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Aug 5, 2005
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Chapter 5 The Battle of Hyrule part 2 Frank friend or foe

As Ganon's blade moved closer to Niwa's head it flew out of his hand and hit the ground.Ganon looked back at his sword then at a man standing in front of him.The man was short with black hair he had a spiked metal glove on his right hand and was wearing a torn trench coat."What where did you come from anyone who stand's in my way shall face my wra...."Ganon stopped as he felt a sharp pain then noticed blood dripping from his side.

Ganon held his side then looked at the man and grabbed his sword."So who are you I'm impressed you were able to strike me and i never realized it."Ganon said as the man smiled then looked at Niwa.

The man smiled then punched Niwa in the face with his left fist sending him rolling into a tree."My name is Frank and i live only to fight as many powerful warrior's as i can."Frank said as he looked at Niwa then smiled and got into a fighting stance.

Niwa stood up and wiped blood from his mouth then walked towards the two of them."Well look's like we got a three way fight here this should be fun are you two ready cause here i come."Niwa said as he ran towards them and swung his sword at Frank.

Frank blocked with his metal glove and kicked Niwa in the gut as Ganon ran at the two and started attacking.They both jumped out of the way and counter attacked but ganon jumped out of the way making the two collide.Ganon laughed as Frank started punching him over and over he blocked most of the right attack's but still got hit.Niwa slashed Frank across the back then drop kicked him into ganon making them collide then fall.They stood back up and looked at each other then started attacking each other.

Niwa watched the two fight in front of him then jumped in and slashed them both and started running away from them.Ganon and Frank followed him attacking each other as they ran Niwa looked back and smiled.Ganon swung at Frank's feet but he jumped over the sword and punched ganon in the face.Niwa did a backflip and landed in the middle of them slashing them both across the side.Ganon and frank both looked at Niwa and started attacking him at the same time.

Frank punched niwa over and over as he tried to block the attack but was hit by a powerful punch that sent him sliding across the ground.Ganon took the opening and shot a dark ball at Niwa which exploded on contact with him.Niwa smashed into a tree then into the ground he tried to stand up but fell back down.Ganon and Frank continued fighting while Niwa tried to stand again.Ganon shot a dark ball at frank but he threw a punch with his right hand and stopped it.

Frank smiled and started running toward's ganon pushing the dark ball in front of him.Ganon swung his sword at the dark ball in hope's of stopping it but he started getting pushed back.Frank and Ganon kept pushing the dark ball back and forth they both did not want too get hit with it.As they struggled Niwa stood up and jumped into the air with a smile on his face as he looked at the two.Niwa charged right into the dark ball and hit it with his sword making it explode.They all got thrown back and smashed into the ground as smoke covered the area.

The smoke cleared and they all stood up slowly battered and bruised they wiped blood from their eye's.I only have enough energy left for about one more attack this might turn out bad.Niwa thought as a dark ball appeared in front of ganon getting bigger and bigger."

Niwa and Frank looked at each other and smiled as they started running towards ganon ready to end everything."You fools this is the end you will die now and then i shall rule this world."Ganon said as the dark ball shot at Niwa and Frank and the just kept running towards it.

As Niwa and Frank ran towards the dark ball the other's were fighting with all the power they had.Kinra and maggie looked at the giant snake and jumped at it and started slashing it as it heatbutted them and the flew back.They hit the ground then stood back up and looked at the snake ready to attack again.Kinra and maggie smiled as the snake attacked them again and hit them.Maggie grabbed kinra and threw her into the air at the snake and she landed on it's head.Kinra started to stab the snake in the head over and over again until it fell to the ground and she was thrown off.

Kinra and Maggie looked at the snake and laughed alittle then sat down to rest."Well we killed it i wonder how Niwa is doing I hope he is ok."Kinra said as the snake disappeared and they fell back and looked at the sky then stood up.

ok yea it's a hangoff but o well lol ok enjoy the chap and the next one will have the fall of the rest of the followers.Sorry for being so late i have been busy but i hope you enjoy it cuz it was a pain to write.


