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  • oh i do, he was found injure as stated by ansem the wise. but when people were saying he was found after birth by sleep you kept on saying he wasnt.
    no people get their facts from interviews and the games.

    example: you made a thread about xehanort why he wasnt in the scan, you kept on making shit up even when i gave you a link shows xigbar saying he was found after Birth by sleep, you ignore me and kept oh saying shit.
    no no no no the theories you made were dumb, i understand your new at this but even when people say your wrong and stated facts you just keep on going thinking your right and keep making stuff up. soooo many people said you were wrong and gave you facts and you still kept on talking shit.

    dont like people attacking you? when ALOT of people say your wrong then your wrong,most of the members here know what they are saying. so dont act all smart and try to make more stuff.
    sure sure, just dont make stupid threads ;)
    we dont need more Aholes here
    oh don't bring shit like that here dude, i dont like using perfect grammar all day so suck it.
    and what do you know about decent conversation? you attack everyone and only thing your right, everything you say is crap and bullshit.
    Well it seems like im not the only one
    If everyone on this forum is correcting you
    dont you think that you are wrong
    To some extent, I dont find it fair, but you too shouldn't add wood to the fire(feed their anger), that will just leave them to delete/lock more of your threads.
    Well, you are disrupting the flow of the forum, you constantly insult the MODS, and your threads just mix people up... I f you wanna stay, then stay, but you have to learn to abide by the rules and think before you post.
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