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  • Dark Knight = the Batman movie. about how Two-face was created and the Joker's introduction.

    D: Puppy <3 give him a pat for me?

    D: why poisoned?
    x_X ugh. damn.
    now I'm curious but like, I got nightmares from the Dark Knight and that wasn't that bad. I have really low tolerance for that stuff ;;
    No problem, seriously the guy is a little confused and to see what he posted it's very aggravating...
    He says he "loves her" but in all honesty it seems like he's putting little effort into his cause.

    Shame really.
    Well, most of them are in my sig, in case you're interested :3
    And should you be into SoRiku, and some Rated fics, lemme know >:3 you're legal to open a yaoi-gallery account XD
    Well, I've been writing fanfiction for seven years, and been speaking English all my life. So I like to think I can get a point across XD It takes practice though and I find myself more often than not going 'wtf' at something I wrote x_X

    m, maah ^_^;;; a fangirl? have you read any of my fics? :3 (and how old are you so I'd know whether or not I can give you certain pieces to read >:3)
    Sankyu ^_^ I try @w@ if I can't understand what I wrote, it's not worth it, so I reword it a lot XD
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