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*Open Challenge*

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Oct 27, 2006
This is an open challenge, I'm looking for a good fight and someone who will post frequently.
Normal, No godmoding, no powerplaying ect..
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My Template

Name: Ghost

Class: Ninja

Age: Unknown

Appearence: http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs10/i/2006/158/3/3/Cyborg_Ninja_by_IronShrineMaiden.jpg

Weapons of Choice: Ghost is able to wield two swords and carries both with him.
One on his waist which he uses to attack http://www.trueswords.com/images/prod/TS-CYCTSTR.jpg
The other on his back that he uses to defend http://www.trueswords.com/images/prod/TS-FTBRNSOD17.jpg this is usually done simultaneous Along with his blade Ghost carries two sets of throwing knives attached to his upper left forearm.

Abilities: Because of his gentically enhanced exoskeleton suit, Ghost is given a number of rather unatural abilities such as; increase strength, speed and agility. The suit frees Ghost from the many boundaries most are accustom to, such as: his movements are free and flowing, his blend of acrobatics and various styles of ninjutsu allow him to move elegantly and increases his flexibility. The exoskeleton also allows Ghost's body to react at mind blowing speeds, this is done by altering his nervous system to react faster than humans. Besides all of that, his suit posses hidden abilities such as; he is able to project and retract a metal chain whip from below his right wrist up to 20ft. http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p142/kenshintrigger/43BK1252.jpg The whip is made of an unbreakable alloy known as Adamantium, with serrated edges to firmly grasp or to simply cut through surrounding objects. On Ghost's left palm there is a circle engraved into it which works in a way as an energy gun, which he can either fire blasts or rays of energy at his opponent. The energy comes from an absorbent crystal embedded within the suit that redirects the energy of the sun into a beam of energy projected from his palm.

Biography: Ghost is the result of a failed top secret military experiment, he was the only survivor of the experiment and managed to escaped before further tests were to be prefromed on him. Ghost had no memory of who or what he was before the operation, he was reborn half a machine. Ghost was hunted down and supposedly murdered by a battalion of men working for the man who created Ghost. He was said to have been shot with three rounds of ammunition before falling over a cliff to his death. Three years had passed since the incident and the secret facility was still in operation, and growing in power. The public was still unaware of the illegal experiments the scientists underwent within the facility but that was soon to change. One night at the facility there was a breach in security, within 30 minutes 8 guards were killed in cold blood. A backup SWAT team was sent in to secure the base and were all brutally murdered, the facility was now a slaughter house, hundreds were killed before the entire base caught fire. The intruder made his way to the president and founder of facility. The president heard the screams of his guards in the hallway, hiding behind his desk, there was a sudden silence fell as the killer entered the room surrounded by a raging inferno that had engulfed the building. As Ghost stood in the doorway, the president gazed in fear at the pale exoskeleton that he had brought to life, covered in the blood of the people the experiment had killed.
The man trembled in fear screaming "Your can't be alive! I killed you 3 years ago!! I killed you! I watched you fall!" Ghost slowly walked towards the man, he drew his sword. The man screamed in terror as the he was lifted by his head and impaled him into the wall. As he hung from the wall, Ghost walked through the flames that consumed everything that made him into what he was.

Rikken Omnious

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Oct 20, 2007
In my mind, Exploring my Self-awareness
Too easy... Mine... I claims it... My kill..

Sorry. Old me.

Here is temp, An oldie but a goodie

Name: Rikken Omnious
Title: "The Glyphmaster"
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Occupation: Alchemist/Glyphogist

Height: 6" 7'
Weight: 160 lbs.
Complexion: Olive Tanned
Mental Age: 50
Physical Age:23
Build: Muscle-Bound

Appearance: His appearance has drastically changed since his transformation...He no longer is thin..He has increased in muscle bulk..but still he retains his quickness from his previous form..He wears a pair of black long pants that have belts all the way up them and black boots. He wears a short black shirt with a black overcoat and black fingerless gloves. He has long blond hair that is tied back and falls to his knees.

Personality: What is there to say about it? mean, cruel and sadistic are the three words that pop into ones minds when they first meet him. His cold attitude towards others sets a benchmark within which people relise that they are wasting his time and effort. He tends to act casually when fighting and does not express much emotion other than arrogance, intimidation and headstrongedness.
- Cigarettes
- Women
- Anything else that's bad for your health.

- Music
- Bad Taste in Clothes
- People who don't Smoke
- Anything else that's good for you health.

There are numerous glyphs that Rikken has at his disposal..These are just a few of them...

Kinetic Glyphs: These absorb and contain energy gained from matter being changed into energy..

