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DISNEY Characters you think should've gotten a bigger role throughout the series?



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Jan 30, 2019
I want to see more of Merlin, he's a cool guy. Ideally I'd love if whatever game we get in the future with Kairi as a main protagonist starts off with a flashback section as the tutorial with her learning under him, that would be a really cool way to do things.

As for Disney Villains, personally I don't want any of them to get an actual main villain role like KH1 because the franchise evolved past that to the point where it would seem very forced, in my opinion. But I wish to see Square being able to write them more freely to have more involvement in their world's plot and feature amazing boss battles again.

Character I'd like to see more are Daisy and Minnie (I really like the idea of them following Kairi as her own versions of Donald and Goofy), Uncle Scrooge and Donald's Nephews (keep the small subplot of Scrooge slowly taking control of each main world hub's economical areas), the 3 Fairies (I'd love if a future game allowed us to have some sort of customization by letting us pick the colors of our outfit and maybe attach pins/bottoms and equip some accs like hats, backpack/wings, etc).

As for new characters, Oswald showing up as a friendly rival somewhere could be fun (maybe if they keep going with the dimensional parallel stuff he could be Verum Rex' version of Mickey?), a present-day version of Clarabelle Cow to interact with Goofy.

I honestly would LOVE if Max and Pete Jr were featured somehow, but I think it's too late for both of them considering the status quo of their parents and everything.

Also, bring the Cheshire Cat back. He knows too much and is the ONE Disney character that would make sense to show up in other places.

(But really, please give Kairi some Disney companions if she gets a solo game. If not Minnie and Daisy, then maybe Donald's triplets could decide to tag alongside her as they admire their uncle, and it could have a minor story plot where Kairi works under Scrooge? I just want to see my baby girl having fun interactions and I'll miss the sillyness of having sidekicks going forward. In BBS and Days it was fine because the games had a different tone, but I really missed it on 3D and Coded).