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Open Challenge

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Jan 10, 2005
I want to try this one more time. I haven't done one of these in a long time.
Well, yeah, it'll be a one-on-one battle.
Once, I get a challenger, I'll post up my character.
(You don't have to post your character before I do. Just say you want to battle me. lol) Hehe.


Jan 10, 2005
Name: Zemyiah Frosten
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 175 lbs

Zemyiah has long black stringy hair, which tends to cover his walnut-colored eyes. His forehead is accompanied by a white bandanna with a Gothic design. He has a growing Musketeer goatee and a light mustache. Physically-wise, he looks like regularly-built. Although his build doesn't show physical strength, in battle, he can be quite a challenge. Zemyiah wears chest armor crafted by some of the best armor manufacturers. In addition to this chest armor, he has a tightened belt at his waist. Zemyiah wears baggy blue pants with some of the chest armor overlapping some of it.

Zemyiah Frosten has a very complex personality. He is a very honest quiet person with a very humble personality. However, in battle, his demeanor changes into something that has never been seen by those that have encountered him. He is a very swift, violent, quiet person. However, when facing a challenging opponent, which had only been once, he had faced stress and displayed a very loud and violent attitude.

Zemyiah Frosten was born to Alice and Zedekiah Frosten. Alice Frosten was an elementary school teacher, while Zedekiah Frosten was a blacksmith that was soon drafted into the military. Without the knowledge of Zedekiah Frosten, Alice was born into a family of god-like warriors that fought in a military that was overseen by the heavens. When Alice had given birth to Zemyiah Frosten, they had given birth to a god-like warrior, whose race was known by the Hellions. A few years after Zemyiah's birth, Zedekiah was killed in war by an oncoming bomb. Alice Frosten became depressed and eventually sent Zemyiah to her father, Gregor.
Zemyiah went on to live with his grandfather, Gregor, at the age of five. He had never met his deceased father and memories of his mother were very faint. Gregor led him on to believe that he was a regular human that lived and died. Zemyiah was extremely intelligent in his studies and excelled in school. He was planning on becoming a lawyer. Things, however, went down the drain when he was informed that his mother, Alice Frosten, had committed suicide after being let out of a mental institution. A few days afterward, Gregor van der Host, his grandfather, let out the information that he was a god-like warrior, known as the Hellions. He demanded that at once, before his last year in school, he drop his studies to begin training as a Hellion.
Although he was reluctant, he eventually, complied with his grandfather's wished. He began training as a Hellion, starting from a weak scrawny boy and ending as a reformed strong man, physically and mentally. His powers involved the Dark Forces. They were the heaven's pure dark army and the only authorized soldiers to have the powers granted to kill, if necessary or challenged in battle. After his 21st birthday, Zemyiah mastered many of the ancient Hellion techniques, however, in that unfortunate day, his grandfather, Gregor van der Host, was murdered by a Slayer. Zemyiah quickly disposed of this Slayer, and buried his grandfather next to his mother and father. He went on to study more of the ancient books that his grandfather left him behind.
He was eventually recruited into the Army of the Hellions, where he battled many demons and Slayers in the name of justice. He retired a year later, after it took a large physical toll on his work-weakened body. He, then, became a traveler of universes to try and solve their problems. Even, that, though, still continues to take a physical toll on his body, but being a Universe Traveler, gave him very many acquired skills and weapons that aid him in battle and have a special encrusted memory within it.

Currently he only wields one weapons, which was previously held by one of his mentors in another universe that passed it on to him:
Dark Justice Blade - This blade has the power to focus his light energies and convert them into dark energies without any possible corruption going on his body and mind. It has to power to shoot of dark energies off the tip of his blade, which rather than help his opponents like it does to him, focuses to harm the opponent. It has the possibility of sending of a Dark Wave Blast, which follows the running opponent, but weakens Zemyiah severely. It is not recommended that he uses this move twice due to the possibility of his premature death, but his mentor, who went by the name of Lily, had been known to use it more than five times in one battle.

The only one of his defined powers is the Dark Wave Blast, which can be read upon above. He, however, has dark powers that can be emitted from his sword, however, without his sword, he has the natural powers of flight, strength, invisibility detection. His Hellion Powers, however, grant him the powers of Light, which with mixed with powers of the Dark, can prove to be a very lethal force. However, it is recommended that he not use a combined power of Dark and Light, which can cause something catastrophic not only to his enemy, but to himself.

Ashes Remnant

It's All Crazy! It's All False!
Sep 10, 2005
Mwah. Haven't done this in forever. :3

Name: Fumetsu

Title(s): The Lost Villain, The New Hero, Saviour of Redemption.

Age: He appears to be a teenager, but he has existed since time began.

Race: Double-manifest, of memory, and reproduction.

Appearance: He looks like a tall teenager. His hair is blonde, and long in the front. His eyes are a deep blue. His outfit is a light blue trenchcoat. His shirt under that is pure white, as are his jeans. At times, he may undergo changes though. These changes cause him to take on his last form. His eyes go red, his hair goes red and wild, and his trenchcoat and clothes go dark.

Personality: Fumetsu is no longer the man he used to be. He has changed, so very much. From being a ruthless, power-hungry monster, he is now self-less. He protects those weaker than him, and fights those who harm innocents. He'll do anything to save a life.


Abilities: Fumetsu, being a manifest, cannot die fully. His body may perish, but his manifests shall go on. Forever. If by some chance his body does fail him, he is immediately reborn, as it is the will of memory itself.

Being the mainfest of memory, he can copy any movement, or ability he witnesses, or is hit by. He does NOT keep them though, but for a short while. He does however have some powers inherited through this. He can see the planes freely, as well as travel through them. He can create portals to them as well.

Being the manifest of reproduction, Fumetsu can clone himself. He may also clone any part of his body, and weapon, any structure, or even enemies. He may explode them with the force of a small grenade, to that of a nuclear blast.

Being both manifests, he has some abilities that other manifests do not. He can live through ONE attack of any size, by sacrificing one manifest. That one may not be used for the remainder of the battle.

Theme Song: Redemption - Gackt

Quote: “A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.
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