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  • Hey girl

    I'm wondering if you'd like to join our merry little FB messenger chat

    We do fun stuff
    That movie seems interesting. Hopefully Kamala Khan will appear in the MCU eventually. :)
    Awesome casting! I'm looking forward Spiderman Homecoming and Black Panther now! :) I guess I'm still Team Cap a little. XD
    I'm team cap! I'm looking forward to all of the characters! I'm interested in Black Panther and Spiderman. :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed the beach! I hope you get a lot of writing done! I have work. I might see Civil War this weekend.
    That's pretty cool!! I have some of the Secret Warriors comics! :) My favorite KH games are KH2 and BBS! I don't have enough storage on my phone to play Unchained X. I think my favorite characters are Riku and Xigbar/Braig! :) I work as a housekeeper at a casino. I hope your weekend is going well! :)
    That's awesome!! :) What books did you get? :) I just been working. XD What Kingdom Hearts games and characters do you like?
    .....WOAH! Where did you come from?! xD See you tomorrow as well buddy, ha ha! :D I'm glad I have lots of friends like you on here!
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