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Japanese Release Date - December 22 2005
North America Release Date - March 28 2006
System - PlayStation 2

Roxas woke up in his room in Twilight Town after having another strange dream. Only seven days left in his summer vacation, and he would be spending them with his best friend.

But strange things began happening around him. White monsters called “Dusks” attacked; a key–shaped sword called the “Keyblade”materialized in his hand. On the last day of his vacation, Roxas remembered who he really was and what he had been trying to do. He found Sora sleeping in a pod, and realized his summer vacation would have to end.

With Roxas’s demise, the last of Sora’s memories returned to him, and he woke from a year of sleep. It was a joyful reunion with Donald and Goofy, who had stuck by him all through his slumber. Jiminy examined their journal, a record of their last journey, but it was blank except for a single phrase: “Thank Naminé.”

With King Mickey’s guidance, the group found their way to the Mysterious Tower, whose master, the sorcerer Yen Sid, alerted them to a new friend: “Nobodies,” who served a group dressed in black coats known as “Organization XIII.”

And so it was that Sora, Donald, and Goofy set off on a new adventure.

In Hollow Bastion, Sora was reunited with his old friends, and learned that the Heartless were still causing trouble. While dealing with them and the Nobodies, Sora had his first encounter with the Organization since waking.

While chasing its member from world to world, he learned that Kairi had been kidnapped by the Organization back in Twilight Town.

On a second visit to Hollow Bastion, Sora and friends found themselves trapped inside a computer owned by “Ansem the Wise.” They repaired the program and returned to the real world, where they were finally reunited with King Mickey.

And boy, did he have a surprise to share! It turned out the “Ansem” Sora fought and defeated was no really Ansem at all.

Ansem the Wise had had an apprentice named “Xehanort” who turned into a Heartless. This Heartless stole his master’s name, “Ansem,” while the Nobody that was created in the process, “Xemnas,” became the leader of the Organization. During an epic battle with the Heartless, Sora finally got a glimpse of this new adversary.

Sora’s search for Kairi bought him back to Twilight Town. By using the alternate version of the town where Roxas spent his summer vacation, Sora and the others found a way into the realm of darkness.

However, along the way, they were ambushed by a horde of Dusks. Axel, one of the Organization’s members, came to the rescue and sacrificed himself to protect Sora – who was, in a way, also his best friend Roxas.

At last, Sora had reached Organization XIII’s home world, “The World That Never Was.” He infiltrated the castle, leaving defeated Organization members in his wake, and finally found Kairi. He was also reunited with Riku, who had been transfigured into Anxem as a result of using the darkness within him. Thankfully, Riku’s true form was restored.

They met the realm Ansem the Wise, who had assumed the name “DiZ,” and whose blind quest for vengeance against the apprentices who had betrayed him had brought ruin to Roxas and countless others. Realizing the error of his ways, Ansem the Wise blew up the Organization’s Kingdom Hearts as atonement, and was himself engulfed in the blast.

Atop the castle, near what remained of Kingdom Hearts, Sora and the others confronted and defeated Xemnas.

Naminé opened a gateway home; symbolically, she and Roxas accepted their place with Sora and Kairi, the people they had come from.

As Sora and Riku tried to follow Kairi and the others out, the gate suddenly closed. Xemnas had survived, and Sora and Riku were flung into a final battle.

They were able to dispatch Xemnas, but there was no escape from the realm of darkness. At the Dark Margin, they stared out to sea, ready to give up… but then a letter in a bottle washed up. It was from Kairi. A door to the light appeared, leading them back to their home, the Destiny Islands, where all their friends were waiting.

Not long after, Sora and Riku were watching the sun set when Kairi presented them with a letter she had found. Whatever was in the letter convinced the three of them that their journey was not over…

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