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Luxu's Role and Jiminy's Journal

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Feb 16, 2012
Florence, New Jersey
It's been a while since we've seen the secret episode to KHX. I've seen some pretty good theories so i suppose I'll put in my two cents.

Luxu's job during the events leading up to the war was to just speculate and observe. It always bothered me that no one seemed to ask why so i came up with an answer myself. I believe he didn't get a ToP because he was in charge of creating a new one. Why else would you task someone to simply observe? I believe he was supposed to observe and record. The MoM may have known what events led up to the war, but not of what takes place afterwards. It was up to Luxu to record the events in a new book, or journal, for the MoMs use later on. Why would he need a 6th? Because he knew the 5 Foretellers were destined to fall in battle. We have no reason to believe, at this moment, that the 5 foretellers survived. If they didn't, why would their Tomes? Luxu was left behind to record history for his Master.

Then again, X could just be all a simulation inside this 6th Tome. I mean why not? Recoded did something similar.

Now i bring up Jiminys Journal simply because Maleficent compares it to the ToP. They share the same properties right? Or at least similar properties according to her. What if...Luxu and Jiminy are essentially authors to their own ToPs? Take everything we know about Jiminys Journal and ReCoded. Don't you think the same things could have happened of Jiminys Journal being used, but of the last remaining Tome? Maleficent probably wants to make a copy of the Tome...but of what who knows. If you can go inside the Journal and manipulate the events of the journal to your liking....maybe she wants to go inside the Tome and manipulate history to fit her selfish needs to rule everything.

I say last remaining Tome because when Maleficent speaks of it...she doesn't mention more than one. My guess is that she learned about it from Xehanort. Xehanort has Luxu's keyblade. Maybe whoever gave him that keyblade also had knowledge of said tome. Thoughts?
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