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  • Alright. Give me a minute thought. I should have it sent to you by tomorrow morning.

    The pictures are saved to my folder, but I don't have the links for all of them.

    By the way we still don't have drawings of one of Lucius' students, and young Animus.

    I've been through the entire thread a long time ago, but I'm only beginning to gather links.
    I'm really hoping your reply quickly to this. Can you send me the drawings made so far of Lucius/Orpheus/their students? Over the next few days I'd like to spend my free time drawing up an intro scene to the game that would involve their struggle being told storybook style (think the beginning of Lord of the Rings).
    I knew Burton was connected to the conception of Nightmare Before Christmas, but that a lot of film was written by Michael McDowell.

    Didn't know Deep and Burton were connected through family though this just shows another trend of his that he works with family too often.

    I just don't really see Burton as much of an artist. His attitude, his methods, his "themes", etc. Something about the way he works just makes hims seem to fall short for me.

    Christopher Nolen is an artist. I wish other directors could be like Nolen with the same level enthusiasm in their work. Burton just feels like he's there, but not doing anything worth caring about.
    I didn't want to go off topic in the thread. But did you know that Nightmare Before Christmas was actually based off a play that Burton saw. The play was called Nightmare and the story behind NBC was based off it.

    Sweeney Todd...has actually been done before. Usually just as plays, he just turned it into a movie.

    The reason why Johnny Depp is in most Tim Burton films, is because Johnny Depp is Tim's son's Godfather.

    And also, the guy who originally created Alice in Wonderland, was actually high when he wrote it. So he just wrote everything that he saw. He really did just about experience it.

    Just little fun facts I wanted to know if you knew?
    No problem. I perform multiple functions, like a smart phone, so feel free ask if you ever need something specific.
    Oh and a very big thanks for structurizing stuff. I have been trying to do this for months almost alone but needed help so thanks, it really lessens the burden I had on my shoulders! I truly appreciate it!
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