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Aug 5, 2005
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Chapter 6 Niwa and Frank's Final Attack

As Kinra and Maggie ran towards Levi and Fan they were hit by something and flew back and slide across the ground.They stood up then noticed a barrier around them they were stuck in that area and could not get out."What's going on who could have made this it's more powerful then Ganon's so it can't be from him."Kinra said as she hit it but was thrown back next to Maggie they looked at and started thinking that someone else was near.

Levi and Fan looked at the lion as it jumped at them and slashed them with it's claws.They both slide back and jumped at it attacking with all they had the lion just swatted them away like nothing.They looked at each other and smiled as they attacked again this time Levi went for it's head and Fan attacked the legs.The lion roared as it grabbed the back of Levi's shirt with it's teeth and started smacking him against the ground.Fan watched the lion then attack it's neck in hopes to release it's hold.The lion roared again as it dropped Levi and headbutted Fan sending him into the air then crashing into the ground.

Levi and Fan stood up breathing hard as they looked at the lion again and started running towards it.They both jumped up and started attacking it's legs and head again as soon as the lion opened it's mouth to roar Levi stabbed his sword into it's mouth.They watched as the lion started jumping around getting slower and slower.They smiled then the lion slashed them again before it fell to the ground motionless.They stood up and laughed then fell back down onto the ground and passed out.A barrier appeared around them just like the one around Kinra and Maggie and a figure appeared then disappeared.

Not to far away Zi, Kain, and Link are trying to take out the T-Rex but are not doing so well.They all jumped at it but it knocked them away with it's tail and they smashed into the ground.Link looked up at it then ran at it slashing it's right leg with all his might but it just hit him away.Kain watched Link slide across the ground then got up and ran at the T-Rex ready to attack.Zi appeared behind the T-Rex and stabbed it in the back it roared and smacked him away.Kain took advantage of Zi attack and started slashing it over and over until it ran into him sending him rolling across the ground.

They all looked at the T-Rex that had cuts all over it but was still able to move perfectly.Link jumped at it again but was knocked away again Zi and Kain followed Link and started attacking as fast as they could.The T-Rex roared grabbed Zi with it's teeth attempting to bite right through him but Zi help it's teeth back with his sword.The sword snapped at the power of the T-Rex's jaw and it's teeth sank into Zi.Pain filled Zi's face as blood dripped from his mouth the T-Rex through him and he crashed into the ground.Blood dripped from it's mouth as Link and Kain jumped at it again this time attacking it's neck.They both hit the neck and the blade's cut right through the T-Rex's neck blood sprayed out of it as it fell.

Link and Kain ran toward's Zi to check on him when they got to him he was already dead.They both stood in that spot looking at Zi with dull expression's."Why did this have to happen we were doing so well then this happened."Kain said as a barrier appeared around them and a figure with red eye's walked past them.

As they looked at Zi a dragon flew past them attacking Kiroshi and Zex from the sky shooting fire everywhere.They both moved fast to avoid being hit and tried to attack it but it flew higher into the sky.The dragon flew at them and hit them with it's wing's they both flew back and slide across the ground.They both looked at it as it shot fire at them Kiroshi was able to move out of the way but Zex was hit.Kiroshi watched Zex fall to his knee's from the intense heat they looked up to see the dragon attacking again.They both moved quickly and jumped into the air slashing the dragon as many time's as they could before it smacked them into the ground.

They both stood up as the dragon swiftly ramed into them over and over again then flew into the air as the fell to the ground."We can't even hurt this thing how are we gonna kill it if it moves so fast."Kiroshi said as the dragon circled them in the air and shot flames into the sky as they watched it.

The dragon flew higher into the sky then started flying right at them at top speed."So why don't we just try what we can and if we don't we are gonna die anyways so lets kill it."Zex said as they jumped into the air right towards the dragon with smiles.

