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  • Man, what is the standard of essay writing where you live?

    If I wrote an essay on a movie for anything at all I'll be lucky to get 60% of the score. I wrote one on KH once and I got like... 18/30.

    And being an art failure really strikes at my self confidence.
    I always failed art when I was young XD

    And my writing nets me about 90% of my marks in each test (27 out of 30 usually)

    Really, it's the interest that matters for writing.
    I wish I had natural talent in drawing or writing.

    And being evil is awesome, as long as you're smart enough not to get caught.
    The problem with writing is that people perceive written situations in different ways, while in drawing it's just what you draw. That's why I wish I could draw as well.

    And you spoilt Days for yourself, you evil person XD Xion is too adorable!
    I'm at a bit over 100 days, even though I already finished the Japanese Days so I know what's going to go on... Mass doing challenges at the end.

    I wish I knew how to write and draw equally well.
    My pictures are always substandard so I write instead, haha.

    So how far are you in Days?
    I'm going crazy studying for my exam and taking breaks by going on KHI... And by the time my exam is over you'll see my post like 5 fanfics or something, which I do when I'm bored of studying.
    dude know worries
    nobody ever know what im talking about sometimes even i dont know what im saying!
    so, yeah dont be embarresed its all just good fun
    well my intake on the forum posting theory is quite lugubrious in how you must contemplate the cornucopia of disturbing concepts of a single thread, contemplating whether or not to expand on this idea.
    yeah, i know what your thinking,
    well everyone's pace is different, just go with the flow (extreme boredom helps if i do say so my self)
    oh i wanna get one thing straight, alla my friends know this (or atleast they should) my real age is 13 (why am i telling you this?, cuz there have been a few misunderstandings xD)
    it doesnt get newbier then being here almost 6~7 months and still not hitting HALF to the red name thing (hell i dont even know whats it called!)
    nawz, nawz to me there is no dif
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