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Heartless/Nobody life theory.

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Aug 31, 2008
In contrast to the organization coming back in KH3 ect theories.

To be honest, their human selves might be back but probably not the way we think, they may actually be back but their whole selves might be in darkness, like literally in the dark realm, to which I might think is the equivalent of hell in the KH universe.

I think that when a person falls into darkness it's sort of like limbo but in the physical world aka the realm of light, you can alternate between realms as well, you are kind of alive but you kind of aren't, and you might have the chance to come back to life aka become whole like in the case of Sora in KH1, or like in this theory when both your heartless and nobody are defeated so is your overall existence, your heart + body and soul get stuck in the realm of darkness completely, with no way out and no way to alternate between other realms.

I know it is kind of weird but eh, like in some supernatural TV shows like Charmed, there is a thing called astral projection where your spirit leaves your body while it goes to the astral realm, see a connection there?

Honestly, if someone falls to darkness it's obviously bad, but if they can just become whole again by just dying again in a sense, it kind of defeats the purpose of dying in the first place you know?

I'm using the word dying sort of loosely here, because if you fall to darkness it's like dying, and then when you are a heartless and a nobody and they 'die' then you become whole again?

I honestly think that is a stupid thing the creator came up with, if either two get killed before either one then that means they get swallowed by darkness before the other one dies until they both become whole.

Why can't you just die once and stay dead or get split and die twice and go to where your other half is? I dont' see why the heartless/nobody can't just both get swallowed by darkness and have it over with, I mean they became their respectful selves for a reason in the first place.

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Nov 6, 2009
I'm a little confused, but I think I got the gist of it. I'd say your theory is OK.
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