The dragon got closer to clashing with them they moved out of the way just in time and started slashing it.They fell back to the ground and watched it fall and crash into the ground they smiled as it stood up.The dragons wing's were gone it walked towards them and smacked them away with it's tail sending them crashing into the ground.They stood up as the dragon ran towards them again shooting fire at them.Zex jumped at the dragon and started slashing it on it's side's as Kiroshi stabbed it.The dragon started to sway back and forth and then fell to the ground.The looked at each other as the dragon disappeared.

They both smiled then looked at the barrier that Niwa was fighting in and started walking towards it.As they walked they saw a man with wing's and red eye's appear in front of them."Who are you get out of the way we need to save our friend as fast as we can."Zex said as the man smiled and put his hand out as a big gust of wind blew them back and a barrier surrounded them.

They looked at the man as he smiled and started walking away holding a sword in one hand."I can't let you help Niwa when his fight is over i will kill him."The man said as he disappeared and then the ground started to shake from ganon's dark ball.

Niwa and Frank ran toward's the dark ball when they got close they smiled and looked at each other.Frank jumped into the air and onto Niwa's head then over the dark ball and landing on the other side.Niwa fell flat on his face and then the dark ball went right over him not even touching him.Frank smiled as he attacked ganon punching him rapidly sending him rolling across the ground.Niwa stood up and held his sword and walked next to frank holding his head with a smile.Ganon stood up and walked towards them ready to attack again they all sttod in one place motionless.

Ganon smiled then ran at them and started slashing them they both blocked then started attacking ganon.They all attacked with full force not letting up at all until Ganon pulled out another sword.Niwa and Frank kept attacking then Ganon slashed them rapidly and kicked them back.They both stayed on thier feet as Ganon rushed in and shot them back with dark balls.They both fell to the ground and looked at him as he walked towards them holding his swords high in the air.

Niwa and Frank could not move at all as gonon was laughing ready to kill them right on the spot."How does it feel all that trouble you went through just to be ended now i hope you enjoyed your life."Ganon said as blood sprayed out of his chest and he fell foward onto the ground.

Niwa and Frank looked up to see a man standing over Ganon's body holding his bloody sword."Your the reason i'm on this quest i came here to avenge my father i will kill you now."Niwa said as he stood up slowly holding his sword looking at the man with anger in his eye's.

The man laughed as Niwa stood up with all his might just to fight him."So Niwa you remember me that's good i was starting to think you forgot all about me."The man said as Niwa swung at him but was knocked back in a blink of a eye."How could i forget the man who look's like my father and the man who killed my father and everyone else."Niwa said as he walked toward's the man again with blood dripping from his mouth.

The man laughed as he started walking away then disappeared and Niwa fell to his knee's."Even when that man is right in front of me I can't do anything to stop him why am i why am i so weak FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."Niwa yelled as he fell foward onto the ground punching the ground over and over as tears dripped from his eye's.

Frank stood up and picked up Niwa and looked him in his teary eye's."Niwa that man killed your father stop beating youself up and get stronger and avenge him no matter what."Frank said as he let him go and Niwa stood up again wiping the tears from his eye's."Your right Frank i can't do anything if i cry i have to get stronger and kill that man."Niwa said as he started walking away and toward's the other as they ran toward's him.

Niwa smiled to see his friend's alright then noticed Zi was on the ground with blood all around him."I'm sorry Niwa but he's dead he was killed while trying to help us but in the end he was over powered."Link said as he looked at the ground making a fist as he looked at Zi again."It's ok Zi died protecting us and now he will be able to see my father again i'm sure he's happy and would want us to keep going."Niwa said as he sat on the ground with a smile and looked at the sky.

They all looked at Niwa as they were teleported back to Paul's place."Good job you guy's I'm glad you made it back with this many left that shows how powerful you are."Paul said as everyone looked at him and smiled."Paul you knew my father's killer was gona show up did'nt you."Niwa said as he walked toward's Paul and looked him dead in the eye's.

