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my create a heartless i was the second one to create this kind of thread



Grown Up
Apr 23, 2005
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
OK you guys get to create our own heartless now

all you do is these things here:

what it looks like:

what world(s) it comes from(kh2 worlds are ok)(can be from a world that is not in kh):

element (if applicable):



what it likes to wear (optional)

Jiminy journal entry ( optional )

and which character loves to fight them the most:

mine is called: anti riku

looks like the anti sora version of riku

comes from: inside kingdom hearts

element: darkness

attacks: gravity ars arcanum anti trinity limit shadow glide ( can phase through things like the shadow heartless) present keyblade ( can use the anti version of any keyblade regular riku is using) anti britney( takes out britney spears voodoo doll and pokes her with minature keyblade)

size : same as riku

what it likes to wear: blindfolds and unknown capes

jiminys journal:a heartless created from the darkness left behind by riku while he was in kingdom hearts. it has formed itself into an exact replica of riku but as a heartless.
you often see anti rikus trading blindfolds outside kingdom hearts

what character likes to fight them the most: sora riku axel donald

The Collector

New member
Mar 12, 2005
Weilding Heartless:

World from:pit of The Abyss(wors that kingdomhearts)

What it looks like: Like a Bigger Soldier but is all black with red eyes and red Hygliphics on his body.

element:pitch Heart Black

attacks:Strike rade and all abilitys you have (gains abilitys as you do)

Size: As tall as goofy and body structure of Leon and sora

Likes to weare: looks like you but is pitch black and has red eyes and you know.

Jiminys Jurnal:A heartless that thrives on sora's memories and all that have been in contact with him. He seems to gain abilitys as you do and gain power as you do but it also wealds a keyblade and the key or blade part is made of living heartless tenticals. He has followd Sora for a long time and he knows all there is to know about him.

He was not made by any Dark servant not even ansem he was constructed as is the keyblade and he is made of pur magma and shadow darkness he is also one of the strongest foes there is. We also have found that you can weild that blade but if you use that and no other blade you will be consumed by its darkness and will become intertwined with him.

We call him Arosora witch means the True Anti-Sora