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The Unversed are a new breed of enemy that suddenly began infesting the worlds. Throughout their adventures, Terra, Aqua and Ventus encounter a great variety of these strange creatures, eventually learning that the source of the plague was never too far away.

[Unversed]  [Final Mix]  [Heartless]

Flood [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Just because these foes like to dart around as they strike doesn't mean you should get antsy yourself. Lock on and let your keyblade do the talking. Careful, though: your attacks won't hit if the Floods have seeped into the ground.

Scrapper [Normal]  [Final Mix]


These baddies like to wait for an opening. If you start swatting your Keyblade around without paying attention, the Scrappers will have their claws all over you in no time. Stay alert! Of course you could look for an opening yourself...Scrappers do tend to move in straight lines.

Bruiser [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Need proof that size matters? Wait till one of these juggernauts lays down the hurt with its high-octane attacks. Their shock waves have a lot of range, so be sure to keep your distance. All that extra weight is bound to tucker a Bruiser out. Wait for signs of fatigue, then put the big guy to sleep.

Red Hot Chili [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Don't expect these spice churls to hold still; you'll need to lock on if you want your blows to connect. Use Blizzard attacks to douse their fires for good. They may try to slam into you while ablaze, so be ready to stop, drop and roll - or at least roll.

Monotrucker [Normal]  [Final Mix]


These road warriors zoom around and pick a fight... with pickaxes. It's hard to get a bead on a Monotrucker if it's too far away, so find the right time to move in, then finish it off in one fell swoop.

Thornbite [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Make no mistake, a Thornbite by any other name would still smack you around. Those vines lash out further than you might think, sending you flying if you don't watch it. Direct attacks cause these plant pests to start glowing and gain a dangerous burst of speed. Use magic commands to spare yourself the prickly predicament.

Shoegazer [Normal]  [Final Mix]


When it comes to these foot soldiers, the more the scarier, they like to team up for a combination attack, so bring them to heel one at a time. They like to tuck their heads in when the going gets rough. Most attacks can't hurt them while they do.

Spiderchest [Normal]  [Final Mix]

チェストスパイダー (Chest Spider)

It's a chest...that's a spider. Got it? Good, because opening the wrong treasure chest could cause you an itsy-bitsy bit of trouble - poisonous trouble. These guys are bad news. If you see one burrow, wait to catch it when it comes up for air. Defeating it will net you a ton of prizes.

Archraven [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Usually these foes keep to the air, but if you see their bodies glow red, be ready for a quick lunge. Archravens will make off with prizes lying in the field. Why? Becaws they like to. Use jumping or long-range attacks to beat them to the punch.

Hareraiser [Normal]  [Final Mix]

レイザーバニー (Raiser Bunny)

Cute? Guess again. Meet the anti-cuddly. What kind of brute hits you with its ears? After one of these auricular assaults, you'll have a chance to show Bunny who's boss. Take it!

Jellyshade [Normal]  [Final Mix]

シェイドジェリー (Shade Jelly)

These floaters are known to attack in groups, and sometimes even entire colonies. Each color is weak against a different element, making it hard to put the kibosh on their collective jiggle.

When in doubt, start smacking them with the Keyblade.

Tank Toppler [Normal]  [Final Mix]

イリタブルタンク (Irritable Tank)

Let's get this out of the way: these foes have gas - as in they're filled with it. Hitting them head-on will cause them to blow up; get caught in the blast and you're talking major damage. Conveniently, all Tank Topplers come fitted with shutoff valves on their backs. Move around behind them and hit the valves to avoid an explosive end.

Vile Phial [Normal]  [Final Mix]

メディシンボトル (Medicine Bottle)

Annoyingly, these Unversed focus on healing their buddies. Hitting them will draw their fire - not a bad thing, really, when the alternative is pumping their comrades full of HP. Fact: Confusing a Vile Phial will cause it to heal you instead.

Sonic Blaster [Normal]  [Final Mix]


This troublemaker touts two styles: seek mode and attack mode. It likes to keep its distance. While in seek mode, the Sonic Blaster will shine a searchlight on you and try to lock on multiple times. Steer clear and strike first!

Triple Wrecker [Normal]  [Final Mix]

バイルフェイス (Vile Face)

This is actually three Unversed joined together, each with a different element. Remember that the middle element calls the shots, and you won't run into too much trouble. Fortunately, the Triple Wrecker doesn't know that many ways to wreck. Wait for an opening - like when it's shifting formation, for example.

Wild Bruiser [Normal]  [Final Mix]


This simple-minded simian still packs quite a punch. Thankfully, its feet don't move much faster than its brain, so once the coast is clear, you can rush in, deal some damage, and escape before the monkey business resumes. Wild Bruisers home in on you when they charge; dodging works better thank blocking if you want to set up counterattack.

Blue Sea Salt [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Don't expect these chilly adversaries to hold still; you'll need to lock on if you want your blows to connect. Use Fire attacks to melt them down to size. When in peril, they pull out their most powerful attack, Deep Freeze. Careful you don't get iced.

Yellow Mustard [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Don't expect these crafty condiments to hold still; you'll need to lock on if you want your blows to connect. Use Blizzard attacks to chill them out. Also, don't be that guy (or gal!) who gets slammed by an electrified Yellow Mustard. It's so difficult to explain to friends.