Paul looked at him and smiled then turned around and started walking away."Yea I knew i thought it would help you grow some and for you to realize that you will need to get stronger."Paul said as he sat down in his chair and a world appeared on the screen again."You will head here next something was happening while you were gone Niwa and Frank will go only."Paul said as he opened a portal to the world and smiled as he walked toward's them."You will learn new thing's in that world from the warrior's they are ninja's so look sharp."Paul said as Niwa and Frank walked through the portal.

They appeared in a village with many people walking around and a mountain with face's carved into them."Where are we Frank this place is so weird i have never seen anything like it."Niwa said as he was kicked in the face and flew back and crashed into a tree."What the heck was that for what did i do to you."Niwa said as the kid wearing a weird get up and holding a katana with a headband around his head."You are a intruder and I Mist Demon shall kill you hear and now."The kid said as he looked at Niwa then at Frank ready to attack at any second.

Yes a new world bet ya can't guess what it is i swear if you can't you deserve a smack crud it's like 1 AM if i made mistakes my bad lol.

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May 13, 2006
Ok I havent read all of it yet. (Because my eyes are still recovering from your first chapter. Btw My lawyer will be calling you soon.)

But I read the first chapter and the second one. . .after that well I got Pizza!:nahnah:

Anyways. . . I'l read the 3rd one later because it has been a whole week and i have not listen to my Evanescence (*Whimpers* I'm a freak I know) And I have tp write a new chapter to my story.

But so far its a good story. ^^


Nov 17, 2005
I have finally read!! (Hip Hip Hurray!!) Anyway, that was a good story, but maybe you shouldn't rush too much, just take your time on writing it! The more effort you put in it, the best it will be!! Please update, hehehe!!


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Aug 5, 2005
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Chapter 7 The Village Hidden In The Leaves

They all just stood in one spot as dust was blown around them by big gust's of wind.As the wind blew Mist Demon disappear out of sight they both looked around the area but could'nt see him.Niwa pulled out his sword and closed his eye's then swung his sword into the air.Blood dripped off of his sword as he smiled and watched as Mist appeared holding his side.Frank laughed and gave him a high five as Mist ran at them again.Niwa jumped into the air as Mist followed and started attacking him they both swung at each other over and over.They both jumped back and landed on the ground and smiled.

Mist laugh as he held his hand back and a lighting type ball appeared in his hand."I see your strong but can you handle this CHIDORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."Mist yelled as he ran at him and put his hand out Niwa jumped back but he moved quick and got him in the gut.Mist pushed harder as Niwa coughed up blood and flew back and smashed into a wall.

Frank looked surprised as Mist laughed and started walking toward him holding his sword and the wall crumbled down behind him."Your friend is done and now it is your turn I hope you are ready to die in the name of my village."Mist said as he ran at Frank and started attacking him with all he had.

Frank blocked all of his hit's then started punching him rapidly over and over sending him falling onto the ground.Mist jumped up and smiled as he made a weird sign and started laughing as Frank jumped at him and punched him again.Mist stumbled back and then jumped into the air and threw shuriken at him.Frank jumped out of the way and jumped up into the air as his fist started glowing and punched him in the gut.As the punch landed it caused a explosion that sent Mist crashing into the ground.

Frank walked up to mist and smiled as he started getting up only to be knocked back down by a punch."You got lucky when you beat Niwa but you won't beat me no matter what you try to do."Frank said as Mist disappeared then appeared behind him holding two katana's.

Frank spit up blood as he fell foward with blood flowing out of him from slash mark's on him.Mist smiled as he looked toward the crumbled way to see Niwa standing up walking towards him."That was a nice attack i wonder how you would feel getting hit by it let's go CHIDORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."Niwa yelled as the same lighting ball appeared in his hand and he ran toward Mist and hit him with it sending him smashing into a wall.

