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歩 Ayumu
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  • yes, I love the feel of P3 so far, it's so much darker :3 [and the main character is way cuter duh] not that I don't ADORE Teddie and jumping in TVs xD but in P3 I also like the party management, even if a lot of people don't. plus what the heck, things you equip ACTUALLY SHOW UP on your characters O_O when I saw that I was like OMG COOL. <3333
    8D really?! I think you just may be a minority, everyone here always says they liked P4 better!

    *U* thanks!! <3 I always play beginner on my first time, but I'm trying expert on my P4 file right now.
    uuuuuuuummmmmm I wonder. =w=;; like 10ish idk.

    I beat P4!! 8D it was AMAZING. but that's it. ;n; kinda wanna play nocturne but one of my friends said it's really hard. >:T
    yay! of course <3

    ooh I just started FES a little while ago actually :9
    I beat the first full moon shadow on the monorail and I'm in like May-ish.. @w@ my fav character is definitely yukari, she's so sweet<33
    nononooo just call me elle 8D thats my real name, and what everybody calls me anyways~~
    can i call you ayu-chan *U* hehe!
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