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What I learned from Demyx is the Master of Masters theories.



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Aug 25, 2021
I am one of the naysayers who disagree with this theory since I just want the Master to be a new character, but after analyzing this theory for many times. However...

What if it might create a scenario that Demyx might have at least a connection to MoM? Similar to how Sora has a connection with other people. For example, Ventus rejoins to Sora's heart after his fight with Vanitas just to rest his heart. And then later Sora grew up 10 years later. However, Sora sacrificed himself because one of his friends' heart was inside him, Kairi. The only way to save Kairi is to remove his heart in the process. Which includes a piece of Ventus' heart that was inside Sora. Creating Roxas who somehow shares the same face as him.

Now as for the Master, similar to Sora. What if someone rejoined his heart? Someone that the Master made a connection with. Like a long lost friend or a stranger. The Master did mention that there was a Keyblade War back then in his day when he was a young boy. He also mentioned that he had allies who lost their lives in the war against the 13 Primordial Darknesses.

What if that someone, lost his life in the Keyblade War but decided to rejoin his heart into someone else? He may have lost his body in the war but his heart survived. And that someone was revealed to be one of the Master's friends when he was young. And he chose to make a connection with his heart to rest. Similar to what happened to Ventus. The only difference is Ventus' body is present while the keyblade wielder that the Young Master made a connection with lost his body but his heart survived.

In conclusion. The Master created a Nobody by using his friend's heart as a concept. That shares the same face of his long lost friend, Emyd.