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  • Nah... You'd have to be doing something to create the friction to spark. Laying there doing nothing out of pure boredom wouldn't do that.
    True, but the reports would come out.

    Actually dying of boredom would be big news.
    I suppose that's not bad. Could be worse; you could be doing absolutely nothing at all.
    Okay. I'll post it in the Moogle Army thread and here.

    It does that, yes. :3

    It's one of the reasons I love the show.

    I should really post my Zoidberg Gets Zapped gif...
    i think it's in intellectual discussion. may have been the purpose of life or something.

    good show!
    Whew, just got done watching Lilo & Stitch.

    Laughs were had and tears were shed. :3
    Mine as well.

    I have a post in the "Meaning of Life" thread that's relevant, but I dun feel like getting it right now. :p
    Just for a short while.

    I'm housed now, thankfully. But I have had days where I barely ate anything because I couldn't afford it.

    To quote the film "Gotta steal to eat, gotta eat to live" is actually extremely true. Never stole food myself, but I do know people who have because otherwise they weren't gonna eat.
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