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Fanfiction ► Melody of Memory Rewrite



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Jan 6, 2021
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I'm quite late, but I just finished MoM. While I appreciate the recap and enjoyed the minigames, I can't say I wasn't a tad bit disappointed. This game was very much hyped to be a Kairi game (box art, the narrator, etc.) but she wasn't even in any parties. She does one fight -- where she's transformed into Sora so you don't even get to actually be her.

I did a slight rewrite (if you can even call it that? less of a rewrite more of a what if MoM was a full fledged side game). Kairi, feeling responsible for Sora's fate & driven by her love for him, sets out on a journey to - hopefully - bring him home. She travels various Disney world’s searching for clues to Sora’s whereabouts, growing in strength & skill along the way, eventually unlocking her deep, hidden memories. There would be 11 worlds and it mainly keeps the actual ending of Melody of Memory, except Kairi and Riku both go in the portal.

↓ It's here if you'd like to read it! Hope you enjoy it and I'd appreciate feedback.

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Nov 28, 2020
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An arc focusing on Kairi overcoming her own feel of uselessness would definitely create much needed character development for her as I could definitely see the experiences she would gain throughout this game strengthen her resolve and would make her even more determined to find Sora and honestly if the Kairi in this story was the Kairi we got in the games it might actually make me like the character. Also I think Melody’s chord sounds a good name for Kairi command style. Unfortunately I can’t recall that command style from BBS so I cant really comment on that part but I do like the idea of pure form and how it contrast rage form as i like the symbolism behind it as if rage form is brought on by Sora’s darkness and Kairi as a Princess of Heart who only has a heart filled with light and in a way she’s Sora’s light and he’ll do anything to save her from the darkness, considering he’s the one who will most likely need saving this time and Kairi determined to save him it certainly feels symbolic ( well at least that how it comes across to me.)

The design for the Space Sailor is cool it feels like a nice reference to KH1 especially the fact that she made it herself to explore other worlds it kind of reminds me of the three of them building the raft together and gathering supplies so they could get to another world. Also I feel like stealing the star shard of Yen Sid is something manga Kairi would do not sure about game Kairi but considering this game would aim to make her a better character it could work. Honestly travelling from world to world through musical reality shift sounds likes it would go well with the game ( also the noise from TWEWY seems like they would be interesting enemies that could blend in with different worlds and they seem like a good choice for the worlds you pick)

The Prologue and the Mysterious Tower/ Secret Forest sounds really cool and I like how the story of it also I think the whole Riku supporting Kairi in her decision sounds like a nice moment between the two and is definitely a much needed reminder that these two are meant to be friends. Destiny island plot sounds good as well and I think it would be a good way to bring in some more Final Fantasy characters as well as see some of the ones the series seems to forget about. Considering the game is about memories I like the idea of everything being different with her friends on the islands as it shows that while she been away her connections with them have sort of faded but there still present just not as strong as they used to be and things change over time and that they really can’t go back to being the same kids they were in KH1 as too much has happened which fits in with the theme of memories quite well in my opinion.

I like all the world choices they seem to be places that would definitely help Kairi learn and grow as a character on her journey from seeing similarities between her and other characters such as Merida and then having time to reflect on those experiences by herself. Also I think the Twilight Town segment is really good and teaming up with Roxas and Xion sounds awesome and her spending time with Xion and Naminé would definitely be something I would want to see and It would be good character development for all characters involved especially Kairi as she needs it. Moana world and Coco world sound good and i definitely like the plot of The Wastelands seems like it would be quite an emotional world. The rest of the worlds sounds good too with the Final world being my favourite and I think that is a awesome idea for a boss fight especially the team attack with Riku.

This is really well written and such a good story and I really liked all the artwork as well and I can tell a lot of work was put into it and honestly I wish this was the story we got in Melody of Memory and it not only tells a good story but develops Kairi character well and i think it does a good job of linking the events of ReMind and this game together as well, I really enjoyed reading it :)