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~KHInsider[The Village] The laws of the land~

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Feb 14, 2005
And so the laws were passed down to the people ofThe Village.
Laws that would preserve the peace and tranquility.
Laws that would prove who was worthy to lead.

όχι παρεμβολή- This law was passed to prohibit any activity outside of the village without persmission or a quest of some sort. If done so, consequence could result in restricted access to the village. Was passed after one of the council left and was killed by a human warrior.

ουχί δυνατότητα- Passed to reenforce no use of skills, abilities, or magic in everyday life. This could result in destruction of our society and only may be used in the training grounds when instructed to or in the tournament.

ουχί συμβούλιο εγγραφή- Prohibits any common resident to make presence in the council. This sacred temple constrains any use of abilites inside. Any contact made with the council member could also result in serious consequences.​
so said Limitless
These laws were backed by Rules and Guidelines.
Rules that were unwritten, but accepted wide.
Guidelines that were welcome, but sometimes bent.

Godmodding- This is one of the greatest violations. And so a rule states that nobody would be allowed to perform such crualties.

Powerplaying- Illegally controlling another will be punished severely. Several incidents in the past led to an unfortunate outcome. Great fights and riots had come in its wake and thus it is forbidden.

Culturalised- One must be literate in his speach and descriptive when telling a tale. Passed down from generations before us, we have learnt to speak as beautifull as a butterfly in a field of mutlicolored roses.

Originality- As difficult as it may be in this age, after so many years of tales and adventures, try to be original with what you have. A story of a sleeping beauty might as well turn into something new.

Noticeboards: Intresting things can be found in these papers sticked on the noticeboards. They will prove to be usefull in your quests and sometimes they may even provode great help in a time of need. Use them wisely.

And so this thread was made.
Aproved by The Village's creator
Made by the current teacher of Gunnery.
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