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Dec 11, 2005
Well, aren't we nosy.
I've been having issues that have developed from this friend. Let me explain the issue in short. Ever since July, don't remember when, but I know it was July I haven't hung out with...Let's name this friend "Trippy" because I don't like giving out names. Anyways, what is the month now? January. Approximately 5 months since we last hung out, like at my house, at school we did, but heh heh, here's one of the issues, she was with her BOYFRIEND pretty much the whole time. I went to their homecoming game, I'm in college, Trippy is a Senior(this is an important factor). She was nominated as their queen, so I thought, hell I'll go, it'll be fun. Turned out, not really, since my friends whom I did hang out with in High school barely hung out with me. Yeah, I hung out with them for awhile, but then they went off with the girlfriends and boyfriends. Thank God one friend actually did stay with me for a long time, though I havent talked to this friend in ages. So again, back to Trippy, I lost track of her during the homecoming game and near the end, I found her, with her boyfriend. So I thought whatever at the time.

But now, I never see her AIM or anything really. When she DID get on AIM AFTER Christmas, I asked "can we hang out?" she said yeah, I see nothing wrong with us doing so". I asked her twice, to please contact me. Guess what? Nothing. So, I thought, maybe she got busy with family, it is the holidays after all. I called her cell many times, left a msg. I put up a status msg on facebook asking her to contact me and I left a msg on Facebook wall.

Now i'm thinking did I do something wrong? I don't what I could've done wrong since we haven't hung out in ages and I have nothing really that bad to say about her. Well, i asked one of my friends to contact her for me and she said she couldn't contact Trippy and guessed she WAS STILL AT THE MOVIES WITH HER BF.

Okay, so ha ha, now i'm putting the pieces together. She's been with her boyfriend a lot during break.
So I've been rather upset and lonely because like I said above, I've lost connections to my friends, I don't have that many because all my friends have distanced from me since i graduated... so I keep having THOUGHTS...I don't want to have them, but agh...they keep coming at me. I cried myself to sleep a couple nights back(wow personal much? But I need advice so....)

Should I give this friend up? (this being Trippy) Because if she isn't even contacting me( even though I have seen her on facebook, so she should've seen my messages possibly)
Plus, she has my Kingdom Hearts copy...since July >.>; So I have to contact her and also I bought her a Christmas Gift.
Should I try getting in touch with my other friends? Some I have trying getting i touch with, but they talk to me but for a few IMs and ignore me....every time.
is Trippy even worth giving benefit of the doubt anymore?
Is it bad for me to kinda WANT Trippy to break up with her BF? Because then she won't be as busy..and we could hang out like old times...

****Sorry, longer than I thought it was gonna be...but I've been really upset about this and lsot what to do and I needed to give details, maybe too much, but he whatever.

Also, side note, she has been hanging with other friends, I know because...she was invited to a New years party that prolly had the group of friends I hung out with there. Was I? No. So I was upset on New Year's Eve.

CLOSE THIS, issue has been solved.
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