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Music, Guitar, Shitty Life, and My Videos



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Oct 4, 2021
North Carolina
Hey guys, I figured as a way of introducing myself, and letting everybody kind of get to know me, and the things I enjoy doing. Well, my name's Damon. Most people like to call me by my middle name though; Storm. Also, if it's not obvious by now; I enjoy video games, and then I also enjoy my passion: Music. Particularly playing lead guitar. Eh, I've been playing since I was like.... 15-16? Yeah, sounds 'bout right. I'm 30 now so... (GOD I'M GETTING SO OLD 😭) Let's say 15 years then. Minimum anyway. Always has been my passion ever since I got into it.

Unfortunately, the past few months of life have really firetrucked me over hard, and never let's up.

Basically a few months ago my family, and I were illegally evicted by having our power cut off. Also, I'm almost 100% certain that no-one at the time couldn't be evicted due to the pandemic. My mother's sister-in-law still did it to us anyway, out of spite.

Once my mom married her husband, he moved her trailer from Silk Hope, onto a property his parent's owned, and he was supposed to inherit. Long story short, we all lived at that property for the past 11 years. Rent free, and never had a lease for the 11 years there. My stepdad ended up getting murdered 2 years ago. Instead of him inheriting the property like planned; his sister got it. Again, for the year after her brother's murder, she did not once ask for rent, and never wrote up a lease at all. We would've been more than happy, willing to pay rent if wanted. One day, she gets some grudge against my mom, and does everything without notice just because she wanted us out.

She ended up calling our power company, telling them to cancel the power at our property. Her dad was the land owner. Even though we paid light bill ourselves, every week, and had already paid that week, and still had money on it at the time of disconnection.

It was the middle, hottest point of summer. She knew we had an inside dog, and knew we didn't get home from work until late afternoon. Didn't care. I'm glad we came home early. We came in the house to find the power off, and our dog panting to death. Barely move from being stuck in the house with no power. All the food we had went bad.

With no power to run any utilities, or storage for food. We couldn't stay there in the dead hot of summer. We had to waste every dollar we had left to stay in a hotel, and eat out. No hotel had stove/oven to make our own. We never planed on leaving. Never planed having to spend our savings barely having enough to lay our head.

That was our home, we lived there the past 30 years of our lives. Even have the title to it in my mom's purse. We NEVER abandoned it, we couldn't live there. llegally having utilities cut. we had to find a place to get by. We had to leave all our belongings there. I only have 2 pair of pants/shirts to my name now. My whole life is in our trailer.

I had every intention getting my $8000 of music equipment, who wouldn't? Everything I owned. Not just mine, my family's too. Gone. We recently heard that someone moved Into it, and supposedly renting from my mom's sister in law. But we never received any notice. made sure to check our mail at that property. The thought of all our stuff, everything to our name, spent our life towards, sentimental things. my mom's husband. His ashes are/were in that trailer, gone.

Even after everything she's done to us, she is even constantly stalking, harassing, and defaming my mother, and even stole my mom's old phone to start going into my mom's bank account from another phone, and cashapping herself. We have not said a word to this woman since we left, and have ignored every threat. Yet, she STILL continues to harass, and stress my mom, knowing she has extremely high blood pressure. I just don't know what to do, and my mom and I are constantly stressed, our blood pressure is above lethal, and threatening values.and going through hard enough times. Like I said, I only have 2 pair of shirts, and pants to my name. My whole life was in our place.

I'm just about given up on life. I haven't been this low, and depressed in a long time. My music, and playing was my passion, and world. It's the one thing in my life that gave me purpose, and happiness. I've been without that now, and don't have the means to replace it. Especially since the instruments were more sentimental as my last tangible thing of my grandmother and grandfather's memory..

So I'm left with completely nothing, and no way to get it back. That's not even the kicker that stings, and hurts though. The thing that hurts the most is that it wasn't the worth value of everything. It's all the sentimental value I lost. Two of the guitars that I had ended up stolen were the only memories/gifts I had left of my dead Grandmother, and Grandfather. As they were the ones to buy those guitars for me way back when I started, and I never wanted to get rid of them because it was the only tangible thing I had to remember them by.. It sucks all around though; my main focus that drives me, and the ONE thing in this Hell on Earth that brought me happiness, and a sense of being is no longer a part of me, and I won't lie. It's really starting to get to me lately. I've been going through bad depression anyway the past year or two since my dad was also murdered about 2 years ago now. Then, to top everything off, I have a gut feeling that there is definitely something going on, or possibly wrong with either my kidneys, or liver because I've been having a few problems lately, but I'm terrified of going to the hospital, and/or doctor about it, and then find out that something really is wrong with me. I'd honestly would rather not know.. :/

Anywho... I just thought I'd atleast post a few videos I recorded over the years for you guys to enjoy, and hopefully like atleast... Maybe the positivity, conversations, and comments from you guys can help me out in this low time in my life...

Here's just a couple of examples/videos of myself, and my playing.

Late Edit: For anyone wondering, if you're wondering which video is the LATEST one I've done. As in, what I look like right now, it would be the M.I.A video. As that was recorded less than 6-7 months ago.

Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife Guitar Cover:

Avenged Sevenfold - M.I.A Guitar Cover:

Bullet For My Valentine - Pretty On The Outside Guitar Cover:

Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven Guitar Cover:

Avenged Sevenfold - I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 Guitar Cover:

Slipknot - Snuff Acoustic Guitar Cover: https://youtu.be/o-DT2CvMuhY

Avenged Sevenfold - Clairvoyant Disease Guitar Cover: https://youtu.be/QBFxeeq0f2A

Killswitch Engage - My Curse Guitar Cover: https://youtu.be/BplpmsGU1OQ

Well... that's just a couple videos out of hundreds anyway.... Hope someone here enjoys it.
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