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  • Hey don't worry about me. I'm not the type to try anything. I'm too nice for such things. Your my friend and Eva is too. The Lgendary KN never messes up friendships over pity feelings. :) *Brofist*
    Yeah i'm sure Chris can keep going even with his shoulder injury. He's still an amazing wrestler but, without Edge, I think he might start losing his focus. I mean they've been friends for 27 years.
    Yo Proper. what's up?

    Yo I see you got Christian as your avatar still. You heard about Edge leaving Wrestling and passing the torch to Christian?
    Hello ProperArtist, would you like to be friends? I know this is sudden and random but, ACCEPT.
    My import copy has just arrived just like 5 mins ago
    I just started it up. took me 5 mins to open the damn box it came with xDD
    Give it a try one time lmao^^

    Btw for birth by sleeps FM The New Keyblade for Ven is it the same as his Wayward Wind or different?
    haha There had to be time where you though they were hard to beat artist XD!

    I still remember i defeated both Phatom and kurt when i was around LV80 with Ultima Weapon!!
    Whats better the one from sep or ice titan?

    So Xemnas didnt do that fight before or after this scene?
    YouTube - *VOICES* KH2 Final Mix: A New You (English Subs)
    because i always though after that scene he went off to fight sora lmao!
    haha holysh*t @00:30 on the sephiroth video! XD Props man!
    plus in fm you get a keyblade from him and ice titan right?

    I`m watching your Xemnas fight rite now and he`s just owning donald and goofy lmfao! btw what keyblade is that and this fight was post to test sora rite? was this fight before xemnas met roxas or while roxas was doing missions for them?
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