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  • You've only been to one?? Yeah we pull pranks on each other a lot lol. This wasn't really a prank, but they decided the best way to wake me up was to sit on me and hit me with their pillows lol.
    Oh yeah that does suck!!! Okay so I went to a sleepover last night...we kinda stayed up until 7 am watyching the pirates of the carribean movies lol. Then we had this awesome debate over what role orlando bloom was hotter in, legolas or will. It was fun xD
    Ugh yes!!!!!! It's so annoying!!! Oh so tryouts are finished and I'm on the B team and we have practice tomorrow and its like at 7:30!!! and tomorrow was supposed to be my sleeping in day!!!! I'm mad lol
    Thanks!!! Yeah tennis is basically the only sport I do lol. do you play any sports?
    Omg I have tennis tryouts tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha my brother said they mostly pick on guys, so I think we'll be safe xD
    really.....so whats sports do you like(once again i may have asked this question already sorry:(
    well yeah shes strict but nice...blus i have tons of little siblings so she just protective of there well being....you get forced to watch football?
    lucky--my mom doesn't let me watch family guy!!....i dont have one either-lol-i used to watch a lot of mtv but then my mom locked that too....sssoooo yeah--now i just watch football games(because im a huge football fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)and channle usa---yep thats about it
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