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Mystic Falls...


Should the original founding families be the same or changed?

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  • Other (if other please explain in post)

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Lumen et ignem

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Nov 14, 2009
In the middle of nowhere
Okay, so I've been thinking of an idea that would have the basics of Vampire Diaries, but it would really have nothing to do with the plot of the series. For the most part I have the plot wrote out though if anyone has any ideas any are welcome.

The key concept of the RP would be a developing war between supernatural creatures (witches, werewolves, and vampires) against hunters (vampire/werewolf/witch hunters). It would consist of a group of rogue witches aiding the hunters to find a spell which could possibly "kill off all supernatural beings," despite they themselves being supernatural beings.

The basics taken from Vampire Diaries would primarily be that it would take place in Mystic Falls (for the most part), and the Originals (first vampires) would remain the same. Also, I'm still debating on whether the original founding families of Mystic Falls will remain the same, or if I'll come up with new ones for the sake that it wouldn't be too complicated with the series-based founders (Salvatores, Gilberts, ect.). Overall I'd rather the RP be pretty simple.

So, anyone interested/ any ideas? Oh, and if I can get a decent amount of people thinking about joining I should be able to get the sign-ups posted by Wednesday.
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