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keyblades+memories+Xehanort =???

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Sep 24, 2009
Hey guys I was reading some of Nomura's interviews and came upon something that i cant get out of my head, in one of his interviews he said
these two both used the Keyblade at the same time. This can be explained by the relationship between Roxas and Sora. Thus, they both can wield two Keyblades, which, in fact, has an important meaning. This is also related to Xehanort’s memories, but this point can’t be touched on just yet.
now what could this mean? I have seen a lot of theories and people say that Xehanort lost his memories when MX and terra fuse together or something but it looks like dual wielding or keyblades have something to do with his memory and maybe his memory lost no?

also it looks like roxas having(passably) a heart is connected to Xehanort's memory too, now what cloud this mean? cloud maybe Xehanort having a(possible) connection to ven effect roxas?
---In the additional event "Farwell to a Friend", there's a scene where Axel tells Roxas "You really do have a heart, don't you". What is the actual case here?

In this scene, it ends bringing up more mysteries about Roxas, so for the answer, maybe take care to follow your hunches well, it's also related to Xehanort's memories, but I can't give any specifics now.
over all what do you think this means? and what type of connections does the keyblade(s) and roxas heart have with xehanort memories? :confused: I'm a little lost so if you have any type of answers to this please tell me.

also has anything been said on 358/2 days that could explain the connection roxas and xehanorts memory have?

i havent seen a thread with this so.... dont hate/flame.
mods if you think this should be closed then feel free to do so.
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Dec 20, 2008
Well, I don't think Nomura means those things are directly connected to Xehanort's memory, but the answers to those questions have to with Xehanort's past. Meaning, the reason Roxas can dual wield, the reason he can feel and may have a "heart" would have to do with stuff that happened in BBS. That's how I took it.
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