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Fanfiction ► UMvC3 Quotes: Jospeh Joestar



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Nov 8, 2017
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(Match Begins)

Well? Let’s get this show in the road!

I can’t just play my last card!…yet.

Well, aren’t you a strange treat?

Win: And now, the road ENDS for you!

Win: Looks like NOW’s the right time. See yah!

Win: And I thought my adventures with Caesar were weird.

Off-Screen: You three lost because you weren’t focused enough with an opponent as unique as I am.

Off-Screen: Your next line is, “Hey! You cheated!”

Off-Screen: Hahaha! Not today, losers!

(Vs. Doctor Strange)

Your next line is, “How did you predict the future from literally NOTHING?”
Strange: One does not require the Eye of Agamotto to see this outcome.

Win: Huh? How did YOU predict the future from literally NOTHING?!
Strange’s win: Nice try. I saw that coming nearly 50 years away.

Strange (off-screen): So you can predict the future with wits alone? Impressive, but I find that stupid nonetheless.

(Vs. Akuma)

Are you a 4th Pillar Man? Bring it!
Akuma: Let me see the power of this “Hamon”, boy!

Win: No? Well, okay then.
Akuma’s win: This “Hamon” pales in comparison to the Satsui no Hado.

(Vs. Dante)

Your next line is, “Hey! You’re kinda like me!”
Dante: Hey, you’re kinda like me!…Huh?!

Win: So, there’s a bit of a problem I’ve got back home…
Dante’s win: Well, at least he’s not a demon or anything.

Dante (off-screen): Pillar…men? Are you sure you’re smokin’ any Hamon stuff? Becuase even as a demon hunter, I find that hard to believe.

(Vs. Doctor Doom)

Doom: Let’s see what your little “Hamon” is capable of.

Doom’s win: Your next line is NOTHING, Joseph Joestar.

(Vs. Sentinel)

Sentinel (off-screen): Subject name: Joseph Joestar. Unknown energy found within body. QUERY TO MASTER MOLD: Does this subject count as a mutant?

(Vs. Nathan “RAD” Spencer)

Ooh…I like the prosthetic!
Nathan: What are YOU looking at?

Nathan’s win: I hope you go through what I am one day.

(Vs. Magneto)

I don’t think Clacker Volley’s gonna cut it here…
Magneto: Clacker balls…? Is this a joke?

Win: Whew…that was a bit TOO close.
Magneto’s win: So, you are ALSO an exception to my powers, apparently…

(Vs. Deadpool)

Deadpool: Your next line is, “Oh no, whatever will I do?”
Pfft…you think I’ll fall for my own trick?

Deadpool’s win: (disappointed) Oh no, whatever will I do?
Win: Nice try. I know my own trick like the back of my hand.

Off-screen: What do you mean “why aren’t you going after Alessi”? Who even IS “Alessi”?

(Vs. Crimson Viper)

Off-screen: Lisa Lisa called. She wants her STYLE back.

[In tequila costume]
Just stay in character, Jospeh.

Win: Well, god. Time to take this off.

(Vs. male character)

I’ve got some tequila, boys!

Win: What? Not interested?

(Vs. She-Hulk)

She-Hulk: Seriously? The Hulk looks prettier than you.

She-Hulk’s win: Well, at least I got an idea for a prank.

(Vs. Iron Man)

Iron Man (off-screen): Say, you got some tequila to spare? I’m having a party for Cinco de Mayo soon.

(Vs. Nemesis)

Eugh…I thought I was hideous.

Win: Face it; no makeup can change how you look.

Off-screen: I’d say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but you probably don’t even HAVE any insides. …In you heart, anyways.