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Fanfiction ► Silent on the Bell Tower (Axel One Shot)

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Apr 11, 2007
Brisbane, Australia.
I should mention, there is probably some parts which may contradict the actual KH II story, but oh well enjoy anyway.

Axel sat atop the bell tower, looking down across the majestic Twilight Town, the distance sea’s sparkled in the evening sun, rooftops glistened vibrant colours of yellow and orange met the sea. Axel sat alone, trying to enjoy his sea salt ice cream. It was 3 days after the disappearance of Organization member number 13 Roxas ‘The Key of Destiny’, the only remaining one Axel liked.

His superiors in the organization had given him his orders – to find and eliminate the traitor. It was the same every time Axel was the organizations insurance policy, the one who eradicated the organizations ‘betrayers.’

It was in this very town, that Axel personally killed another member, Axel was given his orders, and he acted killing Vexen without a second thought, removing “The Chilly Academic’ from existence, returning him to darkness. Axel would have done the same for Zexion, had he no been ‘generous’ in giving the kill to Vexen’s experiment. This was Axel, the ruthless demise of the organizations betrayers, “The Flurry of Dancing Flames.’

One Day Earlier

“Get rid of him? Wait a second! Isn’t it a bit early for that?!”

“It’s an order. Why are you hesitating? Aren’t you the one who dealt swift merciless judgment to those who turned their backs on the Organization?”

“He hasn’t turned his back on us! He’s just not able to come back yet!”

“If he doesn’t come back, then he must pay the price. If you oppose these orders, you will be the one to pay.”

“Use the dusks… Fine. I got it. I’ll do it.”

Axel left the room without a word, he didn’t look back. He needed to think, to escape the organization, for a while at least. Before long Axel was walking through the dark city, the neon lights illuminating the cities horrid streets. He stopped.

This was the last place he had seen Roxas, where it all unfolded. The street where Axel watched as Roxas turned his back on the organization, and he had stood idly by doing nothing. The final words still haunted his mind.

“No one would miss me.”

Axel began to shake. He yelled. Fire began to circle him, huge pillars of smoke and fire reached for the sky, the air was hot, the ground burnt. Finally it ended. Axel dropped to his knees panting, he was empty. was nothing but a shell, a being without a heart.

“Boy, you could fool anyone with that show.”

Axel spun to his feet, facing the cloaked figure behind him.
“Oh, Xigbar. What is it you need?”

“Well lookie here, seems number eight wants to follow some orders.”

“Your one to talk.”

“Woah, easy tiger. I’m doing my thing, but what about yours?”

“I said I’d do it! Didn’t I?”

“After what I just saw, I have reason to question your word, now don’t I.”

“So now I’m a traitor?!”

“Well, I suppose we’ll find out, wont we. But if you even think about pulling a Roxas,”

Xigbar raised his hands, his guns appearing in them. Xigbar took aim staring straight at Axel.

“You best hope you can hide.”

Xigbar snarled.

“All the best!” waved Xigbar as he vanished.

Axel stood, stunned. He had received threats before, others members had even attacked him, but not from Xigbar.

It had been a long day; the sea salt ice cream tasted bitter sweet on his lips. Something was now unsettling about the bell tower. For the first time ever, Axel was alone. He knew what he had to do, what the old Axel would have done, he would have found Roxas and destroyed the traitor, but the traitor was Axel’s only meaning for existence. He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t kill Roxas.

Suddenly, Axel’s chest began to ache. He rubbed his chest, His eyes opened wide, his mouth began to gape. Though only slight, Axel felt a heart beat.

He now understood, Roxas made him feel like he had a heart, Axel was whole.
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Dec 5, 2007
There were one or two teeny grammatical errors. Not huge problems, but just thought I'd mention it.

Overall it was sweet ^__^ I liked it.


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Jun 10, 2008
Finally, new fics about Axel!

This was sad and sweet... I love it. <3
Write moar! :D
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