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  • japan? that sounds awesome haha, how was that? end up doing anything interesting?
    kh is so deeply ingrained in my mind and the community in my blood, i more or less grew up on this site haha

    so i chat with the people i like on FB, hell, i met my best friends on here.
    the news brings everyone back. its no use fighting it.

    i can see why you left. it gets hella boring without news, i made a club thats pretty active but most of it's activity is in an FB chat group that leaks into the forums so that doesn't help haha
    hey, you're actually pretty cool. surprised i never really noticed you around the forums before haha
    It just takes practice and timing, I suppose. By the way, my PS3 is in the shop and I have to pay some money to get it fixed up. I am thinking about getting it by the end of this week. I haven't heard word about my 3DS XL being fixed up and I am waiting for a charger to come in the mail for it.
    It can be pretty challenging, especially since I am up against a Blockhead right now. Blockhead is a boss that you can only defeat by memorizing the dots in the correct order.
    Indeed, the timing couldn't be any more perfect. Some casual fans are moaning saying "this isn't KH3, give us KH3!" screw them, they're not deserving of it if they that cynical of 2.8.

    Personally, I think Back Cover and 0.2 have a strong direct connection with each other. If you seen my topic, I believe that Ephemera will be heavily involved with both of them. With the theory that the Foretellers are the heroes reincarnated, I believe that Anguis banishes Ephemera into the realm of darkness and Aqua meets and battles Ephemera just like how Sora battled Terra's Lingering Will.

    In regards to KHX Back Cover, the book that they are referring to is the Book Of Prophecies. It's a Deus Ex Machina of the Kingdom Hearts Universe that summons creations from the future and can predict the future.
    I honestly think that it is exactly that, it's just a fairly (and deliberately) dry period in terms of Kingdom Hearts news. Once D23 Japan demonstrates its magic then the internet will explode. In the meantime, we just have to be patient. As far as D23 Japan goes, what are you speculating in terms of news and footage?

    Personally, as far Kingdom Hearts X goes, I'll just wait for the American release so that I actually understand everything. The thing is, Kingdom Hearts X is meant to be played more casually as opposed to other iterations so my expectations are moderate at best.
    I'm glad you bring that up. I mean, in terms of speculation, people are just repeating the same old questions again and again "What's Sora/Riku/Kairi's story arc!", "Who are the remaining seekers of darkness'?", "I want (insert Disney movie title here) in Kingdom Hearts 3", "Question about lore" etc. I don't mean this in an offensive way, but I really think the Kingdom Hearts fandom needs to be patient. I mean, there's people who made the effort to download the Japanese app for Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi just so they can get another "Kingdom Hearts experience". New Kingdom Hearts news will come sooner than expected and theorizing will begin anew!
    I remember the hunt boards from Final Fantasy VII. Yeah, something similar could occur through various characters. I can imagine Yen Sid, Merlin, Even, Ienzo, and Hayner, Pence, Olette providing optional sidequests in the Kingdom Hearts worlds whilst Disney NPC's provide more Disney centric side-quests. I'm all for "encounter" battles like they do in Kingdom Hearts X, however, I do not want it limited to that. I want them to really be creative. Finding items, additional cutscene elements, more mini-games. Girl, now you've just got me thinking hard and speculating as to what the possibilities could be when it comes to something like this XP
    My thoughts exactly. Games like Final Fantasy and Xenoblade Chronicles are able to implement NPC's so well whilst having enemies wander around at every other area. Square Enix did state that side quests will be implemented in the game, so, it would be no surprise as whether they are given by NPC's in Disney worlds.
    Yeah, I supposed you're right there. The more noticeable change will be the environments. The loading times for each section of a world has been dissipated in favour of a more open world experience which means that we can finally feel like we're exploring an actual world as opposed to being in a "set piece" of a world. I just pray that Square Enix can finally have proper NPC placement in each Disney world as opposed to making them wastelands.
    Same here. I mean, we've already seen what the hand drawn and CG worlds are going to be adding towards the series, so, I wonder how the Live Action properties are going to be incorporated into the game? Nomura did state that the graphic engine is going to be different for Live Action Worlds. However, the aspect that's going to interest me the most is the character models for the hand drawn characters. How are they going to be blending into a CGI world? I mean, Donald and Goofy fit perfectly in and they were originally hand drawn, so I wonder, how is characters like Hercules going to look like?
    Yeah, I suppose you're right about that aspect of Hayner, Pence and Olette. Normality is required in a series that's all about clashing blades and the impudent battle of light and darkness. Seeing as Twilight Town is confirmed, they'll make their contribution to the plot in one way or another.

    I can't wait to see how the Disney worlds will look in the new Kingdom Hearts graphical engine. We've been accustomed to seeing Kingdom Hearts in the same graphical engine for a decade now and I believe that "The Kingdom Shader" will be able to visually express the majesty of each Disney movie that is represented. CG Disney Movies were never really present in Kingdom Hearts, so, I wonder how different they will look to their hand drawn counterparts. The plot so far for Kingdom Hearts 3 is a divide between the adventures of Sora, Donald, Goofy and Riku and King Mickey which is interesting.
    Yeah, the original Kingdom Hearts was created with the intention that it would be the only one in the series. It was an absolute gamble of a game at the time it was released as everybody shunned the potential the game had (Disney with Final Fantasy?!). As a standalone game, it had its merits. Having Sora, Riku, Kairi and Ansem being the only original characters really emphasized the strength of each character. Its simplistic plot was also another element that comforted every user. With the introduction of later titles: the overflow of new character has started to defeat the value of certain characters (remember Hayner Pence and Olette? well, it seems as though Nomura wants to forget about them as they've done nothing since Kingdom Hearts 2).

    Yeah, Kingdom Hearts is really hypnotising. I played BBS in HD 2.5 Remix. I played as Ventus and gotten all the way to Radiant Garden. I've given a friend of mines HD 1.5 and 2.5 as a Birthday Present. As far as Kingdom Hearts 3: what are you most excited for when it comes to the game?
    Personally, my brother played it at my hometown, and once he came back to my house, he told me all about it. The alternate interactions with various Disney properties with anime styled characters immediately attracted me to the premise of the series. However, it's Kingdom Hearts 2 that really won me over. I was completely absorbed by the plot, the intricate literature and just overall atmosphere of the game. Years later, I bought a 3DSXL just so I could play Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for my Birthday. So now i'm a Kingdom Hearts nerd.

    Disney Animation had a creative improvement ever since the boss of Pixar took over the company. I'm one of the few people who doesn't mind a delay to KH3, because, it means better movies can be added into the game.
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