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Room 213 (Remake)

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Dec 15, 2004
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Two people walked into a small hotel on the east side of San Fransisco. The man asked for a room for two. They went upstairs. From downstairs they heard the two talking until around 2 AM. Then it stopped. Whatever they were doing up there stopped. Neither of them came down until the morning. The man had dissapeared... out the window and onto the pavement outside. The woman came down in a bodybag. Nobody was quite sure what had happened. Some say he killed her, some believe they were both murdered. But whatever happened, no one has stayed in room 213 since. No one has been able to solve the case and it is getting out of hand. Another murder was discovered. In a small town a few miles west of LA another member happened in a room with the same room number, 213. What is happening?

This is where you come in. You are a person caught in this story. You are either an inspector trying to find the truth, or your a friend being a witness to the couple. One of you is the killer. Either way you got yourself into the strangest mystery since The Black Dahlia.


Weapon (Inspectors, law enforcement, or killer only):

No God-modding
No Power-playing
Pg-13 Romance
Post at least 1 paragraph
Literacy is a must
This RP is Reality Rp so be very creative and detailed, (this also means no super fancy guns unless they're actually real, remember set in LA in the 80's.)
Have Fun
We can start after at least 3 normal people and a killer join.

Name: Jim Edwards
Age: 25
Occupation: Private Investigator

Personality: Jim is calm collected but can be rash at times. Mostly when he's frustrated with a case. He is not easily angered and normally keeps a level head. Lately, since the death of his partner he's been a real downer. He has taken up avid smoking and drinking when he's depressed.

Appearence: Jim stands about 5' 10". He's fit but not overly muscular. His face is not ugly but he's not that handsome either. He has a slightly gaunt face and has a few shaving scars on his chin. He normally has stubble from not shaving often enough. His hair is dirty brown and slightly long hanging past his ears. Most of the time it is unkept. The smell of cigarettes is always apparent about him. He wears a white dress shirt with the cuffs unbuttoned. It's a little wrinkled on the arms. Over this he wears a simple black vest. When he goes out on a case he wears a nice brown Fedorah (50's hat) and a long brown trenchcoat.

Biography: Jim worked for years on a special case. A supposed serial killer was on the loose about five years ago. The man had been on a rampage killing men and women alike. There was no pattern that he could find. When Jim had been on the case and it almost seemed like Jim would catch the murderer, his partner was shot. The case was never closed. Jim had failed. Jim went into a recluse state taking a mission every so often for cash. He nomrally stays in his apartment/office and watches TV or reads up on his books. This time Jim had been employed to find out about the murder in room 213. It was a good mystery. Jim was on the case.

Weapon (Inspectors or law enforcement only): Simple hand gun in a holster strapped across his chest.
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