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Fanfiction ► divide and unite: the story of everyone

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Crisis Break

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Jan 3, 2006
Poisonous California.
chapter one: "just one more minute..."

I'll never forget how Lilah Lyndons changed my life. As I turn to see her face next to mine, I never would've expected we'd be together like this. Out of billions of people in the entire world, Lilah had this way of making people smile. Whenever I'd see her sleep, I was almost melancholy, because I didn't have the chance to look at her shining hazel eyes below curly black eyelashes, always trying to figure me out. She would never judge anyone, she was way too sensitive for that. With rosy cheeks and luscious pink lips, Lilah was my angel on earth.

She loved me. And for some reason I could never comprehend. I wasn't one of those rich pricks who substituted compassion for money, nor was I an suave, understanding type who could sweep any girl off her feet. I was the son of a teenage dropout couple, and while the typical eleven-year old collected baseball cards and played video games, I went to my dad's work and helped him scrape the grease off the stove of the nearest McDonald's. Nevertheless, she fell in love with me. And for that I was grateful.

It was teenage summer love, except the summer never ended. Another fight meant another make up. Throughout the hardache, throughout the drama, throughout everything she stayed with me. She gave everything up for me. To this day I think how stupid I am for getting mad at her, or getting into an argument- sometimes we take for granted the thing we want most.

So here we are, in a sleazy apartment in New York, huddled in a bed while we cling together for embrace. I look at her, and I miss her voice when she's sleeping. Though, she seems in place, resting peacefully like that, so I leave her alone. As I get on my black sweater and jeans, she murmurs in her sleep, "Just one more minute..." I smile and I whisper in her ear, "Only twelve hours and I'll be back." I laugh at my sarcasm as I go down the elevator in a tired daze.

I worked in a hospital just a few blocks from the apartment. It was a cold morning, so I grabbed a coffee and headed for work. Headlights blurred in the streets, though my eyes were still in the desire for sleep. Somehow I felt this would be a good day, and I felt that everything revolved around me. I thought I had it all, because I simply felt good. It was about eight o' clock when it happened. Y'know, I never realized life was so important until that moment. A fatal realization.

Some punk felt like hurting someone. Probably drugged up and caught in the morning daze. He had to be here, on my street, and had to walk into the Starbucks where I grabbed my cup of coffee. In a rush of anger, there is no thinking. Irrational impulse. That's what it is. And that's what it was when he decided to shoot me straight in my head. Blood splattered on the floor and walls, I fall. "Just one more minute..." throbs in my mind for the few seconds of my last fleeting breaths. "Just one more..."

divide and unite: the story of everyone

[ooc] This is one of those one-shot "think about it" fanfics, not about Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy, but about real people. Changed lives. How people fail spectacularly. This fanfic is all about the realities of life. I don't have any idea in what direction I'm taking, but I know that the harshness of reality needs its place somewhere in this forum. And I think why not here?
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