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  • Thing is, we actually could. Humans could survive without paying electricity, water, gas, all that. There are ways that each could be provided for free, but then the government loses a large sum of its income, so it would never resort to that
    Haha, thanks Aqua :p and lol, i think they pissed him off, kept acting like little bitches, so he quit, adn took down all his work which screwed them over xD
    Haha, I rarely talk about them anymore xD and i know, everyones changed names so much!! >_< and im not too sure, I think he pissed off the graphics junkies
    Yeah, Cal, Ken, Reflection, You and Brian are probably the main ones I remember talking to. Anyone else, and it's insanely awkward because they all ask about Jade and make things completely weird >_< I dont really even play games or anything. I just wanna talk with old friends. Wishing Cal would be unbanned son so it was a little more like KHI now
    I've been reading novels by Matthew Reilly lately, theyre all I've re-read.
    And I kinda know what you mean. I came back after a year or two of barely being on here, and going through a few things that changed my life alot. Its pretty damn awkward, Im not too sure how to go about talking with everyone again haha
    It is insane O_O How can you re-read spmething that much in a short time? Im guessing she had a little too much free time >_>
    Haha, I'll atleast have a decent time between reading them. If its too soon, I get insanely bored with it xD And why would you re-read the hunger games that many times? It'd get to repetetive D:
    Haha, I tend to read a hell of alot aswell xD But yeah, still prefer buying :D Hate no owning books i read D:
    I've been good, bad, and inbetween. Good right now though. Loving living in adelaide XD Been off of here for over a year though haha.
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