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Fanfiction ► Our existence is a tenuous one.

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Blackest Night

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Apr 15, 2004
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I decided that I will actually write something based on Kingdom Hearts. it's extremely short, just the musings of the only KH character I enjoy: Luxord.

I'm thinking of making an RP.

Our existence is a shaky one. I have been told that people such as I are not blessed enough to exist. Yet, I am troubled by the fact that I am here, and that therefore, we must exist. Such perplexity overcomes me, yet I cannot manage to muster the energy to become enraged, to weep, to deny. We do not have hearts, metaphorically I believe, and it is due to this, I have been informed, that people such as I do not feel. I do not believe this to be true. I feel confusion. I feel hatred, anger, fury, jealousy.

Do I? They seem different. Echoes even, mere reverberations of things I have once been so gifted to know, but have since lost. Perhaps this is why we follow him, our Number I, our Superior. I do not yet know why he needs a man of my talents, a man of thought, of language, and a little bit of a gambling streak. He knows that from which we suffer, this nefarious nihility, and he offers salvation.

But I continue to question. Do I love? Have I ever? What has become of me? What was my name, my true name, and why was I so careless as to throw it aside? What is this ebony cloak I wear, and why do I feel naught but an incessant urge simply to be? I feel partial, fragmented. I need to be whole.

He offers salvation.

I need to be.

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