadow, and when he turned back to Riku he was gone.

It was where my adventure really began, with Riku.
Your probally wondering who this 'freind' of mine was. Well, Sora probally told you about her, I won't though, just to keep you guessing.

And again, I would find it redundent to tell you the next tiny peice of the story, as it isn't much different from Sora's. That little part was extremly important though. But the next change in the story is major, it starts at Neverland. While Sora was up on deck callig Riku 'stupid' and Donald and Goofy were in the brig, I was locked in a room below Hook's cabin. (You may have found it) I was completely trapped, I struggled to find a way out. You have to remember, I'm not a keyblade weilder I'm something else. I could hear voices above me but I couldn't understand them, but whoever was talking felt dark. I suddered was I a prisoner like the princesses?Or was it just a conincedince that I was trapped under dark beings?
The trapdoor openned above me and guess who jumped down.
"Riku!" I was shocked and a bit scared, he didn't feel dark the last we met.
He just looked at me for a minute, then slowly he spoke.
"I can take you to your freind, if you want."
It was all I could do not to run away. (Where would I run anyway?) Earlier I would have jumped at the chance to meet this mysterious 'freind'. But should I trust someone so obviously allied to the darkness?
"No thanks," His face grew dark at my refusal, " I can find her myself."
"But she would really like to see you," His face was blank now, "She has searched for you for a long time." He grabbed my arm and we both dissapeared into the darkness.

Even now I can remember that first touch of darkness, I felt ........ free. You know what's it's like, it's like stepping into the shade on a hot summer day, like taking a break after working hard. If it weren't for Riku's iron grip on my arm I may have given into the darkness, as it was I was out of it when I felt hard stone beneath my feet. My knees buckled when we emerged from the dark portal. Riku let me go and I fell right onto the stone. He had brought me to a dark castle, that had once probally looked grand. It was now in a state of neglect. I could see heartless swimming in the shadows at the edges of the room, waiting to strike. Green flames shot from the ground in front of me, I jumped up prepared to fight if needed. A dark form grew from the flames and stood in front of me with that wicked smile I had felt but not seen in my dreams. She looked at me with distaste, like I was a bug she planned to smash.
"I brought her to you, just like you asked." I had almost forgotten Riku, "Now will you find Kairi's heart for me?" It was more a command then a question.
"Of course, It is in your friend Sora." Her smile grew maliciecous, "It seems you must choose between them."
I was amazed, how can two hearts be in one body?
Riku however didn't really seem surprised, just a bit sad.
"Should have known, she always liked him more," His face hardened with resolved and he ran to find Sora.
The dark woman turned to me, her smile grew even wider.
"Well, hello there it seems I have finally found you. After all this time, I would have thought you would be much bigger" She looked me up and down to make the point. "But of course you have been asleep a while and I doubt you remember me. I am Malifecent, I have been searching for you, Kingdom Hearts"

I just stared at her, what on earth (or any other world) was she talking about?
She turned her back to me, "You have been imbued with darkness, it is a part of you." She looked back at me, "I asked Riku to bring you here by traveling in the darkness, I wanted to see how you would react. You reacted... just as I had thought you would." She looked at me with a look on her face I couldn't identify. Was it fear? respect? awe? hate? whatever it was I didn't like it.
"So how did you think I would react?And what do you care?" I was proud of my voice, I never quivered I stayed stong.
"What do I care!" She laughed a deeper laugh then you would have thought she had. "You!You are the key to ultimate power! If you were to tap into the power of Kingdom Hearts you could do anything!"
I was suspicous, "So why are you telling me this?Isn't it dangerous for you to tell an enemy that she could beat you!" My voice echoed across the chamber. Malifecient wasn't daunted.
"But you won't" Her eyes glimmered like she was about to say a joke.
"And why not?" My voice gave way, now I was frightened. If she wasn't scared of me then did she have a way to stop me?
Her eyes grew brighter in the room's dimmness.
"Because little warrior," She mocked, "I will control you through the untamed darkness which lies in you" I felt odd, lightheaded even.
"No!" I gasped
Her deep laugh echoed louder then my own voice had. "You are nothing more then a clever heartless to do my bidding, you have no choice. You're power is mine to bid." I gasped for breath as I treid to fight the power rising in me, the part of me that wanted to give into the darkness, that wanted to obey the mistress of darkness.
I'm not proud to say this but, I gave in.

