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In the words of Zack Fair...



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Jul 24, 2013
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I never really introduced myself.

lol I had to do that, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.
I am rjk42. This is the username I use for almost everything. I've been on this forum for a few days now, but I sorta just jumped into the discussions without introducing myself. I'm 15 years old, which means that Kingdom Hearts came out when I was just 4, but I still vaguely remember my first time playing. It was in 2002, I remember my mom telling me about a brand new game where you can go to different disney movies. Being 4, I didn't play any video games or have any game systems, but a few weeks later we went to Disney World and I went into an arcade there. My mom pointed out this brand new game, though neither of us knew what it was called. I remember playing it: I was on the destiny islands, someone had left it in the middle of collecting materials for kairi, so I had no idea what my objective was. I ran around, swam in the ocean, got frustrated and left lol. I never had any more experience with the game until about 2005 or 2006 when I got a ps2 for my birthday, and two games for it: Kingdom Hearts 1 (with the red "greatest hits" case) and nicktoons unite lol. I played Nicktoons unite first but then I played kingdom hearts and I really liked it, but I was so bad that I didn't play it much. later I got kingdom hearts 2 and it was easier for me and THAT is when I really fell in love with the series. I've followed the series ever since and that's pretty much it. Wow, that got lengthy pretty fast lol.
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