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(Spoilers) Knights and Xemnas Theory

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Sep 11, 2005
OK this theory is just about all spoilers so don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled. When you see the secret ending you see the knights, after looking at their armor something came to mind, Xemnas. The form he takes after he goes into kingdom hearts resembles something of a knight. I think is armor looks very similar to the ones in the secret ending.

Now Xemnas, being a nobody, acted as a sponge to the energy of Kingdom Hearts. He only absorbed a small part of kingdom hearts, but it transformed him into an armored being. After looking at sword you can almost see it as a bizarre keyblade. This means that the knights are nobody's that have ties to kingdom hearts and the keyblade.

I think Xehanort must have been a keyblade master because only the keyblade masters have opened the doors to the hearts of worlds. Riku did it when he destroyed Destiny Islands, and after that Sora had the keyblade and as he went to find Kairi, the door opened again when he arrived. So if Xehanort was a keyblade master, why didn't Xemnas have a keyblade like Roxas? I think this is because he either lost it or hadn't recieved it when he became a heartless. If he did lose it I think it has something to do with him losing his memories.

Maybe the first keyblade master was the nobody of whoever became the first heartless. perhaps the nobody found kingdom hearts, and recieved it when he became a knight. Anyways this is just a really weird theory, so tell me what you think.
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