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The Keyblade is a mystical weapon obtainable only to those with a strong heart and sufficient power. Throughout his adventure, Sora acquires various keychains to transform his Keyblade and grow stronger, and sees various others not unlike his own.

Kingdom Key

キングダムチェーン (Kingdom Chain)

A keychain attached to the Keyblade. Increases defense at critical moments.

Kingdom Key D

キングダムチェーン D (Kingdom Chain D)

The King's Keyblade. The dark side of the Kingdom Key.


約束のお守り (Oath's Charm)

Enhances magic and increases the duration of a Drive Form.


過ぎ去りし思い出 (Passing Memories)

Has great strength, and allows the Drive Gauge to restore quickly during MP Charge.

Star Seeker


The Keyblade above all others, holding all power and will increase MP restoration rate, once all MP has been consumed.

Sleeping Lion


Well-balanced with strength and magic, increasing maximum ground-based combos by 1.

Gull Wing


Greatly increases the amount of experience gained when defeating an enemy at a critical moment.



Has great range and strength, but maximum ground and midair combos are decreased by 1.

Sweet Memories

スウィートメモリー (Sweet Memory)

Although it does not enhance attack strength, it increases the drop rate of items.

Hidden Dragon


Restores MP relative to the amount of damage taken.

Rumbling Rose


Has great strength, allowing finishing combo moves to be unleashed successively.

Hero's Crest


Increases the damage of the finishing move in the air relative to the number of hits in the combo.

Guardian Soul


Has great strength, increasing the amount of damage dealt from Reaction Commands.

Fatal Crest


Increases strength during MP Charge and allows unlimited chaining of combos.



Increases the effect of restoration items used on the field.

Photon Debugger


Increases damage done by thunder-based attacks.

Wishing Lamp

ウィッシーズランプ (Wishes Lamp)

Wishes come true by increasing the drop rate of munny, HP and MP orbs.

Follow the Wind


Draws in nearby orbs.

Mysterious Abyss

ワンダーオブアビス (Wonder of Abyss)

Enhances magic to increase damage dealt by blizzard-based attacks.

Decisive Pumpkin

ホーリーパンプキン (Holy Pumpkin)

The greater number of combos landed, the more damage is dealt, leading to a strong finishing move!

Circle of Life


Has great strength, increasing MP restoration speed after MP is consumed.

Bond of Flame


Enhances magic to increase damage dealt by fire-based attacks.

Way to Dawn

ウェイトゥザドーン (Way to the Dawn)

Deals various attacks.

Destiny's Embrace

デスティニープレイス (Destiny Place)

A Keyblade given to Kairi by Riku. Where did it come from?

Two Become One

めぐりあう二人 (Serendipitous Duo)

A representation of the mysterious Other fought in front of Memory's Skyscraper.

Ultima Weapon


The Keyblade above all others, holding all power and will increase MP restoration rate, once all MP has been consumed.

Winner's Proof


Awarded by thirteen curious Mushrooms for fulfilling their requests.


レインストーム (Rainstorm)

A Keyblade without a Keychain. It lies with a long forgotten suit of armor beneath Hollow Bastion.

Ends of the Earth

ガイアベイン (Gaia Bane)

A Keyblade without a Keychain. In the hands of its master, it unleashes devastating power.

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