Niwa started breathing hard as Mist stood up and started walking towards him slowly holding his arm."Not bad but i still have enough energy to kill you once and for all so get ready."Mist said as he held his katana tight and started running at him they both moved fast and slashed each other.As they turned around they both fell foward passing out on the ground.The wind blew slowly as a man with silver hair with a headband covering one of his eye's appeared.He looked at the three and then picked them up and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Back at paul's place everyone is sitting around doing nothing as the alarm's started going off.A world appeared on the big screen as they looked at it they noticed fire's breaking out in the world.They watched the big screen as a portal opened up and they turned toward it.Paul walked next to them and pointed at kinra and kain to show they were going.They both nodded as they walked through the portal and appeared in a city.They looked around and saw people running and people shooting others.

Kinra looked at kain and then watched as more people fell to the ground from being shot.

"It would seem we are in a war that is just my luck so what should we do."Kinra said

"Well i guess we should find someone that can explain what this is all about."Kain said

"But what about all these people are we gonna leave them here to DIE!"Kinra yell

"No we will save then once we find out what is going on."Kain said

They started walking then saw a boy with long blonde hair wearing black pants and a black shirt covered by a red coat.The boy stopped in front of them as he saw more soldiers running at him.Kinra and Kain ran at the soldiers and started slashing them to take them down then looked at the boy again.

"Hey shrimp who the heck are you why are you here."Kain said


"He never said that he just said shrimp so get it through your head."Kinra said

"You ever call me short again i'll beat the daylights out of you."The boy said

"Ok well whatever so who are you shr.... uh kid."Kain said

"The name is Edward Elric so who are you two."Ed said

"I'm Kinra and this is Kain so what is going on here."Kinra said

"A war i really don't know how it started but we must stop it our enemies have strange creatures helping them."Ed said as gun shots were getting closer.

"This is bad let's get out of here for now and find out what to do."Kinra said as the both nodded and started running.

As they looked for a place to hide back at the village Niwa and Frank are just getting up.Frank yawned then looked around and noticed he was in a hospital.Niwa stood up and started walking towards the door so he could leave.The door opened and the man that brought them to the hospital walked in.Niwa looked at the man then remembered about Mist he started looking around thinking he was gonna attack.

"Don't worry kid Mist is in the other room he won't be attacking for awhile you really messed him up."The man said

"Who are you and why are we here last time i check you all wanted us dead."Niwa said

"The name is Kakashi and we don't want you dead Mist just attacks any new people."Kakashi said.

"That's a nice way to say hi so what do you want from us."Niwa said

"Yea why would you take care of us after we beat one of your own."Frank said

"You guys are powerful and we need help."Kakashi said

"What do you need help with Mist is powerful why not use him."Niwa said

"We need someone like you Niwa you have the power to use your enemy's skill just like me."Kakashi said

"I don't know if i can still do that it might have been a one time thing it just happened."Niwa said

"That is why me and you will train so you can use it."Kakashi said

"Ok i guess that might help out a bit."Niwa said

"Well where should i train at if Niwa is gonna get stronger then i wanna also."Frank said

"You will train with Mist so you both can be ready for what is gonna happen."Kakashi said

"I gotta train with that crazy fool man this just keep's getting worst."Frank said

"Well you get to beat him up more Frank won't that be fun."Niwa said with a laugh

"Yea that will i guess i still owe him for hitting me."Frank said

"Well let's go and meet up with someone who will tell you all about what is gonna happen."Kakashi said

They all walked out of the room and started walking down the hall and out of the hospital.Niwa looked around the village and saw people at work and kid's at play.Frank watched the kid's play as they jumped from roof to roof.Kakashi smiled as they came to a big building they walked into the building and looked around.Niwa saw people running in and out fast they seemed like they were in a hurry.

