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  • Everything has actually been going surprisingly well!
    I leave off to college in a few weeks and I really can't wait. Now I actually have more time, so I decided to come back and see how things were. Glad to see you are still here.
    Hey! Long time no see! Well, was seeing if you were gonna come back, and was wondering if we were going to continue that Moonlight Romance rp. Probably not since it seems dead. But it would be awesome if you were to make another! ^^

    Hmm, exams were still hard, though. Had to get my butt into gear and study hard for them! 20th August is when I know my fate. It's a very big day when the TV and radio crews turn up at practically every college in the country! I remember it last year, it was crazy! xD
    I hadn't been on holiday for nearly two years, so it was brilliant to get away for a while and soak the sun for a nice tan. I've not been doing much. I left college in May and (hopefully) going to university in September. I have to wait for another three weeks for my A Level results until I know if I'm actually going. xD
    That's great. I'm glad for you guys. I just got this job at the hospital in the kitchen and i'm bout to go to college.
    I'm fine, thanks! Just got back from Turkey today, had a nice and relaxing holiday. But now I'm back with jet lag and I'm like, ugh! How's you? It's been a while.
    You can say Nigga. It's my name. Everyone calls me it so prob.

    I've been great. Just doing the usual. How are you? And hows the relationship with GoD?
    Well if some of the guys are willing to make a girl template like me that might help.
    There is a problem with your Romance RP, there isnt a good girl to guy ratio.
    heyyyy, whats up? im good, in Guatemala for the spring vacation right now. how are you?
    I'm fine, thanks. Apart from that, I've been busy with college coursework and preparing for exams in the summer. I'll be finally leaving next month and go to university in September.

    How are things with you?
    You guys rp is fine. It's just people aren't joining many original rps right now. PM some of your friends that rp. Maybe they'll check it out.
    Heh, same goes for me. Ever since I left, I haven't written any stories or participated in any RP's, but just in the passed few days they sparked my interest for some odd reason. Then again, I picked up from this story (fanfic... in my sig, heh) that I started writing years ago (you know, I hadn't looked at the story in ages... I hadn't realized how much I've grown as a writer since then), and though I'm not too proud of the first few chapters (ha hah), the story I had going left me wanting to finish it (which, if I do, will not be anytime soon, ha hah). And basically, been posting it up in a few places, this site being one of them. That's basically the long story of why I came back, ha hah!

    I'm actually doing really good! That time away from all that writing really let me relax and unwind, ha hah! But, in a way, it's good to be back. Whatcha been up to?
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