"Tiney! Where have you been?!? What happened?!?"
I stood across from Sora my heartblade in my hand. Malifiecent gave me armour to wear for this fight, it was clearly her intention for me to kill Sora, Donald and Goofy because Riku had failed and was missing. I had no such intentions. He would not lose this fight. Sora just stood there shocked. He must have thought the heartless had gotten me in Neverland, or I had been lost. It would be so easy to kill him before he knew what was going on and why I wore armour so similar to Riku's.
"Sora," My voice quaked, "You have to kill me." I had known but not truley relized until I said it what would have to happen. It was me or him and I wanted Sora to win.
Sora looked at me, I could tell what he was thinking.
"You turned to the darkness, like....Riku." I have never forgotten the look he gave me. "We can help you!Just turn from the darkness!" He reached for my arm but I took a step back.
"Don't be so stupid, those in the darkness can never turn back." If we had to fight it would be best for him to be angrey at me, "I will always be trapped, just like your freinds Riku and Kairi." Sora looked stunned but I continued, "Kairi lost her heart get over it, you can never have your freinds back." Sora stumbled each word had been a knife through his heart. He never was able to hide his feelings, his face was as open as a book.
I held my blade to my side, like I had when I had fought by his side time and time again. Sora's gaze darkened.
"You're wrong!My freinds are not lost!I will save them." He crouched holding his keyblade, ready for a battle, "Even if I have to beat you, traitor."
A tear ran down my cheek. We rushed at each other. I could hear Malifiecent's murmerings in my ear. Sora slashed, I jumped and lunged, he dodged and retaliated. The battle continued until we were both gasping for breath. Donald and Goofy stood over in the corner, stunned and not sure of who to fight with.
"Look out!" Donald shouted.
I flipped back just in time to see a blur of darkness slam right where we both just stood.
It was Riku

"Sora!"It was so strange that even through the darkness I still cared.
"Tiney!" It seemed Sora belived I could still be saved from the dark, that I was still his friend.
Riku turned and I could see Sora laying on the ground.
"Take it,"Riku handed me a sword. I could feel the great dark powers it held. It was amazing that anything made from hearts so pure could make something so dark. "Take it and finish your work, let your dark powers loose." Riku stepped aside as I took the sword from his hand. I lifted the blade above my head to strike and I looked into Sora's eyes. I couldn't do it, I couldn't look into his eyes and strike, to betray his trust in me like that.
"No," I lowered the sword, "I won't do it, I can't kill Sora"
I could feel Riku's eyes on me but I dared not look,
"Go back to Malifecnet if you can't do it." He took the sword from my own hand, "I'll do it myself, if you're so scared of the darkness." Riku lifted it and brought it down in a final blow.
"No!" I summoned my Heartblade and struck Riku in the side, "I won't let you hurt Sora either!"
I stood in front of Sora and prepared to defend him if I needed to.
"That's not Riku," Sora whispered behind me. He jumped up and drew his keyblade.
Riku turned and offered his blade as if in surrender.
"You're right, I'm not Riku, not exactly." his eyes gleamed, "I'm the one who made you into Kingdom Hearts, I'm the one who made you into darkness, how else would I be able to control it when you become one with the captured hearts that have been formed into Kingdom Hearts." I was stunned, so when he 'released my heart' I was just standing there with my heartblade at my side.
I almost didn't hear his last words.
"And now you will join with Kingdom Hearts, it is your fate."
And it all went black.

The strangest thing is, I didn't feel weak or even scared like you would expect to feel after you've been stabbed, instead, I felt.....whole. Like I had found the most important part of myself in Kingdom Hearts, my memories. I didn't have any of those memories from before , but I could feel their presence. It was like being blindfolded, you could just sense them there.
And it wasn't just memories I could feel, I could feel everything.
Every heart. Every memory. Every soul.
And I desired them, I wanted thier power to become mine, to surrender to my power. To become one with me. It wasn't a dark feeling, at least I didn't think so at the time, I compaired it to a motherly feeling. If they were a part of me I could protect them, save them from the darkness. But to do that they would have to open the door and release me.
I could feel great hearts of power just fighting beyond the door, a heart of light and a heart of dark. There may have been more, but those two overshadowed them all.
Then the door opened, I could feel the dark heart falling away and the heart of light becoming stronger.
And I could feel my own power flowing from the door, ready to seek hearts to add to my protection. But as soon as my freedom came it was taken away, the heart of light (Which I could now tell was Sora) was trying to close me!My best freind, was trying to kill me!If he closed the door now my heart would split and be lost in oblivion. But I was unable to stop him, my power was over hearts not the door (Which was a problem). My fate was sealed when Riku helped him. Yes, I could feel the little traitor pulling me closed from the inside, if he thought that I would protect him from the wrath of darkness he was wrong.
The door closed shut, spiltting my power into four parts, whaich then scattered across the worlds.

One went to the edge of darkness, attracted by the waves of the ocean.

One fled to the twilight, drawn by the sound of bells.

One ramained as Kingdom hearts, weak and unable to flee torment.

The last one fled into the heart trapped inside the darkness, drawn to the light trapped deep within.

(will add more later!)
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Minor spelling errors but I suppose it's okay for a prologue.

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Sep 26, 2009
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I'm sorry but your character seems like a sue to me.
Ok, your entitled to your opinoin.
But I'll tell you something, she won't be a damsel in distress soon

I like it a few mistakes on the spelling but it's a really nice prolouge
Looking forward to the rest :D
Thanks! Unfourtantly I have always sucked with spelling, and I can't use spell check because sometimes it dosen't even give me the right words!


Space it out. And if you don't want your character being a Sue, take a test. :D
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