Inactive Glyphs: As you could probably guess these Glyphs are inactive.. these ones appear when he uses Second Impact..

Gravity Glyphs: Distribute and control the amount of gravity in a certain area.

Crushing Force: Using gravity and the Glyphs that he creates around his target. He focuses that into a small space on his opponents body Crushing vital organs enough that they burst out though their mouths..

Foley of Man: Making an cube array with glyphs. they slowly advance on the foe.. Allowing them to touch you or each results in quite a large explosion

Second Impact: When in melee, His attacks can suddenly become two fold...Because when a punch/kick is landed on that opponent it creates a Glyph where that punch/kick landed.. then by that marking he can cause that same damage to recur on his opponents body whenever he chooses by clicking his fingers.

Observant Eyes: By watching how his opponent's attack he can gauge and apply moves during battle to counter certain attacks. This has also been observed to be how his new attacks are formed and are at this moment, untotalable.

Phasing: by Electromagnetically pushing apart the atoms in his body.. he can move though objects and attacks.

Spirit Shift: he can shift himself between the Material and Spiritual Planes in an instant.


~Early Life~
He attended church, played with the other kids and helped his father create weapons as the blacksmith's son when he was a young boy his family lived on the small income that the father gained from repairing weapons and the like his parents, were quite happy together even though they were stuggling to make ends meet. as a young child he started to help his father out with his business, his parents were to poor for him to be able to receive an education. he had few friends because he kept to himself mostly, and viewed other children as a waste of his time and effort.

~Teen Years~
he followed in his father's footsteps and took over his father's business when he was 14 because his father passed away. while working with his father his father seemed to be drawing strange markings on the weapons he was forging, "what are you doing father?" he asked,
"Strengthing the weapon son," he replied "here," he placed his sons hands over the markings, the sword glowed bright green and stopped as suddenly as it had started. before his father passed away he started to understand the compositions of metals and thier properties, this of course helped him emesely when his father died and soon he became the talk of the small village in which he lived, he wondered around handing out swords to the townsfolk for them to be able to defend themselves. Shortly after this a bandit Clan came to raid the village and thanks to him they were able to drive them off, and celebrations occurred.

~The Old Man Cometh~
While working in the workshop, he noticed a man in his late 40's seeming to be in a bit of trouble breathing, he left his work to help the man to a seat inside his workplace that was cluttered with numerous tools for making swords and other items to be made with metal, it was particularly cold day and the fernus was burning nice and warm he loved his job here working in the blacksmith, the people where always so kind to him. . While he was working the man seemed to have taken a keen interest to what he was doing, the man's eyes widened he smiled and said, "I see your using Alchemy there," Rikken looked at the man as though he was crazy
"What are you talking about old man, i've been making swords like this for years and i've never heard that word mentioned before,"

"That's because you've seen an alchemist before, i think you have potential my young friend," said the man standing up,

As the blacksmith opened his mouth to answer, the elder man suddenly fell to the floor, coughing forth a fit of blood. Helping him to a bed, our hero lay down to await his awakening...and an explanation.

~Several years later~

The elder man, an alchemist of great repute, it would seem, had a terminal illness. He could not heal himself, and was scared to go to the temple for healing, because of what he was. Seeking a way to pass on his legacy, the alchemist trained our enigmantic hero in his ways, building on his already natural understanding of it's relationship with metal and smithing.

"And now that i have taught you all i know, it is time for me to pass to on to the next world,i hope that what i have taught you will help if you meet someone named Wyn Xed tell him your my stand in --," The old man's hand fell limb onto his now lifeless body.

~The Old Man's Story~

Dertronomis Jiden used to be one of the Philosophers Alchemists trained by one of the alchemists in the faction that he belonged to because he showed potential, but when he was found out by the Judges, he had to flee to another city, and there he lay in hiding, for twenty years.

~The Musician~
During his many travels he once arrived in a city that consisted of a single person.... a guitarist. This person bothered Rikken, not for who he was but for the music he played. He engauged the man in a battle mearly to stop him from playing the music. When he battled him however... the sinister side of this musican was revealed when he attacked... He used the music from his guitar to act on the world. Rikken with help from the flow was able to defeat him... by using alchemy to disperse the oxygen content around them.. making it all most impossible for him to attack using sound... the musician came up with a brilliant plan to attack Rikken by making a box with some sort of flame inside it.... what he didn't realise or forget is that fire doesn't burn in a low oxygen environment. The only damage he sustained was a cut to a cheek.. the effect of the box grazing his face as it whizzed by.... Realising that the man contained great potential... he decided to allow him to live for now.

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