Mandrake [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Normally, Mandrakes hide in the ground and attack from afar with their Leaf Cutters - and that's when they're still playing nice. If you get too close, they'll leap out of the ground and try to poison you, or else confuse you with the pollen they spew into the air as they charge.

Buckle Bruiser [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Buckles! Who knew? Sadly, they serve a purpose: keeping this Bruiser's sturdy armor strapped on. Head-on attacks won't work. You'll need to get behind it to hit its weak spot (try magic!) but don't get careless just because it's slow. Buckle rhymes with knuckle, which rhymes with pain, which you'll be seeing a lot if you're not ready to block.

Chrono Twister [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Even Unversed need somebody to boss them around. The Chrono Twister is happy to do the job. CTs like to hide inside their hour-glasses, but when the sand runs out and reveals their true form, woe is you! They're going to hit you with Stopga. You don't want that. Use combos to flip that hourglass before the sand runs out.

Axe Flapper [Normal]  [Final Mix]


These baddies will launch razor-sharp gusts of wind at you faster than you can say, "Axe Flapper." Keep your distance and give yourself room to dodge! Beware: Just because you've taken one down doesn't mean you've taken it out. Get hasty and wander too close, and it will counter with a Rising Slash.

Prize Pod

プライズポット (Prize Pot)

You don't see these rare Unversed every day. Attacking or defeating them causes them to drop rare items called "delicious prizes." Mmm! Prize Pods won't attack you, but they will skedaddle the moment they're spotted. You'll have to chase them down if you want dibs on all that deliciousness.

Blobmob [Normal]  [Final Mix]

ジェリーボール (Jelly Ball)

What's translucent, jiggly and boasts a wide variety of attacks? Hint: It's on this page! These pests will divide and multiply if you hit them. Annoying much? Look for an opening so you can take them out in one fell swoop.

Glidewinder [Normal]  [Final Mix]

スプリングロウディ (Spring Loady)

These speed demons will slam right into you if you're not careful. Take them out using long-range attacks, or use contraptions in the field against them. Apparently Glidewinders have a thing for racing - at least if sightings in a certain world are to be believed...

Wheel Master [Normal]  [Final Mix]


They say danger always looms close, and this baddie from Enchanted Dominion took that to a whole new level. To attack, the Wheel Master used... wait for it... its wheel. Also thread. But what cruel timing, tearing up the audience chamber right while Terra was in the midst of his pangs of remorse! Not ever nice at all.

Mad Treant [Normal]  [Final Mix]


This giant, tree-shaped Unversed tried to get the jump on Ventus in Dwarf Woodlands. It could chuck poisonous fruit, it could launch vicious attacks...But could it defeat Ven? Nope.

Symphony Master [Normal]  [Final Mix]


Unversed come from negativity - this one from Lady Tremaine and her daughters' jealousy as they watched Cinderella quite literally have a ball with the Prince. For a bad guy, the Symphony Master had a pretty okay act: three whole instruments! Sadly, they were instruments of doom, so Terra had to kick this maestro off the podium.

Cursed Coach [Normal]  [Final Mix]

カースドキャリッジ (Cursed Carriage)

Unversed come from negativity - in this case, that of Lady Tremaine and her two daughters. This wicked ride had a couple of neat tricks, like using its vines to generate Thornbites. It tried to attack Cinderella, but Aqua quickly but the brakes on that scheme.

Trinity Armor [Normal]  [Final Mix]


This giant Unversed turned up in Radiant Garden. Its three components had a nasty knack for assembling and disassembling and generally causing Ventus, Terra and Aqua a lot of headaches. Still, look whose teamwork won out in the end!

Metamorphosis [Normal]  [Final Mix]


This giant, floating Unversed showed up while Ventus was sailing through the Lanes Between. It then took refuge on a transport ship in Deep Space. Despite its most blubbery efforts to sabotage the ship, the Metamorphosis was simply no match for Ven and Experiment 626's teamwork.

Mimic Master


A special Unversed that can only be found in the Mirage Arena. It uses the book it carries to unleash an arsenal of attacks. Worse yet, it can absorb information about opponents and transform identical copies.

Iron Imprisoner I

アイアンプリズナーI (Iron Prisoner I)

A special Unversed that can only be found in the Mirage Arena. The chains around its body keep its true power contained. It can, however, use the cage it carries to trap you and deny you freedom.

Iron Imprisoner II

アイアンプリズナーII (Iron Prisoner II)

A special Unversed that can only be found in the Mirage Arena. Both its arms have been freed of their chains, allowing the brute to use an enormous hammer to attack.

Iron Imprisoner III

アイアンプリズナーIII (Iron Prisoner III)

A special unversed that can only be found in the Mirage Arena. Both arms and both legs have been freed of their chains, rendering the Iron Imprisoner more powerful than ever before.

Iron Imprisoner IV

アイアンプリズナーIV (Iron Prisoner IV)

A special Unversed that can only be found in the Mirage Arena. Chains no longer keep this ultimate adversary's power in check. It exists on a higher plane, to which lesser creatures may never aspire.

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