"Where are we Kakashi what is with all the people running."Niwa said

"This is where the Hokage resides we are gonna meet up with her."Kakashi said

"Hokage what is that like the master or something."Niwa said

"More like a leader to our village we must meet up with her and get info."Kakashi said

"Ok i guess that is good so how long will it take."Niwa said

"Not too long don't worry about it."Kakashi said

They walked into the building and headed to the top where they came to a door.Kakashi knocked on the door then opened it inside was a blonde haired women sitting at the desk.She looked at kakashi then at Niwa and Frank with a smile.Niwa and Frank looked at each other and then back at her as she stood up and walked over to them.She stared at Niwa for a little while then at Frank they both were weirded out by her.

"So Kakashi these are the two that beat Mist without getting killed."The Hokage said

"Yes the one in the black trenchcoat is Niwa is can copy a power once it is used on him."Kakashi said

"He has a power like your Kakashi who would have ever thought that."The Hokage said

"The other one is Frank he is powerful with hits and can take alot of damage."Kakashi said

"So these two are the ones that will be helping us against this threat."The Hokage said

"Yes they are shall you tell them the good news Lord Hokage."Kakashi said

"I hate it when people call me that but very well Niwa and Frank you two are now ninja's of our village you are both genin."The Hokage said.

"So what are we the top Ninja's or what come on tell me."Niwa said

"Uh Genin are one of the lowest ranks you can have Niwa."Kakashi said

"WHAT you have got to be messing with me why can't we be higher ranked."Niwa said

"Yea we took out that powerful ninja and made it look easy."Frank said

"You will be able to get to higher ranks later now leave and go train."The hokage said

They all walked out of the office and went out side again Niwa and Frank looked at the ground as they walked.Kakashi looked at them and sighed as a blonde haired kid wearing like a orange outfit ran over to them jumping around ."Kakashi sighed again as the Kid jumped on him and started yelling all around.


"Naruto get off my head i can't train you i have to train Niwa so he is ready."Kakashi said

"Niwa wait are you talking about one of those guy's that took out Mist earlier."Naruto said

"Yes he is gonna help us in the battle heading this way."Kakashi said

"Can i fight him i wanna become stronger and he is stronge can i Kakashi."Naruto begged

"Fine Naruto you can train with him just don't try to kill each other."Kakashi said

Naruto started jumping up and down as he looked at Niwa and started laughing then ran at him.Niwa smiled as he came closer and swung his fist but he grabbed it and kicked him back into a wall.Naruto looked at Niwa with a smile as he jumped in the air and started throwing shuriken at him.Kakashi sighed as the shuriken flew past him and Niwa just hit them away with his sword.Niwa laughed then jumped at him and kicked him in the face making him stumble backwards.They both laughed as they stopped attack and looked at Kakashi with smiles as they walked towards him.

"We did not try to kill one another Kakashi."Niwa said laughing

"Hey Kakashi can i train with Naruto instead of Mist."Frank said

"Sure Frank besides i don't know when Mist will wake up."Kakashi said laughing

"Alright Naruto you better teach me some good stuff."Frank said

"You can count on me Frank i won't let you down."Naruto said

They all smiled and laughed as someone watched them from the air keeping a distance from them.Naruto and Frank laughed as they walked out of the village to train in the woods with no distractions.Niwa and Kakashi headed for the mountains so they could train many different ways without being distracted.Back at paul's place everyone is sitting around wondering how everyone is doing.

"Paul is there anyway too see how Niwa and the others are doing."Maggie said

"I am working on it right now but it will take some time."Paul said

"So i guess we just wait until you are done."Levi said

"Yea so what should we do guys."Fan said

"I don't know but i think i'm gonna take a nap."Kiroshi said as he laid down

"Paul you better hurry up with that before we all die from boredom."Zex said

"I am just wait a little while longer ok everyone."Paul said

"Fine we will wait for now."Everyone said

They all sat around waiting on paul to finish well except for Kiroshi who fell asleep from boredom.

tell me how u like it and should i keep the new talking way.
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