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  • Thing is, we actually could. Humans could survive without paying electricity, water, gas, all that. There are ways that each could be provided for free, but then the government loses a large sum of its income, so it would never resort to that
    Haha, thanks Aqua :p and lol, i think they pissed him off, kept acting like little bitches, so he quit, adn took down all his work which screwed them over xD
    Haha, I rarely talk about them anymore xD and i know, everyones changed names so much!! >_< and im not too sure, I think he pissed off the graphics junkies
    Yeah, Cal, Ken, Reflection, You and Brian are probably the main ones I remember talking to. Anyone else, and it's insanely awkward because they all ask about Jade and make things completely weird >_< I dont really even play games or anything. I just wanna talk with old friends. Wishing Cal would be unbanned son so it was a little more like KHI now
    I've been reading novels by Matthew Reilly lately, theyre all I've re-read.
    And I kinda know what you mean. I came back after a year or two of barely being on here, and going through a few things that changed my life alot. Its pretty damn awkward, Im not too sure how to go about talking with everyone again haha
    Oh the memories, gotta love them. I'll only rewatch/ read something if its absolutely amazing haha
    It is insane O_O How can you re-read spmething that much in a short time? Im guessing she had a little too much free time >_>
    Haha, I'll atleast have a decent time between reading them. If its too soon, I get insanely bored with it xD And why would you re-read the hunger games that many times? It'd get to repetetive D:
    Haha, I tend to read a hell of alot aswell xD But yeah, still prefer buying :D Hate no owning books i read D:
    Same >_> I was supposed to be at work this morning.... But I DIDNT WAKE UP D: Late night playing pool XD
    Yeah, more chilled than whyalla :p Oh god, slow net D: Im looking at cable lol, hell sick speeds!
    I've been good, bad, and inbetween. Good right now though. Loving living in adelaide XD Been off of here for over a year though haha.
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